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Since medically transitioning from male to female, I get treated differently. Not because I am trans, but because I no longer have the privledges that I once had when I lived my life as a male.
I believe that a lot of trans girls don't think about or prepare themselves for ALL of the changes they are experiencing and undergoing. A majority focus too much of their energy on the physical and aesthetic changes, not enough on the mental and emotional changes and hardly any on the social changes, which is vital to do when learning how to adapt to living amongst society as a woman.
Sexism is so deeply imbedded into today's society that half the time some people don't even realise that they are being sexist or misogynistic.
I was completely naive when I started experiencing the shift in how society treated me, now that I am living as a woman. I subconsciously accepted that I would be treated as inferior to the opposite sex. I ignored the fact that men were degrading and disrespecting me, and just tried to accept that this is how women were treated.
But by allowing that to happen, by not speaking up, by letting myself be disrespected and treated as less-than, I was only disrespecting myself. I was giving them permission to see me as unequal... and that's when I remembered that I have a voice, and a powerful one at that. Just as we all do.
Men and women are not treated as equal. That is a fact. Should we be? Yes! 100%. Are we? No. Are we ever going to be? I hope so, but I don't know.
I will not be treated as less than ANY man OR woman (as well as anybody who identifies as non-binary, just to keep it fair and equal.)
It took me a while to adapt and adjust to being a woman in society, but now that I can see things for how they really are, I consider myself a feminist. Not an extremist, but I wholeheartedly support the advocacy for women's rights to ensure that both men and women (and everybody in between) are treated equally.
I am 25 year old trans woman who is just as equal as you, in every single way. Not because I am trans, not because I am a women, but because I am a human being! We all deserve equal respect and the same fair treatment.

Sejatinya manusia itu tidak akan pernah puas dengan dirinya sendiri... Sama halnya dengan aku, tp aku udah lalui proses itu dan akhirnya aku menikmatinya 😊😊 #ladyboy #ladyboyindonesia #ladyboypapua #ladyboysofbangkok #ladyboythailand #ladyboylover #transfemale #transgender #androginia #transgendered #maletofemale #maletofemaletransition

When I first figured out that I was meant to Transition I wanted it NOW. I wanted nothing more than to have the manliest body, deepest voice, a chiseled face and the thickest beard to prove that I was a MAN. .
Yet day after day I looked in the mirror and saw my boobs and curves, my soft and hairless face, and heard my light feminine voice. I often got mistaken for a child. It was extremely frustrating when all I wanted was to be seen as the man I was on the inside, on the outside too. .
After months of counseling, painstakingly telling my family, and wonderful support and encouragement from my friends and other loved ones I had my first appointment for my hormones. Finally I was starting my journey. .
But still it wasn't for months that I began to see what I wanted to see, and even years later I'm still hoping and waiting for that thick beard. .
The greatest thing I learned/am still learning from my transition is PATIENCE. .
No matter how badly I wanted it to go faster the days would pass the same length as always. No matter how badly I wanted my voice to deepen quicker and not crack so much, it would fizzle and pop for months. But after a few months I started to look backwards and I could SEE how much I had changed. I compared my voice and it had dropped, I started to look more chiseled in my face, and even a hair or two started to sprout on my face. .
It was hard to be patient day by day, it was hard to keep taking the shots when I felt like they weren't really making the difference I wanted them too. And It was hard to stay positive when I felt like it would never happen for me. .
But through all the bitterness of patience I continue to grow as the man I am and to fall deeper in love with myself everyday. .
Be patient with the process of anything in your life, and any kind of transition you may be going through. Whether learning a new skill, job, hobby, moving, fitness goals, or a physical transition like mine. It is worth your patience. And you are worth your patience to keep at it. .
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Today I am #grateful for the fact that I work at a liberal school that supports #lgtbq youth. Despite being an all girls school Marlborough has revised its policies to address its #transgendered students. I'm proud and extremely lucky to work at an institution that allows me to express my own #genderfluidity and also help kids with their own confidence and self actualization #transgenderdayofremembrance


It sucks to try and be myself in a world like this. Where you can't be who you are because of ignorance. My name is Kameron. I am a boy. no... a man. I've always been, and I shouldn't be afraid to be myself because of some fucking cheeto in office. I will use the bathroom that I identify with. I will be myself. I will be me; Kameron, a man. I'm tired of being afraid of what's going to happen because this fuckwad @realdonaldtrump decides that our lives aren't important and our values, beliefs, goals, and feelings are to be put on a back burner behind his own. I am Kameron; a man. I am transgender. #protecttranskids#transgender #ftm #femaletomale #goals #relationshipgoals #transgenderman #transboy #transteen #transsexual #tpoc #thisiswhattranslookslike #boy #man #transgendered #transandproud #transamerica #transandinked #transmanofcolor #topsurgery #testosterone #menlikeus #transguy #transmenofig #lgbt #lgbtq #translivesmatter

--- It is hard to believe that half of the citizens of this country think it is okay to let people use the bathroom coinciding with the gender they happen to associate with...I see it like the other half, as nothing less than warped. Thank you @realdonaldtrump for protecting our minor, defenseless children. Thank you for doing the moral thing. Thanks to a #republican for fixing this issue. #transgender #transgenderbathroom #transgendered #transgenderbathrooms #debate #potus #maga #2017 @POTUS #kids