Who else wears #chucks for #legday — got a good workout in on my lunch break! Sooooo glad I went to @afrockwall today I love the new location and the fact it has better equipment than planet! If you’re in Rockwall go talk to Kyle up there and get your gym on!! 👏🏼✅ oh ps- who tf works legs and doesn’t take an ass selfie?! Apparently me...

Reggel meséltem már nektek egy kicsit erről a @myproteinhu felsőről, de itt a hosszabb változata is 😊
Még januárban írt nekem Judit (@_judyart_ ), hogy vett magának egy felsőt régebben, de túl nagy lett neki, és ahelyett, hogy visszaküldené, inkább elküldi nekem, amolyan motivációs felsőnek, merthogy TUDJA, hogy ez egyszer majd jó lesz rám.
Ma gondoltam egyet, és felvettem és ebben mentem edzeni. Még nem tökéletesen jó, de az összes sport ruhám így nézett ki rajtam 25 kilóval ezelőtt, és élmény volt látni, ahogy hétről hétre egyre jobban áll. Most ezen a felsőm a sor, hogy kifogyjam. Ja és egyébként ez a fehér nadrág sem volt raktam úgy kb 3 éve, és akkor is csak kétszer maximum. Élvezem, hogy egyre több ruha jön fel a kis habtestemre, csak így egyre nehezebb dönteni, hogy mit vegyek meg és mit ne😂
Tudom, hogy már kérdeztem, de nektek van motivációs ruhátok? Ha igen, mi az?
Szóval köszi mégegyszer Judit, a felsőt és az élményt is❤️ #transformationtuesday #transformationthursday #selflove #positivity #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossdiary #getfit #mutimiteszel_fitt #selfconfidence #selfworth #healthylifestyle #progresspicture #szafieletmod #transformationpicture #szeresdamiteszel #obesetobeast #obesetofit #azencsucsformam #icaniwill #fattofit #fitstagram #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #myprotein #fittközösség #nevergiveup

Crazy difference #noflex

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We think we're made of numbers: percentages on tests, pounds on a scale, likes on a photo, price tags on clothes, but we're not. We're made of love, happiness and the way we laugh. We're made of good memories and late nights. We have more substance than numbers. .
I really want to you to forget about numbers! The day I stopped thinking my worth can be measured with something -was the day I began to start loving myself. I am a living proof that you can see progress in your body even if the scale doesn’t move! So stop being hard on yourself. Focus on happiness and change will come💗 .
#screwthescale #bodylove #bodyconfident #acceptyourself #stopcomparing #selflove

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This lovely guy @kofiamah has been to every single Thursday morning Yoga in the City class (except that one time he was 10,000 miles away for work) After 10 week’s of consistent yoga I glanced over and spotted him balancing in half moon pose with his bottom hand off the ground!!! That is no small feat! Later on I saw him wrap his hands around his toes in seated forward fold! I’m not going to say it’s the Thursday morning classes that have turned this security tech pro/ DJ into a yogi... but...well, I think it is!! So if you want to have a little time in your week to strengthen your practice then come on over to Templeton House by Moorgate and Barbican stations for an hour of blissful vinyasa yoga before heading in to work. 🙏🏽

*important note* when I spotted him balancing I was teaching and not taking photos, so I asked him to do it again before the next class for a pic! 📸
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@funfitmsv "At any given moment you have the power to say, this is not how my story will end ❤. "

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Summer 2014 vs Summer 2017.
Reminding myself I AM HEALING. As many of you may know I have struggled with my health for the past 5 years due to hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, kidney stones, IBS, pathogenic infections & the diagnosis with Interstitial Cystitis, chronic painful bladder syndrome. Part of my health journey I struggle talking about was the severe weight loss. In the fall of 2013 I lost 40 pounds. I wasn’t trying to lose weight or suffering from body image. I was in a fight for my life with a battle with my chronic pain from my IC. The severity of pain in my bladder was worse then any kidney stones I have had. It’s difficult to describe the severity of this pain. At times I cried in my parents arms wanting to die just for it to stop. It’s hard for me to say that openly for life is such a precious gift. Due to the severity of chronic pain I struggled eating & the pain medications would often make me terribly nauseous & would cause me to vomit. There were days my parents would have to beg & force me to eat. Many thought I was suffering with anorexia & my chronic pain was a cover up, that’s why it’s been hard for me to speak about it when I was questioned in the past. Thankfully my doctor saw the truth & sent me to CO where I could legally purchase medical cannabis, illegal in OK. This was a life changer. It reduced my pain & gave me back my appetite. My mom, an advocates of the legalization of cannabis, says “It saved my daughters life” It truly did. My body however became accustomed in me eating very little. I thought I was eating enough until my mom asked me to log my food intake. I was eating 300-at the very most 800 calories a day. When I did start eating more I would get terribly sick. 1,000 calories 3 years ago & I was on the floor holding my stomach in pain & nauseous. I still struggle eating like a “normal” adult woman but for me I couldn’t be more proud of the progress I’ve made. 20 lbs up! My momma when she took the top picture in 2014 posted “She is slowly healing” it has been slow but she is right, I am healing 💚 Taking it one day at a time & remembering my successes along the way as I continue on my journey.

ITS WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!!! So happy to see my clients results and that I GET TO wake up and follow up with people that trust me to help them live a healthier and happier life. Happy Wednesday

#WeighInWednesday #Clientresults #Transformation #Blessed

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@thegymlady "Pure joy and a side of crazy. 😉 "

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@ktatiana_duran: "How is the pound of will?
. .
1 hour a day of 24 hours were for me eternal, stressful. Starting at 5 am, being on the way to the university 6:00 am, seized by God (because the darkness of the dawn with only him gets out on foot) those buses from the UASD that the moment to find empty you go in the door, the brisita I finished to raise, from 6 to 10 pm, I got my first job of those that do not give you free time because they lose more than YOU taking care of putting your life together. I got my thoughts on those subjects of time intervals where I work-classes -classes and a few hours to sleep because I HAVE TO STUDY FOR THE EXAMINATION OF THE TEMPTED PROFESSOR WITHOUT PIEDAD. A salary that ended up reaching 4000 monthly, where 4 people supported. Perfect? Who knows the value of your sacrifices, who knows the value of your dreams, Who knows the value of the hours of hunger? Who knows YOUR VALUE? I did not stop, I did not stop and still I kept believing until I had to be wrapped in overweight, stress, but although it always sounds ironic with hope and optimism I took out 1 hour from 24 ... I do not have to pay them because there is no price for everything we do for others imagine FOR YOURSELF! I am the one from whom God puts pressure to see our value and Only I know it and I am discovering, do you know how much your will is worth? How much does it cost ? HOW MUCH ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE IT TO SEE IT? ~ Tatiana Duran ~ stress but ironic sound always with hope and optimism I took 1 hour from 24 ... (still greeting my people from the dining room for 5 pesos many times I took away the hunger, often not having it) I have to pay them because no It has a price for everything we do for others, imagine FOR YOURSELF!" _____________________

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