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I found a little mermaid at Lake Louise 😸🐬💦

Summer storms over Peyto Lake. As a kid I used to watch the summer storms from inside my uncle's cabin on the lake. I remember the flashes of lightening and boom of thunder while I was wrapped up in a warm blanket inside. Better than any 80s television show at the time. What are your summer storm memories?

Some places feel like new worlds 🌏

Ever since I got to Canada, I haven't had much time to sleep. How could I with views this like? I had seen so many amazing photos of Lake O'Hara and I knew I had to do whatever it takes to see it for myself. In order to catch the best lighting for photography, we started the 8-mile hike to this viewpoint at 3 am. We walked through the dark for 2 hours listening to podcasts out loud to keep us awake and keep the bears away 🐻. By the time we reached Lake O'Hara the sun was already starting to come out and I knew I had to get to the summit quickly. I continued the hike by myself, steadily hiking and scrambling my way up the hill but also taking my time to enjoy the view and take lots of photos (LOTS) along the way. I had no idea where this viewpoint was located and with the maze of trails in this area, I wandered in a few other directions before finding the perfect spot. Along the way, I stumbled upon cute alpine lakes, rivers, and other amazing views. I didn't see another person hiking in this wilderness area for hours and I kept asking myself "how did I get so lucky". Once I found this viewpoint looking over the lakes below I took a quick break to take in the view and tinker with my tripod before heading back down. By the time I got back to the car my legs felt like jello but if you were to ask me if I would do it all over again, the answer in a heartbeat is "Yes. Without a doubt".

Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

Driving down the road to the Valley of Ten Peaks w/ @avisusa

Not everyday is a good day, live anyway.
Not all you love will love you back, love anyway.
Not everyone will tell you the truth, be honest anyway.
Not all deals are fair, play fair anyway.
#yogaeverydamnday #practiceandalliscoming

Check out @adventureconwards and the neat stuff he's been up to lately #socality #socalitycalgary


Shake it like a polaroid picture 🥂

Mountain bike race! Come race trails I had a hand in designing and building. Check out awesome new terrain around Medicine Hat, Alberta. Located in the beautiful Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park! Enjoy the incredible food provided by Camp Cookhouse. Drink beer by Medicine Hat Brewing Co. Party while you ride to live music! What's not to like? Sign up now! #mtb #mountainbike #bikerace #race #mtbrace #moubtainbikerace #medicinehat #alberta #beer #battlecreekshowdown #670collective #albertaparks #travelalberta #explorealberta #tourismalberta #cypresshills

Early morning views from Medicine Lake

I was shooting the distant mountains for the majority of the morning, but couldn't help but notice that the clouds were ripping over these peaks ⛰

I took this shot just as we were leaving 🚗

Another crazy hike this weekend. Great to be Canadian.#alberta #hiking #canmore #travelalberta #ladymcdonald

Im just not content with having to follow an ordinary life... life bring more fun and less hassle please and thank you :) ✌🤘👍#Canada #alberta #lakemoraine #travelalberta

Twilight at pigeon lake. Was hoping for the Milky Way but treated to another amazing Alberta sky. #canon #canon6d #adventures #twilight #astrophotography #canada150 #canoncanada150 #pigeon #walkabout #nightphotography #lakes #travelalberta #alberta thanks to the awesome #thecamerastore in calgary for always helping me out with the right gear

Check out some clouds forming over the beautiful Jasper National Park. #stormbrewing #travelalberta

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