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my body is my home & I will treat us with the love it deserves. I will nourish it, love it & continue to watch it grow. I have hated this body for so many years & finally I am able to feel confidence in my every day life knowing that I'm being seen by the world the way I've always wanted ✨ summer 2016 vs summer 2017...so much has changed. not just my body, but my mind. my relationships. my career path. my family. my life. honestly these photos display two completely different people to me. on the left is a boy who tries everything he can to mask his dysphoria through displaced love for others instead of himself. on the right is a man who has finally learned that he is worthy of love from himself. a man who continues to grow stronger & smarter every day. a man that I am so proud to be 💕

Saiu vídeo novo sobre minha terapia hormonal, link na biobiobio 🐝 Então... 3 meses em T x 1 ano e 4 meses em T. Eu não fazia ideia do que estava por vir naquela época. De todas as mudanças, acredito que meu olhar seja o que mais tenha mudado desde o início. O olhar sobre tudo. Eu tinha muitos sonhos, muitas esperanças e um coração bastante otimista. Não que eu tenha perdido isso tudo, mas tudo que vivi e aprendi me fez apanhar bastante nesse mesmo lugar (o coração). Até eu resolver compartilhar minha vida, eu vivi em uma bolha segura no anonimato... Bolha essa bem confortável, era expert em passar despercebido por qualquer lugar. Então abri meus sentimentos, história e coração pro mundo. Ingênuo. Uma grande parcela das pessoas vai te passar a perna, te apunhalar pelas costas e te desejar o mal apenas por desejar, pois quanto mais feliz você estiver... pior elas te querem. Fiquei muito mal por muito tempo por não querer acreditar que esse era o mundo real que tanto eu evitei dentro da "sombra da bolha" que criei. Custei a acreditar em muitas coisas, mas hoje acredito em todas. Enfim, um textão só pra desabafar que amadureci e o mundo é bem ruinzinho pra não dizer (muito) terrível pra quem sofre qualquer tipo de opressão, mas a gente tenta trazer amorzinho e paz. Beijão nos corações quentinhos que sei que existem ❤ e brócolis :3
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just realized that apparently me or instagram deleted this picture so im gonna upload it again! .
this is more than ten (or eight?) years ago. never stop believing that you can be whatever you want to be. that there’s nothing standing in your way. be strong, be confident. and if you feel small and weak just know that i’m by your side. #vegan #veganathlete #transguy #veganguy #nomeatathlete #ftm

I just took my first walk around the hospital after finally beating my six day, narcotic induced constipation! Little Jordan needed some extra support, so please ignore my awkward hand placement. 😂
Recovery is really teaching me how to listen to my body. My natural inclination is to grit my teeth through pain, which often causes me to severely overexert myself. I'm learning how to ask for help, receive assistance without shame, and keep myself optimistic during this period of time. In only a few short months, all of this pain will be worth it.
Also, shout out to OHSU for having bomb ass transgender competency. My surgical teams and nurses have been nothing but outstanding, and for literally the first time in my life, I actually feel safe at a hospital.
Thanks everyone for the encouragement and healing vibes. I am behind on my DMs, but I will get to them as soon as I can. Love and light today, friends.
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Throwback Thursday. We've grown from sweet baby boys to big strong men 👏🏼💪🏼

building, growing, and getting better every day. i havent gained a whole lot of size in my arms since 3 months, but theres some really nice definition and my back has grown several inches 😄 in total ive put on 18-20 pounds since starting T, and im really liking the changes i see. i cant wait to see 6 months from now 👊🏻😤
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Pre-T vs 11 Months on T
Today marks my 11th month on T. So wild that it's almost been a year. I'm not sure if I'll make my 1 year mark a big thing like some people do, because I know I won't be in life where I want to be. I guess I don't really see it as a huge milestone. I think getting top surgery will be that huge milestone to me. BUT ANYWAY, the left photo is pre-T shortly after cutting my hair even shorter after the first big cut. Not too long after dropping out of being an Officer Poolee in the Marines. About a couple months before being shipped off to OCS. I thought I had my life straightened out and I was going to be someone with a purpose. Then my life got flipped upside down coming to terms with being transgender 🙄. Now I'm extremely grateful that things happened the way they did. I know I have a purpose with helping people but I'm not quite sure what that'll be yet. And that's okay. I'll get there, just like I've gotten to this point. But I do know I created this Instagram to connect with others on common ground. Hoping to help in any way I can, like I needed help all these years. I didn't want to make this a long post. But just know you will get where you want to be, you just have to keep being and keep doing. There's more people here for you than you think. You're never alone no matter how alone you feel. Thank you so much to all my new followers, I really look forward to getting to know everyone who wants to reach out. Thank you @finnwithin for giving me access to such wonderful people and for being an awesome person. For all you're doing for our community.

Oh boy, oh boy. Thank you puberty! 👏 ✋🤚 LEFT: PRE-T // RIGHT: 3 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS ON T
I'm not wearing the same clothes and don't even have the same colour hair on the photo, but honestly I feel like a changed man. 😂 I don't think I've changed much, personality wise. I've matured, grown and improved my self-confidence hugely. They say fake it till you make it. I look back at these photos and I can't believe that was ever me. I feel more like me than ever before and I'm so glad that I get to be me for the rest of my life.
Don't ever give up on yourself, even when shit gets tough - and it will. You've got this. 💪 #gay #bi #queer #trans #ftm #thisiswhattranslookslike #transisbeautiful #transman #transguy #testosterone #transition #transformation #throwbackthursday #lgbt #lgbtq

15 days difference
20 days back in training and
10 days on a plant based diet.
Focusing on legs, arms and cardio cause most back and chest exercises are not possible yet.

Diet isnt as hard as I thought. The only thing I really miss is cheese. Other than that my diet hasn't changed much compared to the time preOp.
I am a lazy guy and I live alone so my cooking has always been rather minimalistic. I just get lots of different vegetables, throw them in a pan and cook some rice or couscous as a side. Very simple but it tastes good and does good. Besides the mental effect of feeling good cause I do something for myself I haven't noticed any increase or deacrease in energy.
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A couple bingos. Swipe for once for blank, twice for insecurities bingo, thrice for blank of insecurities. Bingos made by @story.bingo.x
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-TALK (English)
1-800-628-9454 (Spanish)
1-800-799-4889 (TTY)
National Child Abuse Hotline:
National LGBT Youth Hotline:
National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 (English)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)
National Sexual Assault Hotline
National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline
1-866-331-9474 (English)
The Trevor Project
National Runaway Switchboard
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Hey, send me things you've always wanted to tell me. Much appreciated!
(Link in bio)
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i am a nobody but i am on younow right now @marcthelamb come say hi please #transboy #trans #transman #transguy #transmale #transgender #ftm #femaletomale #lgbt #bisexual

I don't know how to edit photos yet but I'll get better over time lol so bare with me my dudes! I'm tryin.. haha #Ftm #transguy

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