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Многих возмутило то, что я не советую выбирать Кубу для пляжного отдыха 😅 Ребята, отмотайте несколько постов назад, где я писала, что мой блог - это про то, как из любой суммы получить максимум (:
Так вот, за те деньги, которые стоит курортный отдых на Кубе, вы получите в три раза больше в других странах 🤗 Вот и все. Конечно, на Кубе прекрасный океан и белый песочек - ровно такой же, как в 80 милях, во Флориде 🙈
Отели 5* с олинклюзивом - есть конечно, мы в таком живем! Правда, в соседней Доминикане у нас был отель 3* и как-то он был получше и почище 😅 А стоил меньше 🙈
Когда ты платишь $20 и получаешь отель за $20 - это ок (: На Кубе отель за $20 ты получишь, заплатив $100 🙈
За свои путешествия я пожила в адовых ночлежках и это меня совсем не смущает. Но Куба - первая страна, где за ночлежку я заплатила довольно приличную сумму 😭
Да, тут есть крутые отели. Но проживание там выходит..золотым 😅
Куба - моя 98 страна и 8 карибская страна-остров. Куба очень интересна, красочна и колоритна (: Но за пределами туристических резерваций.
Обязательно приезжайте на Кубу! Живите у местных жителей, пейте ром, танцуйте! Погуляйте по Гаване и Тринидаду. Покатайтесь в ретро-авто 😍 Почувствуйте эту атмосферу 🤗
Но если вам нужен только (ключевое слово только) пляжный отдых, то это в другую страну (:

~ The great Aussie roadtrip ~ It's something we had dreamed of doing for a long time. Crossing the country from west to east, 1200kms across the Nullarbor, some of Australia's most isolated and remote country! And we just did it! An epic feat for an old Kombi, even more so carrying this huge sign on the roof!
For those of you who have been following our route, we decided to high tail it through the south-west region over to South Australia. We've had limited service for a while, and since it was one heck of an experience, we'll get to sharing some more of that with you soon! ✌️

I love ❤️ to have #fun in the #sea with my dad @dtaras7 Do you play with you dad and what games do you play in the water? #travelblog #travel #travelwithkids #thailand #kohphangan

soooo.... thought you guys should know: WE’RE HAVING A BABY! crazy, i know. we’ve got a lot to figure out now, but we’re excited. for those of you who have been following along for a while, you know how crazy this is! i said no no no for yearsss. for those of you who are newer friends, well, i started ohdeardrea when i was pregnant with marlowe as a single mom. alex had recently moved to new york and wasn’t part of the pregnancy or around much the first 1-2 years. this is thankfully far from the situation now. he’s been the best ever to have by my side this time around. a new stomping ground for both of us for sure. and plus also, after being sick from a life threatening illness for the past 2.5 years (illness sucks, guys), well, we weren’t sure this was even an option for us anymore. but here we are... with a bean in my belly. basically all our friends and family have been in complete shock and have asked, “was this planned? or a surprise?” the answer is neither hahaha. i babbled about this, our current situation, guatemala stuff, and so many more mind grapes on the blog if you care to read :) our life is a crazy adventure for sure, but we’re grateful to be here and doing this together :) cheers to making plans, shifting, and shifting again. because #life ☀️

JAMAICA- We made it to the Dunn River Falls. It’s a tiered fall that many people climb ... it’s totally stunning but it’s also very touristy. The falls meet with the ocean and that’s where more people start the climb. We also visited Bob Marley’s house and his grave. It was a nauseating drive through a mountain road but the kids slept and the views were stunning. We are just about to pull up to the Grand Cayman.. hopefully it’s a nice day so we can hang out on the beach. It was sooo rainy in Jamaica... Question for you today... I love using a scratch map... Do you think I can scratch these places, if I’ve been for the day? I’m 50/50 about it... 💜⛴🌎 @msccruisesofficial .... hosted

“Mama, mama, žirafa...”
Ponavlja kao pokrvarena ploča.
“Ja hoću da jašen žiraaa-fu.”
Mi se spremamo užurbano.
Kasnimo i saplićemo se o razbacane igračke po kući.
Devojke se oblače u svečane haljine za fotografije.
Porodična fotka, tema: “Zalazak sunca na pustinjskom safariju.”
Dolazi taksita Rashid koji radi na poziv da nas odbaci do renta-a-car lika, Shanjaha u Al Hamra Mall-u.
Odatle krećemo do Sharjah-a.
Sve to treba da se desi u narednih sat vremena.
Rashid je Pakistanac, Shanjah je Indijac iz Kerale a Sharjah je emirat pored Dubaija.
Tako je i na gajbi.
Eva je kooperativna.
Darija vodi svoju priču i smeta nam.
Njoj je glavno da je neko registruje i popriča sa njom oko ideje da će da jaše žirafu.
Mi pošto smo u gužvi ne registrujemo je kompletno.
Odgovaramo joj automatski: “Dobro Dašo, jahaćeš žirafu...”
Ona oseća da nema punu pažnju.
Ponavlja da hoće da jaše žirafu bezbroj puta.
Posle sedamnestog ponavljanja: “Mama jel mogu ja da jašem žirafu?”, odlučujem da stanem tome na kraj i popričam sa njom.
“Možeš mila da jašeš žirafu ako budu bile tu, ako ne budu bile šta ćemo onda?”
Raduje se što pričam sa njom sa pažnjom. Zbunjena je jer se sad otvara opcija da možda nema žirafe na safariju u pustinji.
“Onda, onda, onda necu da jasem nosologa, oni mnogo bzo tče...”
“Otkud sad nosorog u priči?”, mislim se u sebi.
“Aha, dobro onda, a hoćeš da jašemo, kamilu na primer?”
“Da, hoću da jašemo kamiju ja i mama - i ti i Eva”.
Eva se uključuje: “Ja hoću da mi tetoviraju ruke, tata jel može, cele ruke, rekao si da može!”
O bože sa kakvim me očima gleda upitno.
Kako odbiti. Klimam glavom.
Njoj je to hajlajt.
Da se istetovira i da joj ostane tetovaža kada se istušira.
Tetovaže od flomastera se odma skinu pod vodom a za prave mora da čeka još “pedeset godina” da poraste pa da može sama.
Tu sam joj ja saveznik jer joj mama ne da da uradi kana tetovažu.
Tata joj daje.
Daši je hajlajt da jaše žirafu.
Mami je hajlajt da su sve tri u lepim belim haljinama na porodičnoj fotografiji.
Tati je hajlajt da preskoči bombe i zamke po podu kuće i stigne do Rashida, pa preko Shanjaha do Sharjah-a.
Svako živi svoj pustinjski san.

@junglekids @jungletravel
#travelwithkids #putovanja

Gectigimiz sene yilbasi gerisayimini Stockholm'de yapmistik. 31 Aralik Gunu hava 8 dereceydi ve degil kar yagmasi, yagmur bile ciselemiyordu 👻 o kadar kar botu, salopet, kilolarca agir montlar biraz bosa gitmisti, hatta Stockholm'de hava 8 dereceyken Istanbul'da lapa lapa kar yagmisti 😄Kaderin cilvesi iste 😄az once @egeligezginege 'nin paylasiminda gordum su an Stockholm karlar altindaymis 😍 Iskandinavlarin havasi ❤️ ben 😄 (fotografta sanirim 7 aylik hamileyim. Tam bir fil yavrusu kadar da sismanim. 🙄🙈)

We get asked a lot what it’s like to be doing this trip with kids. We never did road life without kids so we have nothing to compare our current experience to, but here’s what I can say: traveling full time and living in a bus with two babies is a massively fun challenge. We’ve learned more in the past 8 months than we have at any other point in our lives. We’ve learned to be more patient and adaptable and to assume everyone else in the family is doing his or her best. We’ve pushed ourselves to do things that scare us (including sharing our trip on here) and tried to be completely ourselves when meeting new people all over the place—even if ourselves are pretty dorkily uncool 🤓. We’ve figured out that the key to being crammed together 24 hours a day without losing our minds is to stay grateful and keep a sense of humor. We have no personal space, very little alone time, and an intense schedule. It’s not for everyone, but for our family it’s been life-changing. I appreciate David and the kids, their strengths and their quirks, more than I ever could have without seeing them in this environment, taking on this lifestyle with curiousity and goofiness and passion. And for that new way of seeing them, I’m grateful every day. (Big thanks to the wonderful @emmavidmar for the 📸 🙌🏻)

Ну вот казалось бы, Грузия от Испании не так уж и далеко.
А у нас по итогу почти сутки в пути будут🙈
В 5 утра встали и понеслась:
🚕 дом - жд вокзал;
🚄 Валенсия - Барселона;
🚄 Барселона - аэропорт;
🛫 Барселона - Стамбул
☕ в Стамбуле 😄;
🛫 Стамбул - Тбилиси;
🚗 аэропорт - новый дом.
Мы же не ищем лёгких путей😂
Зато весело и с песнями😎
В общем удачи и крепких нервов нам.
И нашим соседям😂


We had a lovely visit to Loch Lomond shores where the atmosphere was very Christmassy 🎄Ben left with a light up santa toy, so he's happy and I'm now really excited for Christmas!! #christmas #chrismasmarket #lochlomond #scotland #santa #stalls #explore #winter #travelwithkids #familytravel #instafamily #excited

Teach them there's always
a silver lining .. ☁️ ✨

Vigilancia de niños+maletas/mochilas en aeropuertos/puertos/estaciones = una locura 😅😅😅😅 .

Este verano antes de empezar nuestro viaje de 25 días decidimos dejar en el propio aeropuerto una de las trolley y por consiguiente sacrificar ropa ahí mismo 😅😅😅
Éramos incapaces de vigilar tanto bulto más dos niños pequeños ... y fue una decisión acertadísima!!!! .
Poco a poco hemos ido adquiriendo unos “básicos de vigilancia” que nos ayudan en este tipo de situaciones 😄😄😄:
✔️El día del viaje llevamos a los niños iguales con una camiseta o jersey llamativo , así los vemos antes !!!!
✔️Antes de entrar en el aeropuerto dejamos claro quién se encarga de cada maleta/mochila
✔️Nos repartimos también la vigilancia de cada niño, uno para cada uno 👩‍👧👨‍👧
✔️Llevamos un pequeño candado de sirga con el que atamos todos los bultos juntos en los momentos de espera
Y seguro que se nos irán ocurriendo más !!!! .

Vosotros tenéis algún tip que os ayude en estas situaciones ????? 🤔🎒 .
#outdoorkids #outdoorfamilies
#adventurekids #travelwithchildren
#viajarenfamilia #familytime
#viajarconpeques #finlandia
#planesconniños #verano
#familyadventures #lonelyplanet_es
#finland #viajarconniños #autocaravana #campinglife
#travelwithkids #roadtripfinland

GB Pockit+ Stroller was labelled as Best Celebrity Stroller!!! Mmg ramai rakan2 artist yg akan choose this GB Pockit+ Stroller 👍🏻 especially features die mmg sesuai n comfortable for travelling purposes! That is the reason y we choose this GB Brand's stroller to run a business on a RENTAL SERVICE for you all ease of travelling 😀For further information, on the terms and procedures to rent this GB Pockit Plus Stroller, you may reach us via PM , DM or whatsapp iols or team ok? 😊we will explain further details for booking of stroller, ❤️💋❤️
Lots of Love,
Team sewastrollergbpockitplus
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Another #throwback to our trip to Dartmoor. Watching the wild horses of Dartmoor up close was such an amazing experience! 🐎

#dartmoor #dartmoorhorses #wildhorses #wildatheart #lovegreatbritain #loveengland #travelbug #instatravel #travelgram #travelwithkids #roadtrippin #thehappylife #littleadventurers

Holà mes rêveurs voyageurs 🦄,
Bolivie 🇧🇴
Avant de quitter Uyuni pour La Paz dans quelques heures, on voulait partager ce joli moment avec vous ❤️
Wilma, la gérante de l’hôtel Quinua Dorada, a porté Leith à la façon bolivienne ☺️ (pendant que nous dînions donc c’était pratique en + ✌️). Elle lui a dit « tu reviendras à tes 20 ans ici en Bolivie et je pourrai te dire que je t’ai porté » 😉
✨ Belle journée ✨
#exploringtheglobe #bolivia #backpacker #miniglobetrotteur #globetrotter #neverstopexploring #letsgosomewhere #bolivie #southamerica #trip #travel #instatravel #instavoyage #instapassport #travellovers #backpack #traveladdict #uyuni #tdm #voyage #voyageursdumonde #blogvoyage #salardeuyuni #roots #familytrip #travelwithkids #mumlife #babytravel #takethekids #tourdumonde

Spotted Malaysian artist @nad.zainal strolling with her son using this GB Pockit+ Stroller ❤️its been labelled as celebrity stroller since a lot of our local artist were captured using this great creation of GB Brand!!! Interested to give it a try? We do provide RENTAL SERVICE for this GB Pockit+ Stroller! Highly recommended by most parents for travelling and daily use ❤️❤️👍🏻For further information, on the terms and procedures to rent this GB Pockit Plus Stroller, you may reach us via PM , DM or whatsapp iols or team ok? 😊we will explain further details for booking of stroller, ❤️💋❤️
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Where's the most different place you've spent #Thanksgiving? 5 years ago, we were in #HongKong. What a city! But Mr. IWT was happy when we finally found him a turkey, cranberry & stuffing sandwich.
#takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #travelwithkids #china #travel #travelgram #traveldeep #instatravel #traveling #travelling #travelphotography #traveler #travelingram #igtravel #traveller #mytravelgram

Pre-dinner cocktails & mocktails under the coconut palms AND a play on the most beautiful natural wooden kids playground. 🌴 Fine dining, family style at @cucaflavor in Jimbaran. New Review coming soon! 🙌🏽

And now for another light house - but this time #eastside :)

Still reminiscing the pretty barefoot hotel. It’s perfect for a family weekend getaway. ⚓️

Are YOU traveling for Thanksgiving?
What city will you be going to? Share below!

Endlich habe ich es geschafft und alle Unterlagen für die thailändische Botschaft zusammengestellt 😅. Im übrigen... wir wollen uns eine Action Cam für den Urlaub zulegen (fürs tauchen, schnorcheln, Elefantenreiten etc)... ich habe mich für die Sony x3000 entschieden? Wer hat auch eine und wie findet ihr die oder doch lieber die Go Pro 🤔? Und wenn, welches Model? Und möchtet ihr, dass ich auch Videos aus unserem Urlaub hier bei Insta hochlade? Fragen über Fragen..... 🤗. __________________________________________________ #travel #traveldocuments #travelblogger #travelphotography #sonyx3000 or #gopro #needhelp #traveling #travelcam #urlaub #holiday #thailand #comingsoon #bangkok #khophangan #huahin #snorkeling #familytrip #familytravel #fullofjoy #vacation #vacationtime #travelwithkids

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