Transformation (Not Tuesday though). I thought it might be a good idea to share some progress pictures because I doubt many of you have seen me in a bikini before.
It is a hard post, because sharing your bum pictures is well, kind of intimate but for some reason these are the only photos of my body I currently possess in abundance. Also it is a good indicator of how my body changed in a year. I hope it will give an extra spur of #motivation to people how want to change but don't have that extra boost to start.
Photo# 1: it's me currently, fairly happy with the physique. Eating what I want in moderation and counting calories (not as religiously as during prep). Most importantly, I feel happy and strong. Lifting weights 4x week and running (20mins x 5 week). Current weight 50kg max

Photos# 2: just after the competition, happy but exhausted, eating 1200kcal and still exercising the same amount of time is hard, really HARD. It is also not a maintainable shape, I try my best now to find a balance between maintaining desired physique but at the same time enjoy food and life in general. Very easy to become obsessed over every little thing during prep (at least in my case) so do take care of your mental health afterwards. For instance, I booked a holiday straight after and couldn't be happier ☺️ stage weight 48kg.
Photo #3: the hardest photo to share yet it is how I used to look a year ago. It is not the most flattering picture but it helps to show the progress I have made. I wasn't unhappy but far from being comfortable with my own body. I was eating as I was convinced "intuitively" (I pile of bullocks, if you have never eaten healthy how can your body now what is right or wrong for you?). I wasn't unfit though, could walk 5 miles easily, climb a bunch of stairs BUT my mental state and the way of thinking was far from ideal. I was going to the gym because I "had to" and would reward myself for doing so with a treat. Also, I was convinced I was eating "healthy"(ish), plenty of fruits, nuts, fish and meat etc and rare takeaways (I will make a post about that later). Weight here is 53-54kg. Continue ⬇️⬇️⬇️

So today i begun a new chapter in my life! I've been holding back and staying in the shadows! I've decided to step out! Its time to share my journey and knowledge I've accumulated over the past few years.. Thankyou to @positivecharge and @zsammiz for the push and all the knowledge you showed me of how important nutrient, proper cardio and conditioning is live a healthy life.. I still have more work to do to acheive my goals but its all up hill from here for me! So friends if you are reading this and know sombody that think they "can't"! Thats not true! Im a living example! Tell them to contact me or come into #s&;belite and schedule a FREE Complimentary Health Evaluation with me! -Berto "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."-Michael Jordan "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."-Michael Jordan

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In just a week's time, I have shifted how I view this platform and how I relate to it.
I have unfollowed so many pages that no longer resonate with me.
I can see where I've held myself back from posting because of possible judgment.
I've seen how labeling myself has disempowered my creativity.
The Artist's Way is guiding me to rediscover how to share my life as art.
It feels pretty damn special y'all.


Kleiner aber feiner Unterschied 🙊
Erst jetzt wo ich die Bilder so nebeneinander sehe, sehe ich dass ich mich doch ein bisschen verändert hab 😅
Links Jänner 2017 Rechts Juni 2018 🍑
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There is nothing like a good #results story. Very proud of Sally who is half way through the Kick Start 8 week programne

The annual 365 fun day is in 10 DAYS!!!! Come along for a fun family day to help us to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice. Expect rounders, sports day games, a bake off competition, cake sale, demo's, face painting, glitter & more!!!! #Team365Motivate Please share with your family & friends - the more the merrier ☺️ If you have any questions or would like to be involved, send me an email : Lucy@365Motivate.co.uk

Had a much needed long distance conversation with a friend. Too often- the need to be perfect starts taking residence in my head. This is just not healthy. It’s PERFECTly ok to have flaws. I’m proud of the journey I’m on and have learned valuable tools along the way.
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Transformation Tuesday! Both of my Crossfit/ Bikini girls made an amazing Transformation and competed this past Saturday in the @inbfla Bikini/ Figure Comp!! They both belong to my CrossFit box @crossfitdescendants & it clearly Shows how amazing Crossfit helps the Bikini/ Figure Athlete. I know how much my body has transformed incorporating Crossfit into my programming... If any of you want to have a program that incorporates Crossfit and conventional Gym please contact me Or go to my website that’s on my profile.I have an amazing program that bridges the two together! Both Sammy and Raquel loved the program and said it was very easy to use & affordable! Congratulations again ladies!You both worked so hard To get to this level fitness! #mamacarolproud #inbfla #inbfbikini #bikiniprep #crossfitbikinicompetitor #crossfitfiguregirl #inbffigurecompetitor #inbfbikinipro #transformbyfood #transformationjourney #transformbyfoodchangemylife #bridgingthegapbetweencrossfitandgym

A #nsv that most regular size people take for granted, buying cheapo clothes at random places like the 99c store. These L/XL active wear shorts were 2.99 at the dollar store (yeah half their products are no longer 99c, but an "amazing value" price 😑). Couple weeks ago I was able to trade a freebie shirt with my bestie, for a water bottle, that we got an an event we were at. It was a XL. It's purple ( my fave color) and it too fits me perfectly comfortable. Just loose enough to be comfy for sleeping. Pretty much my entire life I have been too big for things like that, they weren't even close to fitting me. I think #nonscalevictories like these are extra special to people like me, who have struggled with obesity since childhood. A weightloss journey is a different experience when you are someone who put on a little, or a lot, of extra weight during college or from having kids. For people like me it's a whole new world we never got to experience. I wish that every person who has struggled with weight their whole life could find it in themselves to start winning the battle. I hope that I can make a difference for even just a handful of people, by sharing my journey. It gives me joy to see other people celebrating victories like these.
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Sometimes it’s still really hard for me to accept that I was the girl on the left, only because I know the hell she was going through, and how desperate she was to fix her situation. 😭
#TransformationTuesday this week is brought to you by the girl who missed the annual event last year that she’s headed to this week 💕
Shift Shop, the program that got me back on my feet and gave me my life back, was released at summit last year - and while I missed the event, I refused not to follow the fire inside my belly that said “do this. It’s going to change EVERYTHING.”
✨ 30 lbs and 11 months later - here we are ✨
I hear it all the time: “I wish I had your determination”. 😳 I didn’t wake up like this every single day for the last 11 months. There were days where I basically drug myself out of my bedroom kicking and screaming to go downstairs, lace up my shoes, and do the damn thing before my body and brain knew what we were doing.
It’s why I do what I do as a coach. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
I know what it’s like to do this alone.
I know what it’s like to feel jealous or sad because I want to look better and feel good in my clothes.
I know how it feels to wish someone would help me do this.
So I coach. 💕
If you’re like the me on the left, know this: if you trust me to help you, I will always be in your corner, cheering you on. Always. Sometimes having that support makes allllll the difference! 😘 I’m only a message away.
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