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San Francisco, California!! ❤
This city was on my bucket list since the beginning, I needed to visit San Francisco before dying and you know what, you have to do so too! SF on the top 3 of my favorite big cities in the entire planet! ❤
Have a great Monday!
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Alex and his 3 baby girls - yes I consider the airstream his baby and I'm pretty sure he does too after all the TLC he poured into the renovation. Now that it has been reborn, we need to name her... any suggestions?

PS. this picture makes my heart melt into a gooey puddle - thanks @carolineroro for always making magic happen with that camera lens ✨🙌🏻

Drowning in love 😲 DOPE or NOPE?
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📍 Montego Bay
📷 @invertisa

This is the inner koi pond of the Garden Hotel in Suzhou, where I was staying. It's a lovely 4-star hotel, and it truly deserves its name: it has a beautiful garden, which is like an inner sanctum, perfect for relaxing, walking about and enjoying the peace and quiet... I had a great stay... (By the by, for the next period I have decided to post new photos on IG only 3 times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, probably. RL is taking over, but I will still try to be active here, I love it so much!) #china #suzhou #garden #hotel #gardenhotel #koipond #pond #fish #koi #path #innersanctum #beautiful #wonderful #cityonwater #reflection #water #photooftheday #picoftheday #travel #travelmoreworryless #relaxing #peaceful #followme

Project 90 days to Amsterdam✈️ Another shot of The transports series, now a view from inside the tram, 🚊
Next stop Seville, Spain, hope you like it as much as I do.🙈
Tag a friend who does not know Lisbon yet🇵🇹
Seeya at the next stop😘😘

O casal Becca e Dan do @halfhalftravel estão em um relacionamento a distância, mas isso não os impediu de conhecer a #Argentina "juntos" 😍 💕


Looking out my work window. . . I see this 🏙. . .wishing it looked more like this . . . #justsaying #postvacationblues #travelmoreoften

This view 🙌🏻 just sitting here and looking at this, is so relaxing! 🌤🌴

Visiting #vancouver is lots of fun, it has got to be one of the most picturesque cities in the world! The North Shore mountains are stunning, especially in the winter when their sharp peaks are covered in glistening snow. #travelwitharah
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Greece is the perfect place for star gazing ✨

Follow: 👉 @explorerdestination 👈 📸: unknown (dm for credit)

On Sep 25th, of 2015 (exactly 2 years from today) I purchased the domain name Avocadu.com. At the time I was personal training wealthy gay dudes in Dallas to make money. It was fine as a job and they were cool, but I was completely unfulfilled. I was bored. And worst of all I felt trapped. I wanted to travel. I wanted to explore this insanely cool world we live in. I didn't want this to be "it" for my life. Now, two years later, that same blog has allowed @laurenitous and I to quit our jobs, travel the world, and take corny/fun photos like this in Nicaragua. We've gotten to live in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Portugal over the past 3 months and it's been insane. More importantly than the travel though, is how I feel. I fucking love my job and what I get to work on. It's awesome. If you ever want to know how we did it or how we got started blogging, feel free to check out createandgo.co where we teach people how we did this. Currently, we're back in Dallas and got a place near some friends. We'll travel again soon, just need a short break. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some of the best photos and videos of our trips 😝🎥🌋

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You know that beautiful bridge? This is the chapel on the bridge - originally built for sailors and merchants to make their devotions to their patron saint. It's been rebuilt many times over the centuries, and is now home to more pigeons than prayers... 😝

Give me pastel buildings and cobblestone streets any day 😍 Unless there’s a beach nearby, I’d like that too 😅

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