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Lunges can be a bitch if you've got knee pain. That is, unless you try this alternative out. The first part is the reverse lunge. Stepping back instead of forward will change the force distribution through the patellar tendon and knee cap substantially. Most of your pain should be gone with this one change....but we go even further. Next step forward but don't remain upright! Lean forward into the sprinter take off position and you'll shift the force to the posterior chain (glutes and hams) instead of the knee. Now, put it all together into one smooth move and you've got the best of all worlds - safe quad loading, the addition of posterior chain loading, diminished knee pain or none at all! Start lunging again! #lunges #kneepain #legs #gymlife #trainsmart #trainhard #athleanx #teamathlean #jeffcavaliere

The only way to do great work is to love what you do 👊🏽💯
@logan_franklin back on the grind post Olympia 💪🏽 Logan trains in the Grey FreeFlecks Taperback & 3/4 Training Pants- link to shop in our bio 👌🏽
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Wave Loading for Hypertrophy (muscle building)
You can't expect to get results with 3x8, 3x10 etc forever (called straight sets). Here's a loading protocol I love to use when I'm in a hypertrophy (muscle building) phase of training. The volume is high so you may have to cut back on other exercises to accommodate this.
✅ How it's done.
You will perform 3 sets with a 90 second rest between each set. The reps will be: 7,5,3. That is Wave 1. Chose a load that is approcimately 70%, 80% and 90% of your 1RM. THEN, you will rest 3 minutes and perform another 'wave' of 7,5,3 with around 5% more weight.
So here was my Military Press protocol:
Wave 1
7 reps 55kg
5 reps 60kg
3 reps 65kg
Wave 2
7 reps 60kg
5 reps 65kg
3 reps 70kg
This protocol works well for any compound lift that you can load heavy - use for 3-6 weeks to allow for adaptation to take place. If you like this programming type post - LET ME KNOW BELOW ⬇️👊
#jackhanrahanfitness 'Smarter training. Superior results'
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Another squat video, but for a different purpose.
I call these Smith machine 1.5's. (One full rep + half a rep, back to a full rep)
The biggest issue I have with my squats and lower body training is the hyper mobility (massive arch) in my spine due to my gymnastics background. When I sit completely to the bottom of a squat I have what they call a "butt wink" -- my back rounds slightly and my pelvis tucks under. When I squat heavy, my lower back fatigues immediately and I'm sore for days 🙄🙄🙄....so annoying.

SO, today I tried extremely hard to keep it from happening, but as I fatigue you can see my technique sliding even more.
I have to keep in mind (and I'm sharing for others to follow my lead), that as much as I LOVE booty training, it is important to keep your joints, bones, and SPINE healthy. 👌🏻
Everyone has their weaknesses....mine seems to be using logic over fun 😝

Choose wisely lol 😆.
Would you do crossfit 🤔?
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🔑 3 Key Shoulder Mobility Exercises:
1️⃣ Cuban Rotations With Optional Press - 10 reps
2️⃣ Shoulder Extensions With Forward Lean - 10 reps
3️⃣ Dislocates (prone or standing) - 10 reps
Nothing has improved our shoulder mobility more than these 3 exercises. We’ve done them everyday for the last 8 months and we’ve noticed a massive difference in how our shoulders move. We’ve started adding weight to get into some deeper ranges and build greater strength/ control. Start with just a stick until you start improving your range of motion and then add weight once you feel comfortable.
Shoulder injuries are all too common. Be proactive by doing the drills in this video on a daily basis.
🎶@fossabeats - U Know

Igår blev det til 8k recovery run.
Ingen tidtagning.
Intet mål om at holde en given pace.
Ingen indlagte hill sprints.
Bare en løbe-time-out fra tilværelsen med de pauser og udstræknings-skifte-musik-pit stop, jeg havde lyst til på lige den tur.
Jeg elsker mit løb, for her har jeg et rum, hvor der ikke er noget, jeg skal. Jeg jager ikke et mål. Eller et resultat. Kun den gode følelse i kroppen. En følelse af bare at være. En følelse af, at det er mig (og ikke et træningsprogram, en udviklingsplan, chefens forventninger, kalenderaftaler eller [indsæt selv anden form for hverdagsstruktur]), der sætter tempoet. En følelse af, at jeg ikke er på vej noget sted hen. Eller at jeg nødvendigvis skal nå en bestemt distance for at kunne sige, at jeg er lykkes. En følelse af indre motivation, om man vil, hvor det er nydelsen ved aktiviteten i sig selv, der er drivkraften for at udføre den.

Day by day.
Fuel your passion.
Keep your eye on the vision.
Refuse to settle.
#sundayfunday #legday


Now that you can finally take advantage of those longer nights, get out there and make the most of it with our Kinetic Bands! If you're stuck for ideas, don't worry because we've got ya covered - every purchase comes with a user guide which has our favourite exercises along with a few other tips to help you along the way!

It seems anyone and everyone who undertakes some form of physical training in this day and age does so with the assistance of supplements in their diets.

Although their is a place for them, majority of buyers have bought into the marketing rubbish and have little understanding to what they actually offer and about the negative side affects they bring with them.

Quality and natural nutrtion can and does provide everything the human body requires to adapt to the type of training 90% of those who train require. Get the basics nailed down and you might be surprised how far you Get!

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What are your thoughts 🤔?
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SMITH MACHINE PISTOL SQUATS ...... an advanced movement in the squat family but done with correct form and the pump is insane ! Try keep the same tempo throughout the set and go light and concentrate of a good range of motion. This was my second from last exercise from my quad dominant session yesterday @nortongymwgc 💪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Gero savaitės starto! Pirmadienio jausmas 😊
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Warm up and mobility drills
This is one major routine I see being neglected by so many gym goers.
I promise you if you neglect it now it will catch up with you eventually especially as you age.
So before you start your workout make sure you have your body and mind prepared for the task ahead.
I like to do some foam rolling especially on the areas I plan to work. You don't need to spend ages 5 mins should be enough. And make sure you go slow with the roller and get into those restricted areas.
I then move onto mobility drills -
I work on my thoracic area
Shoulder drills like band Pull parts , wall slides , hangs of a bar , band dislocators and I also like to work on my pecs as they can be tight.
I activate my latts with cable pull overs. ( 3 x 15 reps with a light weight )
I then move onto range of motion drills on the neck , wrists and shoulders.

Then I will hit some warm up sets on the exercises I plan to do that day.

This is mainly for upper day 👆

Lower day -
Again I would foam roll my legs
I would then work on my hips and ankles as these are the main focus point of lower movement.
Next would be band x walks.
Banded squats and bridges.
I would again mobilise my thoracic area and shoulders but not for as long as upper day
Next phase is some movement drills -
Knee hugs
Lunge and rotate drills
Walk outs
Splits squats ( bodyweight )
Then warm up sets.
For me this lasts around 15 mins then I'm ready to exercise.
Again this is a rough guide to my warm ups.
So many easy to follow drills on YouTube or pm me and I'll go through them with you 👌

#prepare #warmup #health #mobility #movement #agbodyhealth #nutrition #followtheplan #enjoylife #enjoytheprocess #lift #gym #gymmotivation #success #strong #strength #fitness #exercise #onlinecoaching #onlineplans #mindset #mindfulness #beinthenow #believe #pushyourself #consistency #workout #trainsmart #beyou

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