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Obra maestra. Impactante, shockeante, perturbadora, filmada 📹 como los dioses por #Scorsese y con un #DeNiro en la actuación de su vida. Una de las mejores películas que vi en mi vida. Un antes y un después en la historia del cine💥. #TravisBickle, un ex miembro de la Marina🔫 que regresa de Vietnam y debe sobrellevar el insomnio crónico😴 que padece desde la guerra, es el corazón enfermo de un retrato punzante de la vida urbana estadounidense en #NewYork🌃. La ciudad sucia, agobiante y sin esperanza es un personaje vital en la trama.

El guionista📖, Paul Schrader, quería expresar “el síndrome absoluto de la soledad urbana”. Ganó la Palma de Oro en el Festival de Cannes de 1976. La música🎵, de Bernard Herrmann, es potente, rítmica y envolvente.

Robert de Niro preparó su papel concienzudamente. Trabajó como taxista🚕 y se documentó acerca de las enfermedades mentales para conseguir encarnar a este excombatiente de Vietnam que decide tomarse la justicia por su mano. Es de esas película que hay que ver si o si.

If anyone was ever curious as to what Travis was eating in this scene, it is white bread coated with sugar, soaked in peach brandy and milk. It’s a strange combination but I can’t help but wonder what it tastes like.
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Taxi Driver (1976)

I got some bad ideas in my head 🔫 Taxi Driver (1976) Directed by Martin Scorsese ------------------------------------------------------------------
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Any-Day Arthouse: Taxi Driver (1976)
Written by Paul Schrader & Directed by Martin Scorsese
• A Man trapped within the confines of his own mind. Surrounded by dirty streets, druggies, rapists, murderers, and thieves. He is the only man that can clean the scum off of the streets. His name is Travis Bickle and he is the Taxi Driver.
• The severely intricate and bitingly topical 1976 brainchild of Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader tells the tale of Travis Bickle played by a young Robert DeNiro, an ex-Marine that has a passion for the world he once knew and a pure hatred for the contemporary world that has become of New York City. (**SUPER SPOILERS AHEAD**)
• The only thing is this film isn’t about a simple man turned vigilante that saves the child from a life of prostitution and kills the bad guys. No, this is a film about a man that is so psychologically twisted up that he is unable to understand the ever-changing society that was the 80’s leading into modern culture.
• Bickle starts out as a man taking late hours at a cabbie due to his insomnia. His resentment for the nightlife grew as his hours increased. When he wasn’t working he would eat junk food, awkwardly try to pick up girls, and watch dirty movies. But one day, seemingly out of nowhere, a woman comes into her life, a Ms. Betsy. Bickle puts on the persona of “Totally Normal Guy” and takes her out to breakfast and later a movie, but we soon see the cracks in his facade. He doesn’t know what normal is. Being entrenched in an unhealthy isolated lifestyle, Bickle is shunned from society and deemed a freak so he decides to battle against this by becoming the beast they all knew he was, only without himself even realizing it.
• His later obsession is towards a 14-year-old prostitute, Iris "Easy" Steensma, played by an early Jodie Foster who’s under the thumb of her pimp (and possible lover) Matthew "Sport" Higgins. (Cont.)

Remember Travis.... 😡!
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"Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese"
Ano: 1976
Cotação: ☆☆☆☆☆
A arte muitas vezes não quer dar respostas, e sim propor questionamentos. O filme surge num momento delicado para os Estados Unidos, recém-saído da Guerra do Vietnã, passando por uma crise econômica e o escândalo de Watergate. Taxi driver recebeu a Palma de Ouro em Cannes em 1976.
Martin Scorsese dirige o filme e Robert De Niro dá vida ao personagem Travis Bickle, que é um veterano do Vietnã que sofre de insônia e por esse motivo, trabalha como motorista de táxi nas ruas de uma degenerada e decadente Nova York. Bickle é introspectivo e tem sua própria visão de ser um justiceiro. O personagem se apaixona por uma mulher que trabalha para um político que vem se destacando. Além de conhecer uma prostituta pré-adolescente (Jodie Foster com 13 anos de idade) protegida por um cafetão.
O filme mostra as confusões e conflitos da mente de Travis. Não se tem certeza sobre o que é real, e o que é delírio do protagonista. Ele se mostra capaz de cometer crimes para colocar no lugar o que está errado para a sua mente.
Para mim, o filme tem um paralelo com o livro do genial Machado de Assis, "Dom Casmurro". A fronteira do que é a realidade, fatos antigos e imaginação é muito confusa. É uma obra introspectiva, que reflete um período de busca de respostas e questionamentos interiores. Um clássico!

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In ogni strada di questo paese c'è un nessuno che sogna di diventare qualcuno. È un uomo dimenticato e solitario che deve disperatamente provare di essere vivo.

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#TaxiDriver (1976)
Directed by #martinscorsese
Cinematography by #michaelchapman
Starring #robertdeniro #jodiefoster #cybillshepherd
The story was partially autobiographical for #PaulSchrader, who suffered a nervous breakdown while living in Los Angeles. He was fired from the #AFI, basically friendless, in the midst of a divorce, and was rejected by a girlfriend. Squatting in his ex-girlfriend's apartment while she was away for a couple of months, Schrader literally didn't talk to anyone for many weeks, went to porno theaters, and developed an obsession with guns. Schrader was working at the time as a delivery man for a chain of chicken restaurants. Spending long days alone in his car, he felt, I might as well be a taxi driver. He also shared with Bickle the sense of isolation from being a mid-Westerner in an urban center. Schrader decided to switch the action to New York City only because taxi drivers are far more common there.

Uno para mí, uno para ti.
El dibujo mantiene mi mente ocupada.
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