Congratulations!!! 2018 Members' Choice Awards Winner by @coworker

Dreamwork Coworking Space just won the 2018 Members' Choice Award for Davao, Philippines!!!! "Since closing the voting last month, we've been analyzing member reviews of over 1500+ nominated coworking spaces and we're thrilled to announce Dreamwork is the Members' Choice Award winner for your city, Davao." - Coworker.com - - - -
Coworking isn't just about offering a space to work in. It's more than fancy tables and chairs. The real essence of coworking is building a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal.

I share this victory to everyone who have supported us through the years - our local coworkers turned personal friends, our foreign coworkers who never fail to share their travel stories, our partner organizations who chose Dreamwork as their meetup and training space, our staff, and the whole online workforce in Davao City.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!! Remember if you need a place to work in, to create something awesome, to collaborate in Davao City, our doors are open for you. :) See you at the space!

Start your week right :)

Coworker Highlights For The Day 🙌🏻

Coworker Highlights For The Day 🙌🏻

Afternoon break session be like ...

Why you look so serious? 😊
Our today's coworker Apple. 🙆

Our CEO with Davao City's Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag at the #ConnectedWomen #Meetup #Davao

Congratulations!! The #ConnectedWomen #Meetup #Davao was a huge success!! 73 attendees were all empowered and inspired!! We're happy to be a part of this event. ☺️

JCI Señoritas supporting the #ConnectedWomen #Meetup #Davao

A message from our CEO, Regina Evangelista "Staring at these photos trying to find the right words to describe tonight #ConnectedWomen #Meetup #Davao! It was by far the biggest group I’ve ever handled - 73 participants!!! Of course I couldn’t do this without my co-organizers - Maan and Pau. You were beyond amazing and refreshing to work with. I learned a lot from the both you. Your work ethics and professionalism are inspiring. 😊

I would like to thank Gina Romero and the whole #ConnectedWomen team for trusting us to host the first ConnectedWomen Meetup in Davao. You have been supportive all the way. ☺️ To our guest speakers - Ms. Cherrylin, Ms Cherry Al-ag, and ASec Eden, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sparing us your precious time and share your personal success stories and life missions. Everyone left the room inspired, empowered and definitely were looking forward to the next meetup. Thank you also to our Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag for joining us and supporting this event.😊 To everyone who attended tonight, thank you for joining us and being awesome. You were all engaging, full of life from the beginning until the end! ☺️ To our sponsors who generously supported our meetup - Dreamwork, Davao Biohacking, Flyt, Elinor B Marcelino (El Bonita Events ), JCI Señoritas Official, WeAxes Davao, RJL Solutions - thank you!

And lastly, to my JCI Señoritas sisters who have supported me tonight. Thank you! Your presence and participation mean a lot to me. ☺️ I have met old friends and gained new ones tonight and if there’s one lesson from tonight’s meetup, it’s that we, women, are all in this together!! See you at the next meetup!"

#ConnectedWomen #Meetup #Davao

Co-organizers: Pauline Ferrero, Maan Doromal

Guest Speakers: ASec Eden David, Ms. Cherry Casuga, and Momprenuer Cherry Al-ag

Head Organizer and CEO of Dreamwork Coworking Space, Regina Evangelista

Happy coworkers!!

You know it's Lent season in the Philippines when Bico is everywhere! Thank you coworker Pam for bringing sweetness to the office.

Our @davaobiohacking secret stash revealed 😋

At the moment in the space. Girl power 🙅🙅 getting ready to end the weekend. 😉

Podcast Day 👾👾 Ever thought of outsourcing your whole podcast production and marketing process? Our coworker virtual assistants can do it for you. 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻

Meet Tom, 🙌 our last night's co-worker at the space. We're happy to have you here in Dreamwork. 😊

JCI Señoritas today at the space 💛

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