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I need to get this off my chest..
I was flying on such a high recently that I didn’t realize I was ungrounded. I had lost my Center and was careening in an unhealthy direction.

I forgot that the most valuable thing I can deliver to this world is the rawness of my actual human experience. Looking back on my work, I see in my eyes that I was holding back. I was delivering the baby without going into detail about the labor process.
This is because I wasn’t proud of what I was actually doing, so I tried to find silver linings in the dysfunction. I had begun unconsciously itemizing women, and had an uncharacteristic one night stand. I smoked more weed and drank more than I know is good for me. I let my dedication to my meditation, exercise and healthy eating slide in ways that disrespected the love I can bring to the world.

As I traveled around the country, I let my quest for fast adventure and excitement distract me from what I’m really here to do, which is to explore and teach the courage required for all forms of love. And I let my own standards slip.

We all get lost, because we're human. And here's to me owning that. Because if we didn’t own it, we’d just stay lost and could never help anyone else be found.

I’m not perfect. And the good news is that I don’t promise to be. I’m just like you. So if you’re reading this and you’re lost but you don’t know how to find yourself besides dosing with more distractions, dysfunction, drugs or alcohol, know that I see you. I love you. I am here for you, and I understand.

I see the beauty in your human process, and I respect your courage to own it all and move on, even more now because I've had this breakthrough of my own 🙏🏻. If you are ready to refresh your authentic connection with the human race, I invite you to join our Facebook group called the Fearless Connection Project Community. You’ll find just how liberating it is to be seen for who you really are, and come back to center amidst a growing community of heart-centered leaders.

I look forward to growing alongside you, my friend. You’re worth it ❤️🙏🏻 •
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I am Her and She is me ... #transparent #wednesdays and trust me .. it was one step at a time .. a process

Two Leadership Games in One Day!
One this morning; one this evening.

Two dynamic organizations!! I love facilitating this leadership workshop and watching growth and unity in action.

I am now booking the Leadership Game for April - nonprofits, churches, or businesses?

Contact me for inquiry or scheduling: tasha@tashamscott.com

Listen to the Dream Album on SoundCloud.

7th Album—The Dream Album
01) Clear
02) Alone
03) CircleSong
04) RadioWorld
05) World of Love
06) My Sun Tonight
07) Meant to Be
08) Dream
09) Never Gonna Wig Out
10) ComeTogether
11) UnderLand
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