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I am the luckiest PT ever. Not only did the ladies give me an afternoon off, but I was also treated to my first haircut in a very very long time! Special thank you to Paula for my gorgeous locks!! #pure #lovelife #travelingPT

Chicago, you will always feel like home ❤️ 🎉. I did not anticipate to leave so soon, but you can never truly anticipate when the next adventure begins. I'll always only be a phone call away✨👣 ✈️ #travelingpt #lifesanadventure #professionalexplorer #feelinglikeagypsy

Happy 🌎 Day everyone! Don't forget to take some time today to appreciate the planet we live on. #earthday #travelingpt #yosemitenationalpark #obvnofilter

Happy and sad times! Last day at DRMC. Onto traveling and living this amazing life! Next stop, San Diego #physicaltherapy #travelingPT #sandiego

Obligatory piggyback departure shot with the new whip! After a rough start to our trip that involved an ER visit and a few extra days in Chicago, we are back on the road and Washington bound for the summer #travelingPT #kidneystoned

Was a great day here in Cali! Started the day with laundry/Loans/wedding planning, got lost in a corn maze, & ended the day with some new friends at a winery! #travelingpt #travelpt #friends #trynewthings #avilabeach

Get ready for some #LastDayOfWork & #LastDayInPhoenix posts today!!! I'll start with my last "Morninggggg" greeting from @ayo_fruitsnacks at work!!! #travelingphysicaltherapist #TravelingPT #TravelingPhysio

Despite the process being stressful the show was def worth it! I had so much fun getting to watch one of my favorite shows live!! #LA #travelingPT #cadventure2017 #sytycd

Squeezing in all the touristy things before @toneb937 starts his next contract on Monday! #travelingPT #boylesbigadventure


Great time chatting with my long lost vatos and helping expand their knowledge on ways Applied Neuroscience techniques and our many senses can impact our patient’s physical and psychological health and wellness!!! Awesome talk fellas! Let’s do it again! @louienidus @bams_makes_her_dance This is just the beginning! @integratedkineticneurology is next!!! #PhysicalTherapist #Doctor #PT #DPT #TravelingPT #TravelingPhysicalTherapy #TravelingPhysio #TravelingPhysicalTherapist #PhysicalTherapy #Prevention #Rehab #Prehab #Physio #Physiotherapy #Physiotherapist #Movement #Stability #Mobility #MotorControl #Breathing #NervousSystem #AppliedNeuroscience #Neurology #Brain #KineticFlow #IntegratedKineticNeurology #IKN

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. Dysfunctional = Sense of fragility and instills fear. Creating a tone that you have to be fixed in order to not have pain.

Not every movement discrepancy contributes to pain. Don't think you HAVE to find something to "fix" for people to have a deceased pain experience.

The reasons why exercise, physical activity and things that make you stronger often help reduce your pain may not be what you expect! 😮 It may not be the changes in actual strength but the change in how you view yourself and your body! (As stated in the picture). 💪🏻🤙🏻 I think this statement can leads to so much more creativity in the prescription of exercise and movement in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and other Movement therapies! #Cool #TravelersMemos #TGIF #MorningMotivation

@themovproject hitting the nail on the head with this post!!!!!🔥🔥🔥
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All that we are is brain derived. All forms of training target the brain, wether you recognize it yet or not. I love teaching this to our clients and students. Do you have trouble with your squat? Timing issues with an athletic movement? Pain during a specific movement? Balance problems? These are all brain issues. We just haven't been taught to think that way! Our culture and industry is fixated on all pain and movement problems being a structural issue. I can't remember the last time I helped someone with a structural issue😳. Really! Why? Because everyone's structure is different. There is no perfect structure. So we call movement with pain a "structural problem" and we call non-painful movement "good movement". But can you have what looks like optimal structure and movement and still have pain? Absolutely! Can you have what appears to be horrible structure and movement but experience zero pain? Yes! How could this be? The reason is because the brain is the governing system that mediates pain and performance. So understanding how to target a persons nervous system for training and rehabilitation is critical for success. At TMP a pull-up is not just a pull up! 🤓💪🏻

Keep an open mind! #MorningMotivation #TravelersMemos

What we should be doing as Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists or Physios (my fave)! Through listening, educating, teaching, training, and empowering! With the goal of helping you manage your pain, prevent injury, rehabilitate after injury, perform better, and/or return you to whatever it is you love to do! #TravelersMemos

...which means it helps relieve pain. Exercise, strength training, stretching, kettlebells, yoga, natural movement practice, etc can all make you feel better. Exercise can calm things down. Exercise makes you healthier. #TravelersMemos
Exercise can also build your capacity to tolerate the physical stressors or occurrences that life will throw at you! Just like the post from @ChiroStrength I reposted last week said! “Life is easier if you’re stronger.”
If you don’t know where to start! Find someone near you to help! A Physical Therapist would be perfect for that!

The inaugural #KineticFlow class is coming up! My guys @evolvewaterford and @arlingtonperformancecare are doing some amazing stuff with @integratedkineticneurology !!! If you’re in the Virginia, Washington DC, DMV area you should check out the website www.KineticFlowClass.com to find out more!!!!

😃🐷😄 Twoo happpppppy campers and an angry piglet!!! What a great weekend with my little fam! @fitasianbeauty_ and @king_linus_

Kim and I explored Delphi today! The ruins are surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop of mountains melded with the rich history of ancient Greek mythology. It was a must see place outside Arachova!!

The greatest balcony in Greece! An infinite number of olive trees lining the valley in Arachova. What this picture can't give you is the silent countryside with the fresh scent of olive and pine combined with great company :)

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