Birthday weekend started off beautifully here where it's peaceful and close to nature. @atmosphereresorts


Low Impact full body suitcase workout: 🤪
Regardless of length of trip to Europe, for two adults and an infant this was still too much. Two 20” spinners, a backpack each, the 11lb stroller, and a bag of our picnic food (that we bought while there and consumed there). The stroller could have stayed home simply because European streets are not made for strollers, but we did use it in Antwerp. The Ergo carrier was all that was needed to get Wyatt around. Still a few too many clothes though. How? Because it is so much more convenient to wash everything half way through rather than haul more around (even if it’s just from a taxi to the hotel or on and off of a train). Stick to being able to enjoy the views and moments instead of dealing with suitcases/stuff for maximum gains. 😁🙌

One of the things I love about travel is it bumps me out of my comfort zone, gives me an opportunity to explore life from others’ perspectives, and challenge my own #growthmindset #travelbug #mindset is everything!

It’s been such a pretty autumn this year in England 🍂🍁 Although I’m super excited at the prospect of snow next week 🤗❄️😆

Perfect sunset 💙
#zakynthos #greece🇬🇷

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