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Follow @world_greg for more. Elephant rock sunrise, New Zealand.
Photo by @brentpurcell.nz

Polio, the little 1.5 year old owl, trying to hide from the rain underneath a mushroom head.
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Trolltunga, Norway 💜photo by @photosbyroger 📍

Follow @fullswingfreedom for more. Nagano, Japan.
Photo by @JuliaWim

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The island of Moorea is surrounded by crystal clear water & amazing beach bungalows.
It's one of 130 islands in the French Polynesian island chain in the Pacific Ocean |
Photo by ©Mike Theiss @extremenature


#haldetoppen yesterday evening, nearly midnight. I saw that the weather forecast predicted night from friday on, i had to be out in the midnight sun one last time for this year 😂
Since this week I am taking over the @etsynorway account every second week. If you love handmade goods, especially from Norway, have a look at the page, suppport us and start following us 💗 If you have a etsy shop yourself and live in Norway don't forget to tag #etsynorway to get a chance of being featured!

What is the pain that you want to sustain? // 1

Our beautiful Norway - We showed you a beautiful bag and a sweater in the last days, both perfect to use in the norwegian mountains. But of course you also need some mountains to hike up with them. This picture was taken by @80dogsawayfromhome yesterday at midnight on the highest mountain peek in Alta, Northern Norway - Halde - There are many mountains to climb in Norway and it is a huge part of the norwegian daily life to go and discouver the outdoors in this stunning country. @northernnorway

Ferry view for Mr. Benz. I could see that he enjoyed this trip... No wonder, after all this hard work at Trollstigen... #geiranger #ferry #boattrip #mrbenz #view #nature #geirangerfjord #travel #vanlife #camper #vanlifediaries #stunning #ontheroad #travelnorway #scandinavian

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