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Do it for the "holy shit, you got hot!" finally accepted all the criticism people threw at me and here i am ☺and still progressing! #Fattofit#beforeafter#empoweringwomen #Storyofmylife #photooftheday#transformation#Transformationfeed#motivation #fitnessenthusiast #Ahmedabad thanks @nikita_zaveri for this picture! Haha ❤️

There will be times when the people around you will push you down to a certain level that you'll feel burried. Eh! Ever felt that pain? That's when you are really planted. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, have faith and trust in your ownself. You can do it, you must do it, for them? No! For your ownself, to make yourself believe that you, you are capable of every effin thing in this world. Make yourself proud. You're a whole by yourself, you're a masterpiece. Investment in your ownself, is the best investment. You're worthy. Always to remember, 'they want to see you do good, but never better than them'. At the end of the day, people gonna judge you anyway so let's be us? A MINOR FALL, THEN A MAJOR LIFT. To my journey from XXL to S. #LongWayToGo #Liftlife #Transformationfeed #ProudofMe #gymbunny

2 years later we're still single, we made it still. #TransformationFeed #my600lblife #NoSecurity @umer643

We love this #transformationfeed from @tintsmakeuppro ❤❤❤Peep the @blotbeautycosmetics Brow cream at work.We love💋💋💋💋

#transformationtuesday - ich mache ihn auch mal mit ! Habe eben beim Durchsuchen meines Laptops dieses Bild von 2011 gefunden und nur gedacht 'krass wie man sich verändern kann' oder was sagt ihr ?! Ich denke ich kann schon zufrieden sein, zumindest mehr als damals 😂 die Qualität beider Fotos sind jetzt nicht gerade die Besten aber man sieht schon einen Unterschied! Wie konnte ich damals nur so rumlaufen geschweigedenn mich wohlfühlen 🙄🙄 naja nun bin ich auf dem richtigen Weg 💪🏼💁🏼 immer weiter machen und nie aufgeben meine Lieben ♥️ Schönen Dienstag euch allen 🤗😘 #transformation #transformationfeed #post #goals #fitness #diet #bodytransformation #girlwholift #fitness #fitfam #followmyjourney #journey #zeitfürveränderung #me #myself #proud #oldtimes #oldmenewme #newme #stolzwieoskar #instagood #instadaily #t4l #l4l #love #happy

When you turn Vegan 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 before and after of my handsome curly head boy! I just had to share! He's grown so much! #transformationfeed


Eiomma, You are #gold. I bless God for what God has used you to achieve in my life. I might not be the world's best.. Yet but I know with you and God backing me up, I can get there. God bless you and keep you Ma. I promise, I'll get there for you. Tee.Waks will definitely make it for you. #transformationfeed #love #you #mom #bossbabe #my #light

Do it for the "holy shit, you got hot!" finally accepted all the criticism people threw at me and here i am ☺and still progressing! #Fattofit#beforeafter#empoweringwomen #Storyofmylife #photooftheday#transformation#Transformationfeed#motivation #fitnessenthusiast #Ahmedabad thanks @nikita_zaveri for this picture! Haha ❤️

Still can't get over this transformation! This right here is proof that brows are everything. They help shape your face. They make you look more "put together" even without makeup. They can make your eyes look wider, brighter, and lifted. Schedule your appointment before the end of this month to get a smokin deal on a new you at browsbylara.com

Today's makeup for pretty @amerinetabita 😍😍❤✨✨ slide to see before and after ⚫

👉for bookings contact:
Whatsapp: +628165431407 | Line: 407reginaa

See other makeup looks done by me #MakeupbytheReginaJ

Transformation Tuesday!!! The picture on the right was from about 3 years ago and the left is this morning. 💪
This is the picture that gave me the wake up call to take action and change my lifestyle! I started doing BBG by @Kayla_itsines, running, bouldering and eating paleo/low carb high fat.
Since then I have completed the BBG program, run the london marathon, learnt to climb and taken on a whole new lease for life!
I'll be doing a nutrition course in September and a personal training course from October to December with @ldn_muscle.
There isn't a quick fix to changing your body, it's a slow and steady progression towards something you want. It's about changing your intentions and really investing time in yourself. 🦄💜🌈

Nice quick and easy dinner last night... mustard meatballs (I hate mustard, but these were great). With some sweet potato and broccoli. With 34g of protein these will keep you filled up so you can forget about cravings. Want the recipe for this super quick and easy meal that fits in with your taste buds and your goals? If we get 10 likes we'll share up the recipe for you to try these yourself. #dietwins #nutrition #easymeals #weightloss #transformationfeed #highprotein #meatballs #nextlevelrecipes

Article coming to you soon: |WHY I HUSTLE WITH HEART AND PASSION |

My intuition was really communicating with me on this one so I know you'll like it!

Stay tuned.

Transformation Video Coming Soon! Left Picture 13 years old 129 lbs/58.5 Kgs and Right Picture 15 years old 167 lbs/ 75.7 Kgs. When I first started training i neglected my legs and back. Through injuries and setbacks I learned how to train properly using compound movements and i learned how to eat right and eat enough.

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