Two different women in Many ways yet Same Passion and discipline. Back then Totally obsessed with Food and exercise. Back then dealing with eating disorders. Back then around 15 lbs. less. Back then totally emerged into the fitness world that I would not go out or enjoy Family or friends Time to the Fullest. It took me a long time to to find the so much called balance when in reality all I had to do was find my real self and not some social media model I thought I had to be. I can say Today I am Happier. I feel the healthiest I have ever felt. I am in total balance and peace mind, body and soul. If you are going thru something similar I am here to tell you there is a way and You will find it! 💜 YOU MATTER. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE LOVED.
#transformationtuesday •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Dos mujeres totalmente diferentes en mil cosas pero con la misma pasión y disciplina. En ese tiempo super obsesionada con la comida y el ejercicio. Problamente como unas 15 lbs menos. No salia ni disfrutaba de mi familia y amigos como debia ser. Me llevo mucho tiempo encontrar ese tan querido balance cuando en realidad lo unico que debia hacer era encontrarme a mi misma. Y no seguir un modelo de lo que las redes sociales pedian. Hoy puedo decir que soy plenamente feliz. Me siento mas saludable que nunca. Estoy en balance total con mi cuerpo, mente y alma. Si tu estas pasando por algo similar estoy aqui para decirte que hay una manera y que la vas a encontrar 💜 POR QUE VALES. POR QUE ERES SUFICIENTE. POR QUE ERES AMAD@.

The table is complete! It’s a beautiful oak table finished in dark walnut stain on the top and deep ocean on the bottom. Distressed and glazed. Custom order. Not for sale. #suzyqscreations #rethunkjunkbylaura #customorder #deepoceanismyfavoritecolorrightnow #transformationcomplete

YOU GUYS! Look at this #smilemakeover my hubby @docb_studiobsmiles
Did! He does #virtualsmileconsults too so if you've been thinking about giving yourself a brighter smile you should do it!! If you click the link in my bio there's a link straight to send in your pictures!! Let me know if you do it and tell them I referred you!! 💋

#Repost @docb_studiobsmiles (@get_repost)
Transformation Tuesday!! This beautiful patient came to us when it was time to freshen up her smile. She traded in her old, yellow veneers for new brighter, more feminine veneers! Click the link in our bio to see what we can do for you. You can complete a virtual smile consult from the comfort of your own home with your phone! #studiobsmiles #transformationtuesday #transformationcomplete #veneers #smilemakeover #healthysmile #scottsdale #scottsdalesmile #beforeandafter #smilevirtualconsult

Look at what I did!!! I graduated Next Level Trainings VIP6 - Philadelphia!!!! ❤️💎🔥4️⃣💯👩🏻‍🎓🎓👑🌟🎤🎆WE are the Game Changers! #transformationcomplete #hellyes #all4love #standfortransformation

Look what emerged just as I was going to do barn chores! Its wings are tiny and its body is big. I took a video of it coming out but it's 9 minutes long. #monarchbutterfly #transformationcomplete #metamorphosis #timetoflytomexico

I missed my second butterfly emerging. It happened last night. I have one last chrysalis hanging and it's close. You can see the wing pattern inside the chrysalis. I have to go do barn chores. Hopefully it will wait until I get back home. Fingers crossed! #monarchbutterfly #monarch #chrysalis #readyforthebigmigration #waitformetocomehome #transformationcomplete

You can’t really see the hair, but I diluted some shocking blue manic panic with conditioner and let it sit on top of the silvery blue and now it’s like a light denim colour. Love it. #transformationcomplete

Ortho patient Manuel started his treatment in 2015, completed in 2018😁🎉 Another successful ortho treatment completed. We're super happy for Manuel 👍😀 #lasvegasorthodontist #lvortho #braces #beforeafter #smilemakeover #transformationcomplete

Wow #transformationcomplete 🐛🐛🐛🦋🦋🦋

You Didn't Think I Was Going To Keep That Good Girl Look Did Ya ?😜 #sillywabbit #SEXKITTEN #transformationcomplete #inches #ombrehair

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