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Fortunate to meet and befriend people from many different countries, unfortunately it also leads to saying goodbye a lot 👍🏼👎🏼 #pros #cons #traveljobs #livingabroad #internationals #friends #differentcountries #aupairs #cultureexchange #southafrican #spaniard #swede #moaisleavingussoon #imgonnamissyou #stpaddys #fun #boston #massachussets #whereisspring #socold

@offbeat_tracks is hiring!
If travel is your passion and making travel plans with detailed itineraries is something you enjoy then this job is just for you!

We at Offbeat Tracks are looking to hire trip experts who can redefine how people travel! We want passionate people with a penchant for travel and learning about new destinations to create travel itineraries and craft memories for a lifetime for our guests!

Requirements: Good command over spoken and written english.
Basic knowledge of computer functions
Strong sales pitch
Passion for travel and exploring new places

Role: Full time
Salary: Fixed component + sales incentives

Freshers with a good command over english can also apply!

Interested candidates please drop us your email at help@offbeattracks.us #traveljobs #hiringnow #hiring #travelconsultant #nowhiring #traveljob

BTS from a beautifully surreal project in the works. A fist in flight and a fancy free face. Sometimes I feel like that fist, and sometimes it’s my face I feel. Sometimes it’s the utterly spent sand button, and other times it’s the complicit bystander. Each to their own in this fantastical crazy blob we live and love on.
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It is going to be a busy season of fruit picking!
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This week at TMS in between finding you guys new jobs we have been fiercely debating a very big issue: which Game of Thrones character would make the best Travel Consultant? As mostly former Travel Consultants ourselves everyone has an opinion. And like ritual combat to decide Tyrion’s fate we have assembled our champions:

She’s extremely well-travelled - Arya has done it all. She’s travelled in comfort on the way to King’s Landing, very basic economy along Kingsroad while posing as Night’s Watch recruit, backpacked into the Riverlands and trekked and rode horseback across Meadowlands with the Hound.

She’s resilient - No customer will be too difficult, no negotiation too large, no reissue too complicated.
She can adapt to suit any customer - All that training with the many faced man wasn’t for nothing: Arya can be anyone she needs to be. #daenerystargaryen
She’s an absolute expert on luxury, high end accommodation - Starting from her humble palace in Essos across the Narrow Sea there’s virtually nowhere Khaleesi hasn’t travelled and in style to boot!
She’s persuasive - She closes everybody! She leads the Dothraki, frees the Unsullied and even manages to get Jon Snow – the King in the North – to bend the knee.
She’s ambitious - Daenerys has a strong vision and lets nothing stand in her way. She is going to get to the top no matter what.

He knows all the places to have a good time - his intimate knowledge of those hidden gems in just about every town in the Seven Kingdoms makes his personal recommendations unbeatable.
He is extremely perceptive and a great listener - Tyrion is famous for asking everyone what they want and genuinely listening to their answers – the hallmark of a good agent.
He’s passionate - Nobody loves having fun as much as Tyrion. He’d make a great environment for his team and would be beloved by customers and colleagues alike.
Do you have another Game of Thrones contender for the job?
#gameofthrones #travelconsultant #tmstalent #traveljobs #jobsintravel #

Your future truely is in your hands. What are you doing this year to create your future? #MondayMotivation #motivation #future #prediction #quote #quoteoftheday #abrahamlincoln #abrahamlincolnquote #mydreamjob #nzjobs #dreamjob #traveljobs

My mission is to inspire others to change their beliefs, change the way you work. Escape 9 to 5 Jobs, be creative, Have more fun in life. Set your own hours, be your own Boss.
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2) I set my own schedule
3) I take off when ever I want to
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5) I help Businesses with their Social Media Channels.
6) I automate my work and then go play.
7) I love my life and am genuinely happy.
8) I have a Monthly Re-Curing Income I can count on.
9) I get to go on Adventures and Enjoy Life More
10) I get to be a Boss Babe 😉 Run My Own Business. ETC!
Come #WanderWithMe and Create the Life you want to Live. I will teach you how to replicate my Success for yourself.


Our travel experts representing Pentravel at the NCL launch, last month :) It looks like they certainly had a fun learning experience! .
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