Traveling to Paris this summer? One of the things I was most anxious about when traveling to Paris was communication. Jake and I don't speak any French and we heard the stereotypical rumor that French people aren't very welcoming towards Americans. We had good experiences for the most part! I wrote a post about a few restaurants I felt went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable including this amazing coffee shop that served us the most delicious avocado toast 😋Link in bio ✨

El daily compass cuesta 10.25 CAD, sirve para todo el día e incluye Trolley al igual que el Bus, el transporte público en Canadá es muy sencillo y seguro, es tan facil moverte en la ciudad. También venden pases mensuales a 100 CAD. 🚉
Cuenta con un app que se llama "transit" en donde te enseñan las rutas y horarios en vivo. Super recomendada tenerla en su smartphone 📲
No tienen uber, pero realmente no hay necesidad! Aparte a comparación de los taxis es mucho más económico. Estoy aprendiendo a vivir como la gente local, por el momento es muuuuuuy divertido, el transporte pasa bastante seguido ah y por cierto es subterráneo el caso es que debes subir y bajar escaleras para entrar y ya tuvimos nuestro primer rush 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🚇

Am I the only tourist who (sometimes) gets extremely annoyed with other tourists ?! 😱

Can I share a secret? I’m about to blow.your.mind with the best advice for finding success in everything you do.
Ready? 1. Refuse to quit; 2. Tackle tasks in easy-to-execute bite sizes; and 3. Reward yourself often (such as with chocolate!).
You didn’t think I was going to make it complicated, right? I’ve applied these “secrets” to getting my business off the ground - and in making me the best possible entrepreneur and Pittsburgh Travel Strategist I can be...so I wanted to share them with you, too!

Family photo with my girls. When the name of the beach is so long that you end up really small in the picture. 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
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Mandatory stop if you travelling around northwest Sicily, Trapani area. Try the Genovesi Ericine, but be warned once you taste one it'll be difficult not to have more.
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Look 🌴Summer Vibes🌴

🌴☀️Summer vibes ☀️🌴

🗣 Be sure to check out the historical Barnegate lighthouse if you’re around Ocean County, New Jersey!

Standing strong since 1835 💪🏻

📷: @gfswhotravel

Monte Palace Hotel, Sete Cidades, São Miguel. Normally I don’t recommend walking through abandoned hotels that look straight out of a Steven King Horror Movie but this abandoned 5 star hotel at the top of Sete Cidades Lake, that went bankrupt shortly after opening, begs you to conquer your fears. When you do, the result is the most magnificent view you can ever imagine. Swipe left to the final photo and see for yourself. 📷@chadschallick *
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Are you not entertained!? @travel_like_mike_54

No, this country is not just only red. It is also half green.
When you walk in Dublin it feels like you are surrounded with dolls’ houses. Buildings are small, with colorful doors and flowers on the windows. People are stylish. Air is fresh. Streets are full of my favorite seagulls.
The most comfortable city I have ever visited 📌

The Acropolis @travel_like_mike_54

🌳🌳🌳🌳 @travel_like_mike_54

Who’s seen the Eiffel Tower at night? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

Nothing like Rome at night

Looking for some warm weather 👀
Today is pretty rainy in south western Iceland 🇮🇸 I feel like just sitting down, reading my new book I purchased at the cutest coffee shop 📚 and drinking something warm ☕️

Central Park!!!
-Bethesda Fountain!
-Fonte Bethesda!
📍Filmes que foram gravados na fonte:
- Encantada ( Disney )
- Vestida Para Casar
- O Preço de um Resgate
- Gossip Girl

Central Park !!
-Fonte Bethesda com o Anjo das águas!!!
📍Os nomes fazem referência ao evangelho de João Capítulo 5, que narra a história do tanque de Bethesda, no qual um anjo descia e tocava as águas, trazendo cura🙏🏻
📍Na escultura o anjo está sobre quatro querubins representando a saúde, pureza, bonança e paz🙏🏻
📍O grande anjo carrega ainda um lírio em uma das mãos-símbolo de pureza, representando a qualidade da água que na época da inauguração era própria para consumo🙏🏻

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