Spot on @nextstepnutrition 👌

2 boys progress shots 11 weeks into a 16 week plan.
Cant wait to the final photos 🔪🔪 @thestorysolee @padraic_eoin
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Turkish Getup into Pullup

Great session with gym members this morning

3x6 Bulgarian Split Squats
Descending ladder 10-1
Goblet Squat
Barbell Push Press

25 Calorie Row
25 Box Jump
25 Kettlebell Squat and Press
25 Kettlebell Swing
25 Calorie Ski
X2 💪✌️👊

So tomorrow will mark 17 months into my journey, and for the first time in ever, I wanna take a moment to appreciate this glow up!!! Though I’m still not where I want to be, I’m FINALLY getting there!! Anyone who knew me before this knows how much of a complex I’ve had. Slowly starting to appreciate what I see in the mirror. #thisiswhattranslookslike #selfmademan #transformation #vitamint #transman #ftm #transandtatted #transformation #transpride #transformationshoutout

A noiva mais linda casou hoje!!! Make levinha, do jeito que ela sempre gostou ♡♡♡♡ #noiva #esfumadovertical #wedding #casamento #marykay #vult #taupethat #cinnabar #espresso #iluminador #picoftheday #diy #transformationshoutout

Being injured is no excuse to let it all go and give up

Torn knee ligaments= working on hand balances
With powerlifting out of the window for the short term I am going to focus on progressing at yoga- move better and feel even better. I will have to get my knee a little better first but no need to get down in the dumps and regress.

Never thought I’d enjoy yoga but
@alecs_donovan1 is the best instructor 🙌 making it fun and motivating.

Bring on new goals! 👊

How To Get In Shape

Choices & Time

Life is all about choices.
What time to go to sleep?

Where to go on holiday?

What do I want for dinner tonight?

Now I hear this all too often as a coach. “I don’t have time.” Everyone does.
When I first meet with a client I can tell straight away who is resistant to the idea of getting in shape and those who are ready to go and cannot wait to commit.
The more resistance, such as, session timings, busy periods at work or even “shall I just get started after my holiday” the more this person needs help.
Help with what?

Self belief.
Another major objection I hear is “I could never get results like that”

Yes, you can! Everyone starts somewhere.

The objection of time, work or whatever the reason is (it is normally just those) is usually down to something else.
Fear of failure?
Lack of self belief?

Tried a diet/fitness routine that was unsustainable and given them a negative image of what it takes to be fit and healthy.
Now, maybe, you are annoyed by what I am saying here but I have 9 years experience in the fitness coaching industry and have worked with many people and I know this to be true.
Currently at my fitness facility we coach: single, working mothers who manage to find the time to train

people who run their own businesses & high pressure jobs

NHS staff who often do overtime night shifts

Now these people have all made a choice. Health and fitness is important to them and they are prepared to sacrifice some of their time each week to improve.
Now this is not a post knocking people who do not exercise. If you have no interest in your fitness- fair enough no need to read on.
You may be thinking- “getting fit and healthy is a huge commitment”
Well let me tell you what is required.
1. Exercise 3 x a week minimum
2. Track your calories on myfitnesspal (very easily done)
3. Be consistent and repeat

No fads. Simple to follow. Just 3 hours a week.
The cost of fitness does not have to be expensive either there are gyms out there from £9 per month!

If this sounds like you then believe in yourself!
Simple every day choices lead to amazing results.

Great meeting with @sofit_89 today
Surround yourself with the best 👊

Throwback to Pressups AC style

Don’t fear the carbohydrates they won’t make you “fat” and are important for providing fuel for the nervous system and giving you energy... they taste bloody awesome too!

I have based this calorie profile on the average height and weight of a female in the UK 70kg and 170 cm.

This is based on a sedentary 30 year old, who doesn’t exercise and wants to lose weight.

But all the carbs?! Yes, for a healthy and balanced lifestyle carbohydrates are important and, trust me, following a flexible plan like this will keep you on track and full of energy whilst actually enjoying the process!

No more detox teas, juice plus or Herbalife... real food just controlling portions.

This is a plan designed for 300 calorie daily deficit. Which I prescribe for my clients as it gets great results burning through body fat but no starving, hiding away from social events or failure.

It really is straight forward find out how much food you NEED for your goal and energy output and then stick to it!

Macro calculator: http://flexible-diet.co.uk


Physique update:
Me today🍟 vs me last 5 years🥔
Weight: 75.5KG
Body Fat: 17%
Muscle Mass: 39%
We all started somewhere, ever since I started my full time job and stopped breakdancing, I have put on so much weight due to my habit of partying🎉, binge drinking🍺 & eating🍕, not getting enough sleep😴 & not being active☠️
Eventually, I realised my health(both physical and mental) is going downhill⬇️ so I start focusing on things that I could CHANGE💪🏻
I don’t sit there and wait for motivation anymore, I start to take CONTROL🕹
Work to change your mind🧠 by working the body. Self discipline is the centre of all SUCCESS. You cannot win the war against the world if you cannot win the war against your own mind💡If I can do it, any one of you out there can do the same🙏🏻
Your life is a result of the choices you make🎲If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices & become the GREATEST💯
Comment 💪🏻 below if this inspires you or tag a friend who needs help achieving their fitness goals🥇
Let us all work together to:
✅Lose fat
✅Build muscle
✅Think positively
✅Improve confidence
✅Become a better person
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A little bit of an out of date progress pic, but these are the kind of things that are keeping me motivated while I jump back into my routine! I've worked so hard already and have come a long way so if I keep it up, I can go even further! 😊💪🏽

A big shout out to My Chingona of a Beauty @_itsmrsjimenez__ !! Her transformation is out of this world from the inside out and I am beyond proud of her!!! Her being persistent, got her results; her staying consistent is what has her keeping those results!! She has been a huge inspiration to me along our journey to keep going, keep setting goals, and smashing them!!!🙌🏋️‍♀️🙌🏋️‍♀️🙌🏋️‍♀️👙🌊🌞 #teambeauty562 #chingona #proudcoach #tilthenextround #herbabeauties #nutrition #getresults #gunznbunz #herbaliferesults #herbalife #fitlifeprojects #transformationtuesday #wewearpinkonwednesdays #transformationshoutout

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