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WHY THEY CALL YOU MAXXY FROM THE TRAP 👀 #trapteam 🏚 @hitfactoryradio954 radio interview
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My Story .. 💜 Idk where i would be w/o Music 🙏🏾 #blessed #trapteam

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The trials & tribulations that I'm going thru right now will all be worth it at the end 🙏🏾 📈#ONLYWAYISUP #maxxyfromthetrap #trapteam #princessofthesouth #DearDiaryTHEMIXTAPE

You'll see the name in the headlines soon ... 🌹🏚 #trapteam #maxxyfromthetrap #princessofthesouth

When you accidentally delete your best clip 🤷🏼‍♂️ #trapteam @jack_gorton8 @logan.death @aquafina.plug @david.eaustin


“Target acquired” starting our top ten us sword tron as I so eloquently called him in an older post I deleted a while ago. I know some people were mad it wasn’t luminous, some people even wanted spellslamzer even though he realistically had no chance, based on how blaster tron turned out I’m perfectly fine with him being the light villain. His sword swings are good and powerful he can also shoot out a blast in a combo, also the sword is cool as hell, I’m just gonna say it now. If you hold down the first attack button blaster tron can fly and when the button is released he releases a flurry of blasts which is good to use, and the jetpack on its own is good for mobility. His second attack isreleasing a ball of energy, which instead of damaging enemies, powers up blaster tron, kinda like knight light’s shining slam. I hardly use it as you have to be at a stand still to use it, by holding the button blaster tron will fly again and when released plasma protector will encase him for a little while which makes the move itself more useful. He can release rockets out of his jet pack that can form an electric tripwire that damages enemies, kinda like whirlwind’s clouds mixed with voodood’s tripwire, I never use it, again you have to at a stand still and you don’t even get an extra benefit by holding the button down, the attack is just kinda there, I would’ve preferred his jetpack slam from Trap Team honestly. His skychi is him becoming giant (ok......) and stomping on enemies, despite this attack not making any sense it’s not too good as you slow down incredibly and the damage just isn’t worth it. What do you think of blaster tron? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Thank Master Eon! We now have more Skylanders in stock! Separated by game (Spyro, Giants, Swap Force, Trap Team, Super Chargers, and Imaginators) you can now find the element or piece you need to further your journey through Skylands and put Kaos in his place!
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“Fruit punch” Our 11th skylander is Camo, why was this guy part of the forgotten 8 again? He probably has one of the coolest designs of the original 32, I think it may all come down to his release, notice how all of wave 5 wasn’t revised until Swap Force? It’s because of their release they were super hard to find and therefore it looked like they didn’t sell. His solar power ball does decent damage and it can be used three times in a combo like fashion. His soul gem also involves using all 3 as a force field that heals you gradually, while the timing for these fire balls is off at best, it’s a helpful ability. His firecracker vines are good swarms if enemies especially down is path where you can shoot two powered up vines at once. His melon shield is good swarms as well, and down its path they both get stronger and you can stop it from releasing, making it become an actual shield. In his thornhorn variation he also can release pumpkins that explode into mini pumpkins that damage enemies, same with the firecracker vines. What do you think of Camo? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

“Hey! I’m on fire” our 12th skylander is the pitch shifting hot head, seriously I can’t be the only one this happens to, his voice switches from really high, to medium, to sounding like he took ten testosterone pills, like seriously, this happen to anyone in Giants? I also have a story with hot head although I did share it during the zook post so I’ll be brief. Hot head was the character I wanted most was hot head from Giants (eye brawl was second), we found him at a Meijer of all places when going grocery shopping, my grandma let me get him, on the condition that I would have to wait until Christmas Eve to get him, there was a sea where you could get a core character 50% off and I chose zook and the rest is history. His flamethrower arms are good for spread as you don’t go any slower when using them, not like going at normal speed as a giant is anything out of this world but still. He can launch an oil blob which on its own can damage enemies and leave streaks of oil to slow enemies down, using the flamethrowers or the spark shower can light the oil and enemies covered in it on fire doing extra damage. The previous mentioned spark shower is a really cool attack that can deal with chompies and can be used for support damage if you play your cards right, the problem is that it takes 3-4 seconds for the spark shower to activate leaving you open to bigger enemies. His hot rod soul gem ability is just so hilarious and random it’s actually kinda amazing. You can run over enemies, or should I say chompies because that’s the only thing you can run over. It is a way to get around faster, so I guess that counts for something. What do you think of hot head? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

#WCW #SheSoBeautiful 😍😍😍😘😘💓💓💓@Regranned from @maxxyfromthetrap - The trials & tribulations that I'm going thru right now will all be worth it at the end 🙏🏾 📈#ONLYWAYISUP #maxxyfromthetrap #trapteam #princessofthesouth #DearDiaryTHEMIXTAPE - #regrann 💓💓💓😍😍😘😘😰😰😰😱😱😱

“Who dares face me” for our 13th skylander we have the fire, for some reason, element Tae Kwon Crow, I would’ve preferred pepper jack honestly but he is a good substitute. His ninja stars are good for straight damage and on their path they both get stronger and you can shoot three at once giving you a sort of damage area when throwing. His flame kick is fine on its own, if you went down the star path it serves to power up the stars and not much else. However, ok the kick path it becomes much more useful. You can do a combo kick ending in a roundhouse of flames which damages enemies and then you can throw stars at them the stars and the kick work together well. His buzzer beak summon is ok, it takes about 2 seconds leaving you open, on the kick path you can summon three, but they’re only there for support and even then they die if they get hit once, so at least that’s true to Trap Team. The giant buzzer beak takes 5 seconds to summon and while he does impact damage he’s just a bigger version of the normal buzzer beaks with slightly more damaging attacks. His skychi is him throwing giant ninja stars, they’re good for range and going through swarms of enemies but the Danae isn’t all too good especially for a skychi. Also, I know people don’t like how TKC is the fire villain instead of pepper jack, look on the bright side, at least it isn’t grinnade. What do you think of Tae Kwon Crow? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Gimmie the ca$h fuck the wedding ring #trapteam

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#skylanders sucesso de vendas. O novo jogo. #skylanderstrapteam venha conferir. @aziladoemgames #ps4 #trap #trapteam

“No gold no glory” our 14th skylander is Trigger Happy, the first skylander I ever put on the portal back in the days of SSA, I have at least 1 of every series of trigger happy (including his mini) to commemorate this. If I like him so much why wasn’t he on the list last year? Plain and simple I made that list up as I went, with only the top 3 being decided, which is why I put a sensei I didn’t even have at number 4, like seriously? His golden guns are weak but they have a good fire rate and damage piles up pretty fast, and on the gun path they bounce off walls so you can just shoot constantly and still kill something. He can also charge his guns, from a bigger coin that does about twice the damage of a normal blast, to a giant laser than kills literally any enemy in the entire series in one shot (minus bosses). His golden safe/pot/coin is fine for enemies on ledges when they were a thing or for a damaging attack as trigger happy’s golden guns and machine gun are meant to pile up damage and not kill enemies in one shot like the safe. His machine gun is a monstrosity you can do so much damage with it, especially in SSA and Giants where it’s firing rate is insane, if you can far enough away you can kill any enemy in two seconds with the machine gun. What do you think of trigger happy? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Reunited with the infamous Eddie Randall, y’all❤️#trapteam

Link on Bio.... Go and check it out!!! #TrapTeam #TheNewKingdom

“Any last words?” Our 15th Skylanders is the only villain with an element change that made sense, I’d say hood Sickle should’ve been dark in Trap Team and made eye scream undead, but whatever. His scythe attacks are good on their own but somewhat slow, although they do have knockback at the end of a combo if that matters to you. His dark dash is ok for getting around, it can be used offensively but I don’t recommend it. He summons ghost during the dark dash that power up your scythe making it faster and it has a wave attack at the end of a combo which makes the scythe so much more fun to use. The ghosts also do damage on their own but it’s only like 5-6 so it’s not much. The gravity well draws enemies in, it attacks them and you can get some hits on enemies before they reach the well, however, once you have his soul gem, you can strike the well and a dark tornado will appear and hurt the enemy, a lot. His skychi is him spinning around lobbing dark orbs at enemies, to be honest this is a very weak skychi, the only really damaging part is the end which is the case for all skychis. What do you think of hood Sickle? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

😛 Face Ass #TRAPTEAM ✨🏚

Attention Skylanders - we have two new Skylanders listings. The first is a set of Trap Team character figures: Blackout and Spotlight, and the second is a Swap Force Scratch figure. All adult owned and ready for a new home!

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TR🏚PBABY LEX #trapteam

“The saw is law” our 16th skylander is the chainsaw toting chain reaction, I really don’t have anything “clever” to start so let’s go. His chainsaws don’t do much in a single hit only about 3-7 damage but it hits the enemies at least 30 times in one swing, he also releases blue energy balls when he swings and I’ve never found out a use for them. He can launch himself into the air and summon a lightning bolt, this attack is something I don’t use much, it’s mainly a get away attack. He can summon a chainsaw fan.....Yes. That does pretty good damage and is a good support attack. His sky chi is him getting into a machine with chainsaws on all sides, I think of it as an upgraded chainsaw fan. It does good damage, being a skychi but not much else. What do you think of chain reaction? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

Guess who is happy cause' the song is ready??? #TrapTeam #TheNewKingdom #Fake

Ohhhh fuck, this shit is coming 🤘🏻#Fake #TrapTeam #TheNewKingdom

“Blink and Destroy” our 17th skylander is drobot, who probably has one of the coolest designs of any character, I remember back when SSA came out and people at my school actually played it instead of generic shooter of the week, drobot was a lot of people’s favorite character just because of his design, granted we were 8-9 so dragon+robot= profit to us. His eye beams are just broken, like seriously it destroys everything, especially in the beam path which, lets face it, everyone took. His disks are a decent support attack I guess, I never use them, and whenever I do it’s a mistake, why drobot needed a worse projectile attack, I’ll never know. His flight is flight, but drobot has a hover mode as well, which is basically just for shooting enemies while moving at a snails pace, no I’m serious, Im pretty sure giants are faster than drobot in hover mode. His normal flight is flight and while his afterburners look cool, that’s the only purpose they serve besides damaging enemies but seriously, how many times have you damaged an enemy with the afterburners? What do you think of drobot? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

💕 #trapteam

Tou voltando vuuh keli pik #treinamento

Had #pho for my very first time today with my buddy/sis & I LOVE IT!! Thanks a lot bitch! 😂 (: #trapteam #Friday #bestfriends #brunch

Got this almost for free 😊👍 Now I only need Spyro's Adventure and Imaginators
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“The Beam is supreme” for our 18th skylander, we have Prism Break, who, at least until Swap force, could’ve been called the flagship earth skylander, but after Swap Force, Terrafin overtook him, and we haven’t really seen him since. His beams are good for consistent damage, however, if you don’t go down the laser path then the beams are shorter ranged, and less powerful. His crystals, which fall out of the sky(they were originally going to come out of the ground, I don’t now why they changed that), are good for hitting multiple targets or you know, hitting them with a crystal that falls from the sky which, logically, should Insta kill the enemy. His crystal shield is fine on its own for knockback and such, however on the crystal path it is much better, having a second more damaging layer. What do you think of Prism Break? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

The #TrapTeam is everywhere.. #TheNewKingdom

“Fight and flight” so much to say about this one character, but I’ll just say this, his level isn’t all that good, especially with how many annoying areas it has. Anyhow, our 19th skylander is air strike, a character with an interesting idea, being fight and flight. His punching combo that involve air strike and birdie are fun to use and are pretty strong. He send birdie into the air, and on a certain path, he can swoop enemies into the sky, drop them, and then with the soul gem, air strike comes crashing down to attack them. While birdie is in the air, air strike drops blue crystals that explode when birdie lands, you also get a massive speed boost. His flurry of punches is good for continuous damage, it draws in enemies and hits for at least 5-10 times, however, enemies are still active during this attack and can still hurt you, so it’s a risk vs reward situation. His skychi is him riding birdie and running into enemies, it’s an alright attack and does good damage but not much else. What do you think of air strike? Let me know in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

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“See the light” for our 20th character we have the first light skylander that I got, he’s also the only reasonably priced light anything, he’s the best of the light element in Trap Team so I suppose it isn’t all bad. His sword swings are strong and he can actually launch enemies into the air and juggle them with his sword, his shining slam is good for damage and it powers up knight light, and the beacon is pretty much useless as it keeps moving. What do you think of knight light. Tell me in the comments below. -------------------------------------------- #skylanders #spyrosadventure #trapteam #skylandersspyrosadventure #skylanderstrapteam #swapforce #imaginators #superchargers #skylandersgiants #skylandersswapforce #skylanderssuperchargers #skylandersimaginators #skylanderschristmas2017

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