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And still today, we take a knee for #trayvonmartin and the many other black and brown bodies who have been beaten, brutalized and bloodied simply for the colour of the flesh that covers their humanity. #throwbackthursday (link to video on my Facebook page)

I hate to have to even repost these pictures but people need to realize this tragic reality we live in ESPECIALLY BEING A YOUNG BLACK WOMAN I don't know if she would have gotten justice if her skin was a little lighter or if she were just simply white but when I heard bout this incident when it first happened I stood by what I said which is THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT see SOCIETY NEED TO REALIZE WHAT THE FUCK OUR BLACK WOMEN GO THROUGH AND HOW THEY ARE TREATED. It doesn't matter what sex you are if you are of COLOR then this world simply doesn't care about you. I swear y'all folks need to realize that TIME IS SHORT AND IT CAN ROB YOU LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER THIS IS WHY HER OWN MOTHER WASNT ABLE TO IDENTIFY HER BODY FOR 4 HOURS this right here 😔 will haunt me more than anyone will ever know because any black woman is #KennekaJenkins just like any black man was #TrayvonMartin WE CANT GET COMFORTABLE just because we're fighting even IF WE LOSE OR WIN IF YOU'RE OF COLOR YOU'RE GOING TO DIE FIGHTING AND I LIVE BY THAT BECAUSE ITS SICKENING BUT TRUE. I don't understand alot of things in this fucked up world and its alot of FUCKED UP INDIVIDUALS ALL AROUND US AND WE CAN ALL SAY WELL I ONLY SURROUND MYSELF AROUND CERTAIN PEOPLE WELL GUESS WHAT WE CAN NEVER AVOID THE ENEMY SOMEONE IS ALWAYS PREYING ON YOU AND YOU COULD NEVER FIGURE OR UNDERSTAND WHY BUT I DO BELIEVE THAT WHATEVER IS NOT SETTLE WITH ON THIS EARTH WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE FINAL JUDGEMENT OF GOD. STOP LETTING THIS SOCIETY BRAIN WASH OUR OWN PEOPLE. Baby Girl Was just trying to live life but honestly this is what has always had me scared of going out trying to enjoy myself and this right here just ripped my soul into so many pieces. I'm sorry you had to take your last breaths like this and in that type of condition but no matter how it looks GOD WAS WITH YOU see its not for us to understand why certain things happen and then question God why did you let this happen it more so needs to be what lesson do you want me to take from this and i know alot of y'all will definitely be reconsidering you're every move just hate that this had to be something so tragic to make people so aware and conscious

RIP Lil brother now you got official wings and watching over us all #Angel #brother #TrayvonMartin 🌹👊

#LongLiveTrayvonMartin 🙏🏾👼🏾 #TrayvonMartin #tre800_designs 🎨🎨🎨🎨✨✨✨✨✨

We share a special Motherly bond. Congratulations @sybrinafulton on your acting debut!! Proud of you. Live your best life sis 🙏🏾😘👏🏾👏🏾💫 #TrayvonMartin #KileGlover

Me and #Bryson on our #trayvonmartin 😎😎

What an AMAZING Night and what an Honor to be asked to Host the @trayvonmartinfoundation 4th annual #CircleOfFathers dinner❤️. THANK YOU #TracyMartin @sybrinafulton 🙏🏾 Great times with @_mzshawn_ @blazecarter58_ and the BEAUTIFUL Mrs. ❤️ Monica @attorneycrump @ronald_hummons and all of the Honored Fathers 💙💙 - Visit TrayvonMartinFoundation.org 🙏🏾 #SupaCindy #TrayvonMartin


Don't forget to start this new week by remembering that racism is for assholes, if you don't have clear and willing consent then it's rape and that white privilege does exist, that's why you can literally murder people and still be escorted out alive and be referred to as a "nice, quiet man who kept to himself" instead of a thug who shouldn't have been thugging around the place and therefore deserved to die ✌🏾
Also @sayitwithacondom I love this idea 🙌🏾
#activist #activism #feminist #feminism #rapeculture #metoo #takeaknee #harveyweinstein #colinkaepernick #imwithkap #creatingconsentculture #whiteprivilege #blacklivesmatter #sandrabland #trayvonmartin #ericgarner #guncontrolnow #vegasstrong #philandocastile

#Bullets4life #donateabulletsavealife❤️ #bulletprove my new lil friend Dream #trayvonmartin cousin she's love #bulletprovebracelets so her grandfather purchase 3 for her🤗🤗🤗💖💗💝❤💚💜💛

When I heard the audio of the phone call to the police and the shot that killed Trayvon, I had to speak to the universe. I wanted to spread the word about this young man’s life. Once his story hit a fever-pitch, I stopped sharing this record. But now I’m sharing to make sure we don’t forget this young brother. #trayvonmartin #blacklivesmatter - produced by @buscrates #tahirjahi #rapify #dateofmydeath

“It’s important to sit with death; but not too long, because then, people will develop a cynical view of life that “nothing ever changes’.” #socialaction #bethechange #trayvonmartin #tamirrice #jordandavis #i❤️CCFM

❤ You never know what's in store for you or how your life will affect others. Use your time wisely. #NeverForget #TrayvonMartin #SayHisName #WeDontDie #BlackLivesMatter

Had the privilege to meet @btraymartin9 today during our men’s conference @sweethomembc As a father, I couldn’t imagine going through what he went through. Let’s continue to keep him and his family lifted in prayer!
#trayvonmartin #blacklivesmatter #prouddad #shmbc

#Repost @billyblue305 (@get_repost)
Take a look, take a look, how these young Niggas dying right now! Crackers ain't playing with they Ass Trayvon a nigga quick Look how they did Mike Brown!!!! Yeah all lives Matter, but it's OPEN SEASON ON BLACK LIVESTREAM BUDDY! I DONT WANNA DEBATE! #PhilandoCastile #PhilandoCastile #PhilandoCastile #trayvonmartin #trayvonmartin #mikebrown #mikebrown #sandrabland #sandrabland

Brand new style! Taking back this phrase as a means of empowerment... not your model minority either. 👊🏼👊🏼 Yellow Peril, $10 with free shipping 😎

The men of Sweet Home are being blessed this morning with a message during our “Man Up” conference by @btraymartin9 the father of Trayvon Martin!

#SHMBC #ManUp#trayvonmartin#mensconference#inspirational#motivational#awareness#miami#dadecounty

Someone recently asked me what was one of the most defining moments of my career as a #photographer and I pulled up this phone pic of me with @sybrinafulton ...the mother of #TrayvonMartin. She is and always will be at the top of that list. Her strength...her kindness...her soul... absolutely amazing. It's a moment that changed my life forever. She along with people like @killermike have made such a huge impact on how I run my business, my style of mentoring, and giving back to the community that supports me the most. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more of my story with you all. I really hope it will encourage you to find your own way to give back and your own way to make positive changes so mothers, fathers, and children can have the safety and futures they deserve. Stay tuned for more....

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