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In honor of Trans Awareness Week I humbly share with you a piece of my story.“Who Am I?” “Why was I born like this?” “Will I ever be happy?” “Will I ever be able to live in my truth?” These were all the questions that continuously ran through my mind throughout high school and college.  I remember the photo on the left just like it was yesterday, it was my senior year in college and I was at work.  I remember taking it and thinking to myself “this isn’t me…” I had become so good at compartmentalization. Ideas and thoughts that came to mind would quickly be locked away and would not be processed.  I lived my life like this for so long. Constantly stashing away these feelings and pushing myself to be strong, always fulfilling my duties and giving the world and the people around me what they expected of me, but never acknowledged my own true self. Ever since I began my transition almost 3 years ago, I have been working towards healing myself, processing the dark times in my life as well as the harsh things I did to myself in order to help me suppress my true identity.  It is a journey, and something I will continuously work on.  But being able to wake up every day, knowing that I am living my life as the person I have always felt like is something that I am so grateful for.  I am tearing up just writing this, truth is if I had to do it all over again, I would, because its such a blissful and humbling feeling being able to stand in my truth every single day. I was in such a dark place at one point in my life, to the point where I didn’t want to live.  At times it felt like it was going to be the end of me.  But that voice inside me told me to keep going, to be strong, to push through the hard times.  And so I did, i started unlocking all of these suppressed feelings, and dealing with them, and acknowledging that I was trans.  And here I am today, thriving as a fat, transgender latina, loving life and waking up every day with so much happiness. Although every trans story is different, I hope my story can give you some hope that you will make it through any hardship. Tap the photo to see some trans folks that continuously inspire me with their journey.

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Two days and counting until another Thanksgiving 🦃 Hope G-MA has her reading glasses on this morning. 👓 If not, she better invest in a pair of safety goggles. 🕶Respect your elders???👵 👴🏽Nah, You better respect my pronouns 👊🏼 #atransthanksgiving #ripgrandmas #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #thanksgiving #braydbunch #transgirl #justjoking #lgbt #isitblackfridayyet

I want to start something like WMTB but to raise visibility for the trans community. It's called "this is what trans looks like" and basically you send in a photo of yourself and maybe a little message about your identity and then perhaps a message for other trans people, for confidence. You send those in and then, much like a WMTB, we post them! This will just run for weeks and weeks and weeks so get sharing!
~ Issy

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Hey everyone I hope everyone's night or day is going great but I want to say something and it's very important to me that people read this post on my Instagram because it's something that people don't get or comprehend.
Being a woman is what you feel it's not about what you have between your legs it's about what you feel what you identify as having a vagina isn't all a woman is being a woman is what you feel how you act what you identify as some women are born differently some women are born with a penis does that make them any less woman no it doesn't! Some women are born without a uterus and can't have kids does that make it any less woman now it doesn't! People don't get it that being transgender is very hard and I'm not going to hurt myself everyday tucking if this isn't how I feel! So before you want to judge somebody make sure your fucking God damn perfect because in all reality no one is perfect only god is perfect! If you read my post make sure you can understand before you comment!
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