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Great photo from the Singapore Flyer, made by our dear @dotzsoh ❤️

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." New post on the five quotes that I live by. Check it out (if you want)!

@passaporteaberto) #tbt mais lindo e inesquecível da vida! Pôr do sol no Everest, visto do Kala Pattar a 5.555 metros de altitude, e de brinde ainda vimos o nascer da lua atrás da montanha! Dia memorável e um dos mais fantásticos e emocionantes que já vivi! A subida é dura e com pouco oxigênio, mas essa paisagem vale cada segundo! ❤ #dicasdeviagem #dicasdeviagens #travelig #travel #travelgram #intatravel #nepal #everestbasecamptrek #mounteverest #adventuretrip #missãovt #traveltips #gooutside #vocenooff

Thetrek.co @thetrek.co recently included me on their list of '6 Thru-Hiking Photographers You Need To Be Following'. To say thank you here is a throwback to @cheesebeard_hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail looking almost as excited about his new ice axe at Kennedy Meadows as I was about this article. Oh to be back hiking this perfect trail again with these incredible people.✨

Tegalalang Rice Terraces🌿Tag someone to explore with👉Follow us to be featured! Photo by @sassychris1

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Straight down the middle 🍃 (📷: @andrewling)

Mamadukes and I visited Krishna's Butter Ball in Mahabalipuram, one of the unexplained mysteries of India. This huge boulder, weighs over 250 tons and has been standing on a slope for several centuries and there is no explanation for this. Apparently 7 elephants were brought to this site and tied to the rock to remove it but they couldn't move it a single bit. It has been here for 1200 years +. I'm not even going to lie, I was terrified every second while I sat underneath that rock 😂

percayalah badanku sekarang tidak seperti ini lg 😁😁
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The Cuban Tody | Photo by ©Aslam Maule via @natuee


warning label: grumpy when not properly fed

Yasawa Islands || Fiji Azure shores

good thing about this shot.. i dont need to enhance or to put filters.. its sssooo green and sooo clear!.. #maldives #travelig #wongderlustoutofpinas #goprohero4black #snorkeling #blueskiesgreenwater #chubbytraveller

perfect day 🍃🍸🍸💞💞🍃

"Life is like an ice cream cone. You have to 'lick' it one day at a time."
~Charles A. Schulta 😛🍦🍧🍨 (C) @markbangisss (Umi-instagram boyfriend 😍😉)

<<- THE WAY OF THE HEART ->> "Let the way of the heart,
Let the way of the heart,
Let the way of the heart shine through. ✨

Light, upon light upon light,
We'll burn as bright as the sun. ✨

Love, upon love, upon love,
All hearts are beating as one. ✨

Let the way of the heart,
Let the way of the heart,
Let the way of the heart shine through," #thewayoftheheart #onelove #allconnected #oneandthesame #ometeotl #lightuponlight #loveuponlove

Lososová biofarma s vlastní sushi restaurací... Malý gastronomický zázrak uprostřed pustiny... 👌🍴 #food #foodporn #sushi #salamon #newzealand #travelig

Let us remember the past with gratitude, live the present with enthusiasm, and look forward to the future with confidence. ~ Pope John Paul II

Hotel hopping, flying by the seat of our pants. Grateful and so optimistic about a future filled with adventures 🙏 📸 @karosees

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