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SOMETHING DIFFERENT 🔥 | An interesting structure for one of the characters/dolls at Las Fallas. Can you believe people spend a whole year building these just to burn them at the end!??💥⚡️🔥 #europeslittlesecrets

Originally posted by @wilderness_culture Betcha can’t caption this one! @mycoloursbychoice|

Originally posted by @nakedplanet It made me smile, did you? @beautifulmattersbychoice|

You guys ever heard of Tenstile tents? Comment below if you would camp in one of these. Exciting new things are coming. @tentsile

Originally posted by @wilderness_culture Booom >>> Share @discoverbychoice|

The best was yet to come. Galway. ❤️ #TravelMoreWorryLess #Ireland #Galway #OneNightStopover

n. A strong desire to travel
Travel more, worry less.

What's on my dream board #travelmoreworryless
What's on yours?

#motivation #inspired #momboss #BOSSBABE

Stepped into infinity ∞

Arch you glad it’s Friyayyy?! •

Ps. I was nearly ran over by a moped in the making of this photograph. Worth it though... did it for the gram! 👌🏼📸

Unintentionally matching w/ the hubs last night🤓
I guess this just starts to happen when you’re married?? (Bc now it happens all the time😜😂)
But also After watching their show last night, I realized I haven’t seen it in years!!
And they’re actually freakin’ awesome! I promise I’m not biased☝🏽 because I used to be super serious about this stuff.
It’s so obvious for them - that this is not just a side thing- it’s not even just a hobby. It’s a serious calling.🙌🏽
And I’m just SOOOOO stinkin’ proud of these boys!!!
Honestly Couldn’t think of a better life than to spend it side by side traveling with my hubby.😇 Working right alongside one another towards our individual passions & dreams while ALSO working towards the “together stuff”😚
It’s so important as women to know that marriage IS NOT giving up on your personal dreams and passions - it’s just a SHIFT where you have to learn to create a life WITH someone else- around those things you both value.
Yes- it’s sacrifice,
But for both people. You’re sacrificing your old lives- to create a freakin’ AWESOME one together as a married couple. In whatever that looks like for YOU guys.
Who wouldn’t want a partner in crime?! 💗 I’ll keep mine👋🏽
#teamwholehearted .
#wifeystatus #marriageisfun
#husbandandwifeteam #husbandandwifeforlife #wifelife #rvlife #rvliving #tinyhomeonwheels #travelmoreworryless #marriedtravelers
#selflovefirst #roadtriptime
#doingthings #chitownlove

Watching the sunset from Trinita dei Monti church.⠀

The red lanterns of Hualien, Taiwan. This traditional art represents harmony and prosperity. Been trying to find time to go back to #Taiwan.

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