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Trying to motivate myself to get my ass to the gym this morning but it's cold and dark and my puppy is asleep on me 😭 it's always hard to workout when it's winter ⛄️ and because I work for myself, I don't have any obligation to go, I have to really push myself 👊🏼 The choice is mine. If I want to stay in bed till 10am I can. I'm pretty lucky but it means I have to be self-motivated. My motivation comes from all different places, I'm motivated because I feel amazing after a workout session, I'm motivated because I like the way my body has changed and progressed throughout my fitness journey and I definitely feel like I should be at the gym when you guys message me pictures of yourselves doing my workouts! 😭 It's the best feeling to know I am helping others with their goals and honestly makes me feel so freaking blessed and grateful 🤗 I am going to be creating custom guides, by I still want to keep creating free content that you guys can put to use. I know I always post booty workouts, but that's what I get the most requests for 🍑 Would anyone be interested in upper body? Let me know bebes 😘 PS the irony of posing in my underwear but wearing sneakers is not lost on me 😂 there's a lot of foot fetish guys out there 💁🏼

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2014 vs 2016 #TransformationThursday
Please Read⬇️⬇️Lütfen Okuyun🇹🇷⬇️⬇️
This is for the people who told me I can't. This is for the people who told me I can. This is for the first time I walked into a gym. This is for all the times that I've lost everything. This is for everything I've built since then. It's easy to say you can. But it's actually hard as fuck to do it. So if you want it..Then go get it!
Bu, yapamayacağımı söyleyen insanlar için. Bu, yapabileceğimi söyleyen insanlar için. Bu, spor salonuna ilk adımımı attığım an için. Bu, herşeyimi kaybettiğim zamanlar için. Bu, o günden bu yana katettiğim yol için. Yapabilirim demek kolay. Fakat gerçekten yapabilmek azim, fedakarlık ister, sabır ister, yürek ister. Eğer bir şeyi gerçekten istiyorsan, peşini bırakma; git ve al!

👊🏻Fuck yeah FitNerds! That's what I'm talking about!
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Wait is this real!?😂😂😂

8 week transformation.
What do you think?
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Credit : @nimai_delgado
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Going to be inactive for the next few days as I am ill again. Doctor thinks I have glandular fever or a reoccurring throat infection. Fingers crossed I will be back to training and my diet soon👀
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Good morning and happy Friday fitfam! When my alarm went off this morning at 6:30am I jumped out of bed and smashed out some deadlifts at the gym 🙅🏻🙅🏻 (this is a lie....) What actually happened - I turned off my alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep. My thoughts at the time were something along the lines of: "I hate deadlifts" "The gym is overrated" "I'm never leaving my bed" "Who can I call to bring me some food"
When I finally got my butt out of bed, I messaged my coach and conveyed all this to him and he gave me a little pep talk and I have changed my mind about hating the gym and I will in fact go there later today 😜 .

It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to have days where you lack motivation. It happens to me more than you probably realise! But I now have strategies for getting through those times. For me it's having a coach I can message. If you don't have a coach or a PT, then find yourself an accountability buddy. Someone sensible that you can message and tell them what's going on, and they can help you figure out if you are being plain old lazy or you actually need a rest day. It's ok to ask someone to help you! There's no rule that says you have to do this on your own or have to be motivated 24/7. You just need to know how to work through those times so you can stay on track 💪🏻 .

P.S Instead of the kid, it was my sister's dog photobombing me this morning 😍 He's a massive sook and never leaves my side when I look after him 🐶❤️
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Before #throwbackthursday ends, here's a real throwback, or should I have saved it for #transformationtuesday ? 😂 The #glowup thoughhhhh 😁 @stayfunnie_

12 week Ultimate transformation!

Lee Baker - "I haven't been a 32 inch waist since my 20's" (currently 39) sorry if that is a secret Lee 😂

A lot of fat shed, strength built and fitness gained. Lee has a big boxing match this weekend @southendtheatres. Boxing requires a vast array of skills such as strength, power, coordination, anaerobic and aerobic endurance. We have had to improve it all and I am very proud in the way he has been able to do it all. Doubling his lifts, huge fitness improvements while dropping 7kg to make weight for the fight.
@leebaker19 you have excelled all goals this past 3 months and I couldn't be more happy with your progress, proud to be your personal trainer and confident about you stepping in the ring tomorrow night. Now go get the win you so deserve.
#TeamBaker #FlexFriday #UltimateTransformation

🌎 "She fuck with small town niggas, I got bigger dreams." -J. Cole

As much as I'm putting in work chasing that 500lb squat, there's so much more on my mind. There's so much more I'm chasing.
It's ok to be lost in life. It's ok to be sad and unsatisfied. The speed of life is overwhelming and at times we get lost in the sauce. Emotions take over our lives at times. We lose good friends, relationships don't last, opportunities slip away.. it happens.
I wish I didn't waste as much time as I did when I was younger. I wish that girl was mine. I wish I was loaded. I wish I was always happy.
If there's anything I've learned over time, dreamers have that title for a reason. You can keep wishing your life away but actions speak. Your life depends on the moves you make.
I'm sure everything will workout, because I'm gonna work towards being better. I'm constantly going to put in effort to better my life, find a wife, a puppy, income, and of course.. that 500lb squat.
Work Hard Love Life

But Coffee first ☝ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Busy day today aaand my best friends Wedding. 🙈 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Natürlich habe ich nich kein Geschenk und muss gleich auf ins Getümmel. Heute Abend wird dann lecker gegrillt, statt Torte wird nämlich ein dickes Roast Beef angeschnitten...normal kann ja jeder. 😁

@Regrann from @bionic_vegan - 👉#TBT Before & After Going Vegan. Make sure you take plenty of "before photos" so you can see the benefits of plant-based nutrition down the road. On the left, 2010 fat and out of shape while consuming SAD nutrition (Standard American Diet) On the right is a current photo from earlier this week, May 2017. Once you see results, you'll never look back. Going vegan is one of the best things I've ever done. This is also one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about sharing it with you today. 🌿💪 @Bionic_Vegan
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