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On September 1, 2015, I came out to all of my friends and family as Transgender. I had been writing a blog post (I'll paste it in my link above if you wanna read it) for a couple of months, slowly adding to it, crying, healing, and basking in my truth. On September 1st with shaking hands and an abnormally fast heart beat, I clicked enter, and my post went live along with a Facebook post for my family. At this time I had been on hormones for 3 months. I didn't have a job at the time, any sort of security financially, emotionally, or mentally, I was under my mom's insurance, and was getting slowly adapted to my transition during my first year of graduate school. I didn't know what my future was going to be like, but I knew that for the sake of my well being, I had to transition. I had to be open and honest about who I was because I didn't want to live a life that I felt like was not mine. I had denied myself my truth for so long, constantly thinking to myself that I would never have the courage to be seen for who I truly was. But posting the beginning of my journey that day was liberating. It ignited a passion inside of me to share my story, and to believe in the power of writing, authenticity and vulnerability. You know sometimes when I wake up I have this blissful realization that I'm truly living my life authentically. I even sometimes have to pinch myself just to remind myself that I'm actually living my life as the person I've always felt like I was. Coming out isn't always easy, and times will certainly be rough. But living your truth is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. And at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you're living your life to please others or if you're living your life for yourself. Always believe in yourself, stand in your truth, remember your worth, and remember that tomorrow will be a brighter day.
To all of my LGBTTQQIAAP folks and everyone I didn't name, have a happy National Coming Out Day, and to those that can't be public or come out, I support you and your story wholeheartedly. Also please remember if you need any resources or hotlines you can check out your local LGBT center via google.

Yes!! That's amazing. #transwomen #women #vogueindia #vogue #india

my #womancrushwednesday is the ever so beautiful Rae’Lynn Thomas. 28 year old Rae’Lynn Thomas was shot and then beaten by her mother's ex-boyfriend in their Columbus, Ohio home.Rae’Lynn’s family was accepting of her authentic identity, an ex-boyfriend of her mother's who still lived with the women, James Allen Byrd, made no secret of his transphobic attitudes. He referred to transgender woman as "the devil." Rae’Lynn’s mother, Renee Thomas, was home at the time of her daughter's murder, and described the attack to police and media. "He was in the bedroom and he just came around the corner and shot [Rae'Lynn],” she said. After firing at her twice, James, who is nearly a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than petite Jae’Lynn, proceeded to beat her with any heavy object handy. Renee Thomas says the last thing she heard was her daughter begging for her life, saying "Mom, please please don’t leave me. Mom, I’m dying." Renee called police and Byrd was arrested shortly thereafter. Shannon Thomas, Rae'Lynn's aunt, believes her niece's murder was a hate crime. "In my heart of hearts, I feel like that’s what it is," she told reporters. Renee Thomas echoed her sister's statement about what her ex deserves:‪´Life in prison. Spend your life in prison. That’s what you do. I can’t spend life with my [daughter] because you took [her] from me. I don’t want you to spend your life with your family."‬ Byrd is facing murder charges for her death, and he is being held on a $2 million bond. Columbus police are not investigating the attack as a hate crime at this time, though the city's hate-crime law does include crimes based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Ohio's statewide hate-crime laws, however, do not have such provisions, and conservative lawmakers in the state have spent the past three years resisting efforts to add LGBT identity to list of characteristics covered. Shannon Thomas says she will remember her niece as a performer, a fashionista, and the life of the party. "He took a light away from all of us,". This transphobic human took a light from this family and this world, but little does he know her light and her story will live on forever I lové you, we lové you

J'aurais jamais crue un jour que ce mot sortirais de ma bouche mais je me trouve belle plus ça va dans ma transition plus je me sens bien et moi 💪💞 #sportgirl #fitnessgirl #queen #fashiongirl #transwomen


Some great new books in. First one is by @charlie_craggs #tomytranssisters dedicated to #transwomen everywhere, it’s a collection of #letters written by trans women sharing their experiences. The second title is the highly anticipated #yoursilencewillnotprotectyou published by @silver.press ...a collection of #poetry #speeches #essays including #themasterstoolswillneverdismantlethemastershouse by #audrelorde 🤓😍

Thank goodness for home games! I don't have to rush home for work. I can stay here another night without freaking out 😀 so as I said in my other post. I went on a date. It was awesome @itmovieofficial was so amazingly shot. I creeped out a bunch but I was mostly laughing at the movie and the girls. My little sister was my sort of third wheel. 😅 but it was a fun night. When I do go home tmrw I have a lot of homework for @nationalguard 🙌🏽 I'm super stoked 😊 what are your plans this weekend?!

Day 6: a couple of my pet peeves are when someone is being ignorant and won't let me teach them. Also when people use incorrect grammar!! And the final one I'm gonna mention is when people fire like 20 questions at me and then when I can't answer all of them get pissed at me... It's like seriously dude?? ~Emerson ▪

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