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Pizza party on the Ponte Vecchio! 🍕🍷Oh how I love this city 💫 #Florence #Italy #PonteVecchio

Throughout most of my life I carried the idea vulnerability was a sign of weakness, however what I've learned while traveling alone is that vulnerability is a force to connection.
Being open to my vulnerability has allowed me to show my real self, and has allowed me to connect with others.
I've learned that sometimes it's ok not to be ok, it's ok not to have answers for everything and it's ok and even necessary to ask for help.
I truly believe real happiness comes when we are able to embrace our fears, have the courage to be vulnerable and free ourselves from our insecurities. 🙏💙
Picture taken by @nala_rinaldo during our stay at @parkhyatt_siemreap
#wanderlust #LuxuryIsPersonal #WorldofUnderstanding #WorldofHyatt #ParkHyattSiemReap #Cambodia #BDTeam

Beautiful things don't ask for attention. I found this amazing place to live next to a hidden lake. Isn't it peaceful? #poland

Couple goals 😍
This is a beautiful shot isn't it?
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Lisboa do meu telhado ❤

The National Theatre in Prague is a stunning neo-Renaissance building dating from 1868-83. It is set majestically by the Vltava River and is one of the most important cultural institutions in Prague.
#prague #czechrepublic

Be fabulous everyday! No excuses!

Почти всё. Долгостроя не будет, дворецпочти готов. 😏даже лепнина на фасаде появляется...
#berlin #travelphoto #deutschland #germany #германия #берлин #дворец

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