****ATTENTION READ ALL, THIS IS LIFE CHANGING**** #Fear #suicide #liberation #suffering #poverty #crisis #emergency #hatred #terror #pain #lust #tragedy #quitingsmoking #trama #rage #wrath #hurt #death #killing #lies #phobia #chronicillness #government #melanin #murder #jail #hell
I let all of these things subside. ⠀

I let all which doesn't serve my most positive outcomes dissolve

I let words of inspiration enter my heart

I let those who love me, love me

I let you know I feel equal to you, if not greater, and also open to listen for what is greater then my own trials

I let my personal background become my enriching foundation, this increases my overflow of wealth

I let sensations become goals instead of escapism(s)

I let myself remember the power in communicating to inner and outer selves

I let those who play be understood so that I become their friend instead of scorn bringing

I let my love for health be acknowledge as an optimal primal reflex of my evolution ⠀
I let relationships and friendships evolve organically

I let personal intricacies be a stepping stone to my ultimate self

I let wounds be healed

I let the use of another become a fortunate act which I repay with the use of myself

I let hummanity know it is a bliss to have friends

I let what is the end of one thing in my live become the beginning it is meant to be.

#ExtraOficial | #Canal1 y #FOXTelecolombia preparan coproducción de #serie, cuya #trama es similar a la de la popular serie #PandillaGuerraYPaz, pero en esta ocasión la historia se centrará más en la #realidad #social desde el punto de vista de la #pobreza y no de la #violencia.

Here is my First-Aid Kit that I've put together, Everything you see is set up to where anyone can use it. The items have been mixed around from other kits for quick access from boo boos to trama that I myself am comfortable with
Outside the Bag
- 1 electrical tape - 1 hand sanitizer
- 2 CPR Masks
- 4 three ft long Paracord (not pictured)
- 1 pen
- 2 chem lights
- PT belt (because i gotta stay safe)
- Poncho
- Flashlight
Inside the Bag
Cleaner kit
- Quick Clean wipes
- Antiseptic wipes
- Alcohol and provdione prep pads
- Non latex gloves
- Latex gloves (extra)
- Pack of tissues
Boo-Boo Kit (Standard First-Aid)
- Bandages (different types)
- Q tips
- Tissues
- Anti-itch cream
- Burn Cream
- Insect Repellent - Insect sting relief
- Antibiotic ointment
- Adhesive Gauze pads (small)
Trama Kit
- 1 Tourniquet (TQ)
- 2 improvised TQ (a bad tq on now is better than a good one later -emt)
- 3 adhesive Gauze pads (medium)
- 2 inch gauze rolls
- First Aid Tape
- 1 sewing kit (because you never know)
- Trama Scissors
- Pen Light
- Twizzers
#trama #firstaid #tacticool #cprcertified
First Aid Kit (Trama)
First Aid Kit (Boo Boo)
CPR Mask

Afuera de la Expo Trama de mi tía @pilar.correa.amunategui en el Teatro de Zapallar , se las recomiendo mucho, está hasta final de mes.

#zapallar #exposicion #trama #art #chile #family #portrait

Mais uma do Renan com nosso tapete!! Repost from @encolhiaspessoas using @RepostRegramApp - Bang Bang! Tem um faroeste no meu tapete 🌞👢 Fui desafiado pela @phenicia_concept a criar cenas usando os seus tapetes como background. Topei e criei uma série de imagens usando apenas tapetes e a imaginação. Tem making of nos stories 🎥✨
#encolhiaspessoas #tapetesphenicia #phenicia #pheniciaconcept #juta #trama #tramado

L’immagine nello sfondo non è censurato 😉 (anche se è sfocato ma dettagli) #animeita #random #animememeita #animeecchi #animeitalia #trama #ignoranzapura

Vamos dar start ao fim de semana com um projeto exclusivo para curtir, relaxar e receber os amigos e familiares 🏖☀🏊 #projeto #areadelazer #piscina #arquitetura #engenharia #obra #trama #projetosesolucoes #limeira #casafimdesemana #arquiteta #engenheiro #lazer #fim-de-semana

Definitivamente que al usar nuestro revestimiento con aspecto de madera cambia tu entorno. Ven y conoce nuestra variedad de tonos 📍Av. Roberto Pastoriza no.224 Ens. Naco. #decor #wood #trama

Friday’s are for feelings and feeling are for White Angelica! ✨White Angelica ✨is used on an energy level to not soak up negative energy (so if you are surrounded by a negative environment you NEED this oil!) and also it helps bounce negative thoughts out so if you're dealing with PTSD or just dealing with tramatic experience past/present this oil could aid in helping as well.
Why/how you ask?! Well let's go over what's exactly in the blend to have this much power!
Its all SCIENCE! Each of the 10 oils that make up White Angelica has components that contribute to its amazing properties.

Myrrh contains sesquiterpenes, compounds that stimulate the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala, the control center for emotions and hormone release in the brain.

Bergamot is simultaneously uplifting and calming. What?? Pretty amazing right?
Sandalwood, like myrrh, is high in sesquiterpenes, and is used traditionally in yoga and meditation.

Geranium stimulates nerves and helps with release of negative memories.

Ylang Ylang aids in relaxation and restores confidence and equilibrium.

Spruce fosters a sense of balance and grounding by opening and releasing emotional blocks.

Rosewood is high in linalool, which is relaxing, empowering and uplifting. It also is grounding and strengthening.

Coriander helps stimulate creativity and meditation.

Melissa calms and balances emotions and impacts the emotional center of memories–the limbic part of the brain.

Rose, which has one of the highest frequencies among essential oils, creates balance, harmony and well-being.

Angelica helps calm emotions and bring memories back to a point prior to trauma or anger was experienced, helping with release.

White Anjelica is a one of a kind blend that creates such a peaceful and positive atmosphere. It also smells like a dream and is great for DIY perfumes!
#whiteangelica #whiteangelicaessentialoil #positivevibes #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #trama #surroundyourselfwithpositiveenergy #oillife #mentalwellness #energyhealing #positveenergy #fridayfeels

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