Our friend, Mark, invited us out to go sailing on his Hobie Cat today and I decided to put together a little video. We weren't on the boat when I was filming (so you won't see us) but we cruised around the same area as Mark taught us the basics of sailing.

I’m not one for flooding my feed with pictures of myself, but here I am last year, standing atop a mountain above Nazareth, with the view in the opposite direction into the valley looking down towards Jordan. This was an unexpected stop in my trip. I’m not a religious person so my interest here was minimal, but I did love the view. .
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Pink skies at Lake Tekapo 💕
Definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the South Island of NZ, if not the world, there’s not tonnes to do in Tekapo but the walks and amazing landscapes are reason enough to go. It’s basically the perfect place to relax in between the more adventure packed days of an NZ road trip.

🇮🇹 Rome, Italy

What's better than an awesome trip to the Coliseum?

This is one of the most important place of Rome and also of the world!

It's origin are very ancient, in fact it's construction began in 72 AC and the Tito emperor inaugurated it in 80 AC.
Before the Medieval Age its name was "Anfiteatro Flavio", only with this age and with the new popular adjective "colosseum" that means something colossal! In fact we can easily understand, it is really huge!
An interesting place for people who love discover
ancient things!
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There’s not a bad seat in the house at the observatory at @hotelranga, where a roll-off roof and the largest telescope in Iceland make for spectacular stargazing even in the absence of the mystical and unpredictable aurora borealis. Email hello@epicroad.com to plan a dream trip to see the best of Iceland! #myepicroad #transformativetravel #stargazers
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🇮🇹 Rome, Italy

Do you want to discover the ancient art of gladiator? The Colosseum is the place for you!

The Gladiator was a particular warrior of ancient Rome. It’s name descends from the word “Gladio” which is a small sword used by them.

Originally the practice of gladiator derive from the Etruscan like other Roman tradition.
The first Gladiator “Show” took place around 265 B.C. and in 105 B.C. the games become public.

During the Roman Empire the number of games grew in a incredible way and as we said in the previous post, during Flavian Dynasty the emperor Flavio Vespasiano started the work for the construction of the largest amphitheater of the world, the future Colosseum!

During a game we could have different type of warriors including experts gladiator, novice ones or also slaves, convicted, war prisoners and free men without distinction of race or sex.

The public during these clashes formed several fan groups and often there were clashes between them especially when they came from different cities!

The turning point took place in the IVth century with the emperor Costantino the first who, after embracing the Christian faith, prohibited the games of Gladiator.

This ancient tradition was spectacular from a side, but cruel from another. What do you think about it?

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There are many gorgeous properties on Mykonos, but Grace Mykonos has the best staff. Genuine warmth and incredible attention to detail.

Always take the scenic route🌲

So there are a handful of sounds we consistently have heard throughout South and Central America, day and night, whether in off beat small towns or capital cities.

You can always hear dogs barking, fireworks, building work, car horns beeping (the same car alarm that every traveller here knows off by heart, all 5 stages), generally the repetitive bass booming from a giant speaker set and just for good measure let’s not forget the sound of that lone rooster cock-a-doodle-doo-ing, yes even in densely populated inner cites!

It’s taken 14 countries and almost 12 months for us to finally figure out, well be told what the hell is up with the fireworks sound that has seemingly been following us around...and it turns out it is Latin America’s way of letting locals know church is beginning and ending. Thats right, no brass bell gently tinkling, they set off explosives and pretty damn loud ones at that. So especially in large cities, you will hear this sound, over and over again, randomly through the day and night. Each church keeps really different hours and depending on celebrations they may let these explosives off, well, anytime really!
So there you have it, sorry probably really boring I’m sure, but that’s my thought for the day and entry here for this online travel journal, as geeky as it is I loved finally knowing this! 🎇 🎆

Would you like to travel to this island?

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