12/28/15 • Imagine all the people living life in peace #throwback

12/29/15 • That was totally wicked #throwback

08/10/18 • Suga how’d ya get so fly?
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Voting has now opened for @thegoodwebguide website of the year awards 🤩🤩🤩. If your love Timeout Bags please take a moment to click the link in our bio ☝️and vote for us - will only take a second of your time😘!

Loving the unique & comical restroom signs in Budapest & Frankfurt! @stephasito many thanks for the continued pics as you take #kindlather on your worldly adventure. 🌍

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Where would you like to watch the sunset? Thailand really does have some of the best 🌥 #travel #ouradventures #thailand #sunset

@casper the people behind the "coolest mattress around" have now unveiled a new product to join their pillow menu!
Introducing the Nap Pillow...
...that’s designed to tag along with you to work, the subway, the plane, or anywhere else you want to catch a couple of Zs throughout the day.

The Nap Pillow also comes with a travel bag, so you can toss it in, throw it over your shoulder, and break it out whenever you need a little midday recharge.

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Have you always thought about backpacking but not really sure where to start? Why not give us a message and see what advice we can offer. #travel #ouradventures

When you’re ready to open your door to traveling and adventure, I’ll be waiting to help you.
Especially if the doorknob is in the middle of the door and you can’t figure out how to open it. (See example above)
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Did you know that you could see the Acatenango volcano 🌋 erupting every 30 or so minutes from Antigua? It’s one thing to see it from Antigua, but it’s another to see it from the top of its neighboring inactive volcano 🌋...we saw both 🤗
TAG SOMEONE who would climb this volcano with you 😊

I don’t know what I would do without my baby wearer! This is so critical for me when traveling!
Franny is having a hard time taking naps in an unfamiliar place, so today I put her in the ergobaby and walked around. Now we are relaxing together! :-)
I love my ergobaby 360, but you can use any baby wearer that is easy to transport, comfortable, and convenient! Did you know you can wear your baby on a plane? You just have to remove it for take off and landing. What a great way to save yourself packing trouble- for both the baby wearer and the baby!
You can use the forward facing mode for strolling around town or sight seeing. I use the mom-facing mode for nap time, and I find the rain cover helps to get Franny to go to sleep.
Ergobaby makes my vacation easier and better! Happy travels!

Week 6 ... how does that time fly so fast!!?? I honestly feel like I just started. This has to be the best program for me so far. We have a 21 Day program an 80 day program and a lot in between to follow. This particular one is 8 weeks, but only 4 days/week am I actually following a video and each of them are different. .

Have you ever done a program that has a lot of repetition and you get sick of it by week 3 or 4 (if you make it that far) and don’t ever want to do it again? I have felt that feeling so many times in the past! These programs are not like that, because we are dedicated to keeping new programs coming and improving the new ones as they learn and adapt to what people want! Amazing. Right? .
I just can’t tell you how impressed I am by all the programs I’ve been able to complete through Beachbody but this one especially. Highly impressed by the flexibility that it offers, the results I’ve been able to get, the easy meal plan and cheat days and the cherry on top is that I keep looking forward to every single workout week after week. .
Now that’s saying a lot! If that sounds like something you’d be able to stick with, let me know and I will hook you up girl! 💪🏽 Just send me your email and mention LIIFT4 and I will share allll the deets. 😘

One of my fave parts about each new week is getting to set myself up to be on the right path to reaching my goals. A HUGE part of that includes stocking up on foods that will make me ✨feel good✨ inside and out, ditching the garbage🍩🍪🍿 food that may deter me from staying on track, and learning all I can about how to properly fuel my body. When I see other people struggling with their health, nutrition or even just not enjoying life because of how they feel☹️, I get even more lit up about helping them make simple changes that yield an improved quality of life. You're not meant to live life feeling icky🤢, sluggish🐌, or on meds💊 all of the time. YOU can regain control of your health, and I can teach you how! 💌Message me and let's make this week your start new week!💪🏽

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