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#solotravel "Sometimes you have to walk the road alone to get to a brighter place. Push forward and never look back." Relationships are great until you get to that point where it seems like everything is falling apart. It's easy to get caught up in someone else's life and forget about what's important to you. This last year, I've been building a future that may no longer exist and after focusing on "us" for so long, refocusing on what I want feels like a foreign concept. I think about what I should be doing, what I should want, what I have to do, but the truth is, the better question to ask is "What do I WANT to do? " If you really listen to the voice inside of you, the answer is already there. Instead of telling yourself that you can't do something, ask yourself how can you do it. You don't need someone else's approval to chase your dreams. Sometimes a simple unwavering belief is all you need to make that dream a reality. Even if that means walking the road alone, the destination is worth it.
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Escape and breathe the air of new places.
---------------------------------------- •🌏
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Be thankful for what you have.
Be fearlesss for what you want.
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I'm at the end of my US road trip through 4 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah) and there will be more amazing pictures coming soon, but let's start with my favourite one . ☺️
Because who doesn't love Forrest?! 😊

And here is my favourite quote from the movie :
"I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is. " 😭❤️ #forrestgump #love #monumentvalley #roadtrip #usa #arizona #itssomuchcolderthanitlooks #travelgram #photooftheday #travelgoals #earthpix #natgeo #desert #run #moviemeetsreality

What a day! What a game! 🏉 Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! ☘️I wasn’t lying when I said I’d be flying the tricolour overseas! 🇮🇪

Both my flights were delayed, my bags went missing in Frankfurt airport and I’ve no other clothes in minus degree weather. But how could I ever complain with a grand slam under our belt and a full week of creating content with @lukekorns and @itsheymorgan ahead 🙌🏽

( Royal Rumble ─! )
✘ Sovereign Enterprise ─!
✘ Singles Match —!
The second match of the kickoff show begins, Bianca Belair and Santana Garrett, who is debuting, to battle it out in singles action! The match starts off slow, both women using a technical standpoint with grapples and lock-ups. Bianca, however, gets the advantage, tossing Santana over her shoulder with a massive hip toss! Garrett is stunned, but she's far from done. She quickly regains her stability on her feet, running off the ropes with a quick and powerful clothesline! Bianca scrambles back up, only for Garrett to hit another one! She's fired up! Bianca is dazed, as Garrett pulls her up by the ponytail, to her feet. Santana hits her finishing maneuver; a gory neckbreaker named 'The Star's Peak'!
Winner(s): Santana Garrett!

☘️Happy St. Patrick’s Day!☘️

The best therapy is a ride when you dont know where you going 👻

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