Apparently, it's #WorldEmbroideryDay! Here's my contribution to celebrating the day called "Strange Fruit: Stand Your Ground". It was stitched as I tried to cope with my anger and despair in the wake of the #trayvonnmartin verdict where his murderer went free. I felt Trayvonn's murder and the equital of his murderer were like a modern lynching. We have seen many more since then. #strangefruit #blacklivesmatter #socialjusticeart #art #socialjustice #embroidery #handwork

The ocean has always scared me. It’s vastness made it feel mysterious which left me uneasy because I really didn’t know what it was capable of. Alternately, the ocean is BEAUTIFUL, it’s home to life and ecosystems, it separates and connects lands, people and cultures, it offers an abundance of resources for thousands of organisms and species. Yet — fear of the unknown has always kept me from ever fully embracing it’s many wonders. Fear of the unknown, of it’s capabilities, of it’s dangers, keeps us from forming beautiful, robust experiences, understandings and relationships. Instead, it leaves room to commit senseless murders, to separate innocent children from their families, to criminalize victims and use the law to protect their perpetrators. There is way too much access to knowledge and information about the histories and lives of people who don’t look like us — how dare we not educate ourselves and develop an understanding of different cultures and as a result develop empathy and humanity towards them.

I was very angry after catching a snippet of the interview tour #PermitPatty has been on recently. .

What really disturbed me was the fact that she thought saying she was “pretending” to call the cops on a child somehow made her seem less racist in the eyes of the public and/or less of a threat than actually calling them.
. .

To have the power to both “pretend” and actually call the police on children of color is sickening.
To know how powerful it is to “pretend” to call the cops speaks to the continuous fight we have with those who drown our voices with cries of all Lives Matter.
Because they know “exactly” how powerful pretending can be.
. .

This is disgusting, yet a common practice. When your ally at work notices your creativity and becomes scared, or has time on their hands to “pretend” to call the cops on children just because they can in a neighborhood that they just moved into.

#Allies #SanFrancisco #Choices #Power #Fear #BecauseTheyCanAndDo #GeorgeStinney #EmmitTill #TrayvonnMartin #OscarGrant #ThisIsAmerica

things you'll never learn on TV or in School: the sinking of the titanic was a premeditated #FALSEFLAG meant to eliminate select peoples from the pool of elite bloodlines. similar to #malaysianflight370 #pearlHarbor #gulfOfTonkin #september11th #sandyHook #pulseNightclub #trayvonnMartin #batmanMovieShooting and countless other attacks on us, innocent people were sacrificed in order to fulfill the mechanisms of #HEGELIANDIALECTIC and push/justify a given agenda

Trayvon Martin is honored on what would've been his 23rd birthday. #trayvonnmartin

President Obama’s statement on the outcome of the Trayvon verdict #trayvonnmartin #nojusticenopeace #blacklivesmatter #derek #capedcrusader36

Paul Stephen Benjamin’s “God Bless America, 2016” three-channel video installation at the Studio Museum In Harlem is 🔥🔥🔥. Juxtaposes Aretha Franklin’s rendition of God Bless America with Lil Wayne’s music video “God Bless Amerika” #policebrutality #racerelationsinAmerikkka #Amerikkka #TrayvonnMartin #powerful

5 years ago I protested because like so many of our sons #TrayvonnMartin life was taken.. #WeWillNotForget #BlackLivesMatter #Activist #IStand #NoJusticeNoPeace

#trayvonnmartin #life taken way... way to early #blacklivesmatter #blackbabyboy #love... we will never forget you... we love you... #cover our #men to #protect our sons...

Police in this country should be stripped of their right to have a gun. Plenty of nations have policing with no guns... since this country has shown its police force is filled with racist bigots, cowards with badges with no regard for Black human life then all their guns should be melted and the metal used to erect a center for race tolerance and diversity training in every major city.... With statues of the beautiful souls who lost their lives to this legal lynching.These are my thoughts, some solutions... what are yours?

#blacklivesmatter #philandocastile #altonsterlin #mikebrown #freddiegray #trayvonnMartin #tamirRice #sandrabland Rest in Power 🙏🏾

This has gone on for far too long. It's come down to the question of who is next...because we all know that there is going to be a new black victim subject to police brutality. #TrayvonnMartin #SandraBland #AltonSterling and less than 24 hours later #PhilandoCastile Do not argue with me on the situation because it is a race thing. As Jesse Williams said in his speech, "We know that somehow police manage to de-escalate, disarm, and not kill white people everyday." But blacks are now accustomed to being wrongly accused and punished using extreme measures. But how do we fight back? We use violence, we're shot and killed. We use our words to argue, we're shot and killed. We do nothing to fight back, we're shot and killed. The only thing to do at this point is to educate ourselves. #StayWoke because who knows...am I next? #BlackLivesMatter

I went to the spa yesterday because of my heavy heart. I woke up menstruating. Then I saw the news of #AltonSterling's murder. I cried in my bed for about an hour. There was a pit in my already turning stomach. There was an ache in my back. The familiar "please not again," raced across my mind and my heart. I felt crippled just like when I heard about #OscarGrant...#TrayvonnMartin...#MikeBrown...#SandraBland. My whole body aches in the worst way. It aches for you #PhilandoCastile! May you all rest in power. May my possibly short black life count for something in this world. I don't want to see another hashtag. Let alone two (both on video) in less than 24hrs. WE MUST END THIS RACIST VIOLENCE.

I made a video on #youtube that many people are upset over and it just proves America is sick and #racism still #exist and as long as it does i will bring awareness and speak on it i dont care how many years ago you did it it hasnt been addressed once it is we can move forward please like, comment and share #blogger #makeupblogger #awarness #trayvonnmartin #slavery

People WORRYING about how can I be in her shoes I want a riley too. All I can think about is #TRAYVONNMARTIN

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