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Happy birthday to my sister in crime, my soulmate through good and bad, my friend for more than two decades and the bride of the year. This is going to be her year. A Höfig kind of year. I love her to bits and can't even imagine life without her. 💖 📷: @ali_thewanderer


Adventure is out there...

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The mountain AUSANGATE (VINICUNCA) is located to only 100 km of the city Cusco and is the 4th highest mountain of Peru, has no less than 6,372 meters of height; Its exposed minerals (iron oxides, copper sulphates and others) are shown to form an almost surrealistic image.🇵🇪

La montaña AUSANGATE (VINICUNCA) se encuentra a solo 100 km de la ciudad Cusco y es la 4ta montaña más alta de Perú, tiene nada menos que 6,372 metros de altura; sus minerales expuestos (óxidos de hierro, sulfatos de cobre y otros), se muestran para formar una imagen casi surrealista.🇵🇪

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Let's go back to when everything was all about style ➡️➡️➡️

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Tomorrow!!! My sister is getting married! Tomorrow!!!! 👰🏼🤵🏻😳🙈😆😍🎉🙌🏼

Icke bin een Bärlina! 😎

Sometimes she felt like she didn't know what she was looking for anymore. She was searching for something bigger, yearning for something more tangible driven by an anxious restlessness. And whenever that happened she had to remind herself of the truth. No matter how hard it was to break through the clouds of dark thoughts that seemed to have a hold on her. No matter how tired she was or how close she was to giving up. She had to remind herself of that truth. The truth that was living inside of her. The truth that was evident all around her. The truth she had experienced over and over again. And whenever she reminded herself of that truth all anxiety left and a peace filled her soul, so much better than anything else she had ever tasted or seen. The truth felt like a strong wind who would blow over her, taking with it all the lies and worries that had been a part of her for far too long, leaving only the core of who she was always meant to be. And then she was able to embrace her calling again and move on, looking for the beauty she was meant to find. Looking for the people she was meant to encourage, looking for the places she was meant to influence, looking for the mountains she was meant to scale. The truth would always be stronger than the striving and pain, the fights and worries, the negativity and lies. The truth would set her free. Completely. #overcominganxiety 💪🏼🙌🏼 📸: @ali_thewanderer

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