Last year, if you asked which part of my body I was most insecure about, I would definitely say my back. One summer I saw a picture of a girl from behind and my first thought was not the nicest and then I realized that girl was me 😂⁣

Fast forward a year, my back is definitely one of my favourite parts of my body. I was unhappy with it so I changed it 💪 ⁣

Of course, there are some things about your body that you need to accept and love ❤️ but there are some things that reflect an unhealthy lifestyle or have space for improvement. For those things, take control of yourself and make the necessary changes! ⁣

Do you have something that you used to hate but now is one your favourite things about yourself?

When no one shows up to class - you selfie 💁🏼‍♀️🤳🏼✨
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🚫 Put lots of stress in your elbows by propping your body up and locking the elbow joints ⁣
✅ Bens your elbow as much as you need to, in order to feel comfortable in the position. ⁣

🚫 Pull with your back and tense it. This will cause a strained feeling in your back. ⁣
✅ Flex your hips and knees to keep you up. ⁣

🚫 Don’t let your shoulders come up to your ears/ elevate your scapula ⁣
✅ Instead imagine pulling your shoulders back and down to retract your scapula ⁣

🚫Rest your feet on your toes⁣
✅ Let the dorsal side of your foot lay on the mat, and have your feed shoulder width apart ⁣

Comment which exercise or pose you would like to perfect your form in!

Pre-Baby Bump .. 🍼😘 #babybump #positivevibes #happyhumpday

What’s the best way to prep for leg day? Glute activation!! . Try adding clam shells with booty bands. I like to do 2 sets of 15 pre-leg day. 😅👏🏽❤️ Booty bands avail on my site while they last 🤗🤗 Go to my Bio link under “Hourglass Shaper Kits” and see all my booty band Home workout Kits #homeworkout #bootybands #positivevibes

🔅 60% of the people in the gym are probably as confused as you are. So don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of strong looking people - particularly dudes. Guys are so much luckier than girls when it comes to appearances. Since they have lower body fat than us, their muscles pop much more than ours 😢 Just recently I trained with a pretty ripped guy only to realize he was only as strong as I was and was doing most exercises with bad form. He looked way more muscular and “fit” than me but the only difference between us was his build and genetics 🤷‍♀️⁣⁣
🔅People like helping... well like feeling important. If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask someone. I can almost guarantee that they’ll help you out and you might even make a gym friend ⁣⁣
🔅Fake it till you make it. Honestly when you’re just starting to go to a gym you will feel awkward and a bit out of place. But just go with it and after a while you’ll realize you know all the gym lingo and feel like you fit in.

Today marks the completion of the 12 week program!
A little bit of background on my journey; •I started in 2013 at home with dvds, it helped me get in a groove of feeling active.
•In 2014 I joined a gym and hired a trainer for 8 weeks, he helped me get familiar with making my own workouts, my form, and using gym equipment.
•2015 I purchased the #trainwithlyzabeth 12 week program and did 2 complete rounds and then used it on and off for the next 1.5 yrs.
•2016/17 I hired a trainer again @griffindyore_andbalance_ this time to help me shorten my workouts (I was averaging 2 hrs+) and eventually to help correct form issues that were affecting my body (back pain,knee pain).
•2018 I started the #strongcurves program by Bret Contreras.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning and improving with hip thrusts. It breaks down at 3 days a week with cardio in between those days... that was an adjustment at first since I was used to going every day 5-6 times a week but my body has actually reacted much better to this setup.
This is long so I’ll sum it up with this: we all start somewhere, the 🔑 is to keep going, keep challenging yourself keep improving upon what you’ve learned, be open minded to methods as what works for one person may not work for you, and don’t be afraid of change!
Week 12/Workout C
Hip thrusts (10 reps) 215/225/275
B-stance hip thrusts (12 reps) 215
DB chest supported row 20/20/20
DB step ups 15/17.5/25
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There are three main principles that every beginner should know and practice. ⁣

1️⃣ Mastery ⁣
The concept of Mastery is basically to continue practising an exercise until you learn perfect form before you try increasing difficulty. As a beginner, focus on muscular endurance (12-15 reps) with very light weight or body weight to drill perfect form into your head until you’ve become a master! ⁣
This is sooo important, not only for injury prevention, but good form also makes an exercise much more efficient. ⁣

2️⃣ Segmentation or Integration⁣
In simple terms, segmentation is separated the different components of fitness i.e. cardio, flexibility, resistance training. Whereas integration is combining al of those in more complex movements or programs. Generally, a balanced program should include both segmentation and integration, but as a beginner, stick with segmentation until you get some more experience. ⁣

3️⃣ Knowing your environment ⁣
Entering a new gym is scary, even for experienced athletes. So I suggest that you scope out where all the machines or equipment you need are before you start your workout. TRUST me, this will save you a lot of time and embarrassment 😂You won’t go around the gym looking like a lost puppy trying to find the next machine you need while your rest period is about to run out!

Onto #week16.. each week brings something new lol... We haven’t done a lot of sharing but it’s been a pretty interesting experience so far 😊 Weeks 3-6 were easy breezy.. week 6-11 hit me like a ton of bricks!! 😳 all day nausea, fatigue and boobs doubled in size lol 😆 working out was close to impossible but I went twice a week and often threw up at the gym 🤮oops.. food aversions have been interesting... I now dislike cookies, chocolate, meat & veggies 🤨... so what’s left... bread, pickles, olives & fruit🤔... dude... it’s so weird... I force myself to still eat meat & veg as possible, lol. From week 13 - now.. it’s slowly gotten better, back at the gym, and shorter periods of nausea each day.. it’s all so interesting 🤓and of course will all be worth it ❤️.. so... after hearing the symptoms... do you think it’s gonna be a boy or a girl 💖💙😜... #16weekspregnant #boyorgirl #positivevibes

Even some of the easiest moves have some very specific form points that should be paid attention too, here are a few: ⁣

✅ As with many movements, make sure your knees track over your toes ⁣
✅ Your hips should sink below parallel to the ground to a comfortable posterior, but you should feel slight tension at your hip flexors⁣
✅ Keep your spine and neck neutral, no rounding of the back and look straight ahead. Keep your abs tight. ⁣
✅ Retract your shoulders and open your chest. No slouching! ⁣

Happy hump day everyone 😘


Those who want greatness, to be better than average, who want to achieve what few other can, have to work hella hard to get what they want. They’re the ones that are awake, grinding, while everyone else is asleep. Constantly learning new things, working on themselves, and their dreams. ⁣

Being average is ok, but are YOU ok with being average? ⁣

If you aren’t where you want to be, you can’t blame your circumstances, only yourself. Change your habits and change your LIFE. ⁣
Ask yourself:⁣
💥 Do you wake up early to work on things to get you closer to your goals if you don’t have time during the day? ⁣
💥 Did you cut out your t.v. time? ⁣
💥 Did you stop hanging out with negative people or bad influences?⁣
💥Have you made a detailed plan for how to achieve your dream? ⁣
🌪“Failing to plan is planning to fail”🌪⁣
💥Are you willing to stay in sometimes to put in work rather than party?⁣
💥 Are you actually putting in 💯% of yourself to make this possible⁉️⁣

Be honest with yourself. If you answered NO to any of these questions, here’s the answer to why you still haven’t reached your goals wether they’re gym, work, or relationship related. It’s all the same. With hard work and consistency, SUCCESS is guaranteed. Keep it up, give it your all and I promise, you will see results. 👊💪👏

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