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🍞🍷Yesterday: It's a quarter before 8 pm and I grabbed my coconut flake and ginger tea as Holy Sacrament. ⏳At His darkest hour in the company of betrayers and those closest to Him that would flee, sat at the table in close proximity. Not once did He call out their weakness or insufficieny. Instead, He gave them (us) a promise, a new covenant because He knew they (we)needed to be freed. At our darkest hour, we... (rant, complain, gossip, Facebook status update, twitter rant, tell people off, bitch, hold grudges, hold unforgiveness, resent people, start protests of all kinds, YouTube it, scream....) #grace #covenant #holysacrament #miraculous #newcreation #newlife #promise #prophetic #change #miracles #prayer #freedom #love #jesus #newcovenant #transformation #transformedlife

““If the foundations [of a godly society] are destroyed, What can the righteous do?””
‭‭PSALM‬ ‭11:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬
Join @bubbulz at our next real issues conference coming up on the 24th of March 2018 at 10am His Grace Events Centre, as she talks about building a new life. She is also a prayer warrior, so come expectant as she takes you to another level spiritually. God bless you. Happy sunday. Photographer: @oviedanielsphotography venue: @hgec101 #realissues #realissuesconference #realpeople #realsolution #reallife #practicallife #deliverancesessions #prayerworks #spiritfilled #Godsgrace #savedbygrace #transformedlife #march24 #180DS #registrationisnowopen #registertoday #lekkiconference #lekkievents #conference #prayerchangeseverything #worshipwithme #buildinganewlife

Lent #5 The Gathering: It’s Sunday! This, for me, is the highlight of any given week... the place where all our peeps gather to bring our triumphs and struggles TOGETHER in the presence of God. Much of our Lenten experience has been solitary, but this is where we gather to express the reality that we really aren’t alone. We are part of something massive and beautiful. On a worldwide scale we are one with each other. We join with the persecuted ones who gather covertly and those who meet freely in theatres, cathedrals, schools and stadiums. Though there are 1000 diverse forms and traditions by which we worship... a thousand songs... we worship ONE God and Saviour. We come together. We gather to worship Jesus! #transformedlife #churchlife #ministry #learningleadership #worship #journeywise #pastors #pastor #followingjesus #dailydevotion #lent #lent18

Hi hi hi and happy Saturday!! Just updated my Find Your Trainer Availability for March!! I have some afternoons opening up now so that means more time for training!!! The best part is that I COME TO YOU! So there is literally no gym membership hassle 😎I’ve been studying a lot of different training resources these last few weeks and I’m getting super excited to use some of my newfound knowledge to help YOU! Go check out the link in my bio if you’re in the San Diego area! For those of you not in San Diego, have no fear I am also working on my online training options as well🙌🏼more to come on that l8er 🤘🏽Hope you are having a lovely start to your weekend!! .
📸: @laurrastokes .
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Queens, reflect His glory.
2 Corinthians 3:18 (NLT) So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord- who is the Spirit - makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.
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This time away has brought in so much for me. We are quickly approaching the one month mark which also means half way. Last year when halfway came I was launched into panic. I resisted going "home" I didn't want to go back to any of it.

Here I sit, moving between excitement for what is coming and in the bliss of what is right now. I haven't felt called to send my Tuesday Tellings, I haven't felt inspired to do much FB or Insta and while I have done a little (just for the purpose of showing up) It has felt wonderful to give myself the time and space to experience it all in the moment without a camera every step of the way.

So often after an incredible experience, I rush home and write. I want to capture it before it moves on from my experience. I have told myself I would do just that many times over the last month and yet I sit down to write and my spirit says no, so I don't.

I find myself connecting deeply and effortlessly with life. Sometimes it's strangers, sometimes family, friends, the women we hosted at our retreat. Sometimes it’s a connection with the spaciousness and nothingness.

That connection is growing newness and expanding possibilities. I am looking forward to riding it's wave and experiencing where it takes me. #myeverydaymagic #spiritawakening #blessingsonblessings

Lent #4, When God Answers: Yes, I talk to God. For some of you, that statement itself puts me in the category of the crazed shipwrecked soul who draws a face on a volleyball so that he has someone to talk to… “Wilson???”… but what if I told you I think that God talks back? That puts me in a very special category indeed — a category with dangerous souls who might do well to be suited up in white jackets with no holes in the sleeves. I believe God wants to converse with us, not just in vague but wonderful feelings of comfort or peace, but by giving us actual information about himself, ourselves and the world around us. I believe that when we invite Him to speak, He can put thoughts in our minds or dreams and visions, that could not have possibly come from us, similar to the experience of the prophets of old. I think there ought to be safeguards around that belief like a healthy reverence for the scriptures, a passion to study them and a community of wise friends to help us make wise choices about what we believe we’re hearing from God. But, in short, I am so very grateful for the interaction with God, the friendship and the guidance that having access to divine “inklings” can bring. I’m praying that I and others of faith might be more and more hearers and doers of God’s good words both written by the ancients and presently echoed through them. They are full of life and joy and peace. I am glad that God has not left us alone without His whispers. #transformedlife #churchlife #ministry #learningleadership #worship #journeywise #pastors #pastor #followingjesus #dailydevotion #lent #lent18

To walk to the edge and step off, is to live fully alive. #spiritawakening #souljourney #womenrising

Have you ever been in a situation where it just felt IMPOSSIBLE to get through?
I know I have. Many of times. ••
There were seasons I faced loss, a broken heart, more loss, depression, being jobless, facing sickness, & the lost can go on. ••
In those moments it seemed like I lost my voice to speak, I lost my purpose, I lost sight of my journey.
But the beautiful crazy thing is that despite how dark & difficult those moments were, I found myself desperate. Desperate for freedom from those things that were imprisoning me to live. To breathe. To believe. To be.
It was through those moments of complete desperation I found myself surrendering control and leaning into the One who was and IS in control. ••
Was it easy? No.
Did I kick and scream along the way? Yes. ••
Heck I even kicked and screamed before I even started the journey to fight. Every time no matter what I tried to do, I would find myself crying out to Jesus to give me strength to keep going, to believe in the impossible. ••
It was through these cries of desperation. These moments of complete surrender I was able to find the strength to start. To move. To overcome those impossible situations. And what I have learned and am constantly reminded of that with God ALL things ARE possible because He says “I’M POSSIBLE over these these seemingly impossible situations.”
It’s funny how life works out like that. And it’s amazing how GOOD our God is! Yeah?!
Today I praise Him for giving me strength to find joy in the journey. Because:
Depression has been defeated!
Brokenness has been mended!
Health has been restored!
Blessed with a job that has exceeded my expectations!
What was lost has been found!
His Strength was perfected in my weaknesses!
And above all as I continue to grow in my faith, I discover a deeper level of FREEDOM!
Continue to have faith friends. Don’t let the impossible paralyze you from moving forward, from living, and from believing for more freedom. You are called to be a ⛰ mountain mover!
“...if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." -Matthew 17:20

Lent #03, Talk Radio Temptations: On the dash of the car, there is a nice little button... and it calls to me! For my first ever Lenten fast, giving up talk radio was definitely a way of easing my self in(pretty wimpy actually), but it turns out that a 30 year habit, even a relatively innocuous one, isn’t easy to break. What’s more disturbing than the temptation itself though, is the thought processes that follow the temptation. The most disturbing of these, is the idea that “what the other humans don’t know won’t hurt them.” For a fraction of a second, it seemed reasonable that, “in modelling a Lenten fast I will be encouraging to others, but I don’t really need to follow through with it when no one is watching.” Yup. That actually occurred to me, probably via the red guy with the pitchfork, horns and bifurcated tail who sits on my shoulder. Now, I know that this fast is for God and not for people. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be writing about it. I also know that the presence of God is near and that He will miss me if I turn on the radio and stop talking to Him. I know that there is no “getting away with ANYTHING” when my loving Heavenly Father is omnipresent and omniscient, but I am truly humbled by how foolish I am that it would even occur to me to try. Here’s to all y’all who are humbled with me. Here’s to everyone tempted to snitch that cookie or piece of chocolate. Here’s to trying to build a life that recognizes the presence and beauty of God even when the humans aren’t watching! #transformedlife #churchlife #ministry #learningleadership #worship #journeywise #pastors #pastor #followingjesus #dailydevotion #lent #lent18

Reaching a goal is not easy but maintaining it is even harder. Would you like to know how it feels to take charge of your health and weight?
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Lent #02, So Long Talk Radio: I don’t see a Lenten fast as giving something up. I see it as trading up. Instead of bemoaning the loss of something I used to enjoy, I see it as an opportunity to think creatively about how I might trade an old behaviour for a better one. For the last 30 years, I’ve been spent at least 30 minutes each day speeding down the highway listening to talk radio. What if I gave that half-hour to prayer… moments of intentional connection with God? Even if my God connection download rate is less than 119 bps, I think I can safely say that trading 30 minutes of sports stats, weather and municipal politics for an interview with the creator of the universe just might be a win! :) Lent doesn’t have to be about what you are giving up. Using the disruption in our patterns to intentionally stimulate and facilitate connection with Jesus… THATS where the treasure is! #transformedlife #churchlife #ministry #learningleadership #worship #journeywise #pastors #pastor #followingjesus #dailydevotion #lent #lent18

When your #instabestie (@ww_teacher) has a birthday... you celebrate! 🎉 Though she’s on the West coast and I’m in the Midwest, we have been there for each other for over a year celebrating and sharing our journeys and helping one another through some tough stuff.
We were lucky enough to meet last March, and coincidentally, will be seeing each other again this March!👯‍♀️
I am so thankful for her advice, support and encouragement on my journey. Jenn has been a @weightwatchers Lifetime member for over 10 years so her experience is so helpful for so many.
Please go wish her a Happy Birthday... and enter her awesome giveaway. She has a heart of gold and it shows that’s she’s giving something away on her birthday.
Love ya, Jenn! So thankful this amazing IG WW Community crossed our paths!
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💕Today isn’t just about loving others... it’s also about loving YOURSELF. Be your own Valentine💃🏼
I hope today you know how amazing and wonderful you are just the way God created you.
Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!
#healthyhabits #weightwatchers #kc #transformedlife #beinspired #mywwjourney #entrepreneur #justkeepswimming #weakmadestrong #wwfreestyle #nevergiveup #wwambassador #bettertogether #healthylifestyle #wwsisterhood #instafit #loveyourself #happyvalentinesday #beyourownvalentine

Lent #01, The Joy Of The Dust: In his 1958 essay entitled “Ash Wednesday,” Thomas Merton wrote the following: “Ash Wednesday is full of joy...The source of all sorrow is the illusion that of ourselves we are anything but dust.” Somehow I find this so very encouraging. I have, so very often, tried to operate “of myself,” to “lift my self up” or to make myself… more. I do this in spite the fact that I know self-elevation to be a physical(and spiritual) impossibility. I can stand, as opposed to sitting, but I am still carrying my own weight on my feet. Standing is ok, but the truth is, I really want to fly in life and that is something my ponderous spiritual self does not allow. As I join millions of Christ followers worldwide in wearing the cross of ash today I remember that I am dust… a speck of dust that the wind of the Spirit can blow wherever it pleases. I am not in control. That’s where the JOY is!!! ::Eccl. 3:20. #transformedlife #churchlife #ministry #learningleadership #worship #journeywise #pastors #pastor #followingjesus #dailydevotion #lent #lent18

“Create a life that feels good on the INSIDE”
It’s easy to look at a #transformationtuesday picture and see the change on the outside when I’ve lost 100+ pounds. But, would you believe me if I told you the real transformation has happened on the inside?
Your mindset is what has to change, because it’s what is going to keep you going when this journey gets hard. And I assure you, it’s hard.
But, changing my life from the inside out has been the most important work I’ve ever done, because my changes are going to trickle down to my kids and my hope is that I inspire others to find freedom from food and negative body image.
Fight for inner transformation, not just outer. Your inner transformation will bring you more peace than the number on the scale ever will.
#momonamission #smartpoints #wwcommunity #healthyhabits #mywwjourney #transformedlife #thinkpositive #kc #wwsmartpoints #beinspired #thenewhealthy #beautifullybrokenjourney #weightwatchers #thenewhealthy #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife

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