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Transformation gala entry 2018
Trained by It’s Personal Transformation Specialists “I shopped till I dropped - into It’s Personal Transformation”
I’m a busy 45-year-old mum of 6 kids (4 of my own) and my weight has really fluctuated since my teens.
I was never considered obese; it wasn’t so much the scales I was worried about, it was more how I looked and felt. A lot of the times I just felt ‘blah’ and not comfortable in my own skin, which made me grumpy and annoyed with myself.
I was always looking for ways to gain control of my body and I really wanted a better understanding of how to fuel my body. I tried it all – shakes, juices, points, calorie restriction – you name it I tried it!
My kids range from 6 to 22 years old. During those years my body changed; and my body tone dropped down. After my 3rd pregnancy in my late 20’s, I was again looking for something to help me lose the weight I’d gained. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 20 kilos in 6 months. I became interested in karate and started to do that 3-5 times per week. That was the first time in my life I became committed and passionate about exercise/sport. Despite being very active and keeping track of my points, my weight started to creep up after a couple of years.
In my late 30’s I fell pregnant with my 4th child, gaining 18kgs and once again I was on a mission to lose my ‘baby fat’. Again I turned to Weight Watchers and this time Zumba Fitness (which I fell in love with back in 2010). After losing my weight within 6 months I became a Weight Watchers Coach to motivate and help others. Despite it all, my body wasn’t changing, I needed to do something differently and doing weight training and the nutrition course at it’s Personal was the game changer! I realised I was fighting battles that I really had no control over and to gain control and get results I needed to change! Now, with the right structure in place I can see real results and I can have confidence that my goal to be in a body building Como one day is within reach 💪

I remember wishing I could get my body back in shape to make HIM miss me. Once I decided to forget him and work on treating myself better I got more than I could imagine. The best part about it is I don’t even care about HIM anymore. I wish him the best and I hardly think about him. I don’t hate him anymore for stringing me on and choosing someone prettier numerous times, dropping my heart like a bag of bricks. I don’t blame him for where I was anymore. I put myself there and I got myself out. Now that I respect myself, I’m respected in return. Others treat you the way you treat yourself. If you want others to treat you better evaluate how you treat yourself first. #transform #transformationchallenge

T H A N K F U L for making a decision to invest in myself.

Before I started this, I had all the questions/ excuses :
• “I don’t have the money”
• “I don’t have the time”
• “Would this even work?”
• “I’ll wait until this week passes and then I’ll start next week / next month / after the holidays”
• “Not one of my family members or friends would ever do this with me”
• “This isn’t a forever thing- all the weight will come back anyway”

You see, the day I committed to this system was the day I said Y E S for ME. I had run out of excuses. I felt burnt out, heavy, and sick of comparing myself to others I saw in social media.

When you look past all of those excuses / objections above, that is when you start to put yourself first. Stop your bad habits, learn about positive ones one day at a time, and start SOMEWHERE.

👉🏻 if you need a change and want to be a better version of YOU, let’s chat. We’ve got big things happening this Friday at @yourbest.you - I can’t wait to share with you!!!📬

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Feeling full from all the food I’ve been eating lol. I ended my cut about a week ago so now it’s time to put on some quality muscle. Bulking takes a lot of patience and consistency. You aren’t going to see glamorous transformations in a few weeks or even months. It’s one of those phases where you just have to go through the trenches and know that it will all be worth it next time around when you start cutting down the bodyfat and have that added muscle tissue to your frame.
I’m also going to have another Transformation Challenge for New Years, I will post more details about it next week and throughout December. Very LIMITED spots available so once they’re filled, they’re filled ❌
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Today marks 6 months post op.😅
I am so thankful for my recovery to go as smoothly as it did, however the pain and healing process was insanely detrimental to my well being. I couldn’t do anything on my own. I could hardly walk. I was slipping into a spiral of depression (thank god it was summer) I was out of work for 2 months, & couldn’t exercise at all because I couldn’t engage my core.
That is my outlet in life and I was unable to do that, at the time I mentally needed it the most! Of course I was napping about 5 times a day as my body was trying to heal and here I am wanting to go squat and throw some weight around 😂 So unrealistic! So I dove into personal development & holy shit LIFE CHANGING!!!! Pick up a book or listen on audible you will thank me!🙂 This time in my life made me realize something; life is too short to live a miserable life, only you can change that. So I made a promise to myself that once I was cleared to start working out 💪🏽again I was going to go at it 110% and become the best version of myself I can be. 💯

Knowing where I am today; mentally and physically is a 360 from where I was & I am so proud of myself!!! All it took was believing in myself to get my life back and stop living in a fog!
I am so thankful for my health and mental state. I have worked hard to get to where I am and for that I am forever thankful!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?!💕

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Fierce Fiery Red transformation🔥

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Not many people will understand...
What I’ve been through growing up and the process that it took to get to where I am today. It was simply discipline and consistency.
Let me tell you how I started.. When I began my fitness journey, all I did was simply took out junk food, soda pop, and resort to more whole foods and water 👉🏼 which automatically by default puts me in a CALORIC DEFICIT. On top of that, I started doing 30-1 hour cardio 3-4x a week, as well as breakdancing consistently 4x a week at the time which furthers my deficit.
The whole point of this is, you gotta start somewhere. Im a big advocate of asking people. So what I did was ASKing others for weight loss tips, do some research and googling, and use common sense what I intuitively think I shouldn’t be eating, and rely on being consistent and trusting the process so that everything is gonna fall into place. It happened.
I was just an overweight fat kid who enjoys eating, video gaming, and making friends...Sharing my progress and my passion for fitness is something I always wanted to do. What puts a smile on my face is making an impact and empowering others so that they can make a difference in their lives. Because I was once there!! Believe me. Hope this resonates with y’all, and those that need help in weight loss. -
If you know anyone who is struggling in weight loss SHARE this post to them, or TAG them in the comments. 🙏🏼

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