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Training is getting serious and emotions are becoming real. Positive thinking for the next six weeks until the Superior 100.
#trainpositive #believeinyourself #bealittlereckless

Forgot to post this!! On a walk with @ginkgo_the_tree (husky mix), a deer followed us out of the woods and down the trail! Deer are usually Reilly's BIGGEST distraction, and ask people who have seen her run before... (@freyja_fletcher_and_peachy, @chia_evans, @kay.lutz) This is kinda big for her- being able to turn away and listen to her cues with little conflict, if any! #ThisStuffWorks #PositiveDogTraining #DogTraining #SnackLeaderNotPackLeader #trainpositive

Fun to get your name on the doors! (training room doors especially!) #dogs #trainpositive #trainthemall #doggenie

This wonderful picture is from working with DAS shelter dog Charlie today. We are working on being around other dogs off leash, especially foster mom Mary's other dog Austin. We are looking for calmness and relaxation around each other. They took a long walk together and then came in to cool off. The humans were quiet and relaxed, did not interact with the dogs and we had a little classical music playing in the background. They did fantastic, this picture is at about 15-20 mins in. We ended it about 5 mins later, when everyone was still calm and relaxed. They walked out, well Austin walked out, Charlie didn't want to leave. But they both stayed calm and no reactivity. Thanks for all the hard work everyone is doing especially Foster mom Mary! It is making such a difference! Good job everyone!!! #shelterdogsrock #calmnessandrelaxationskillsfordogs #dasnaples #luckydog #trainpositive

Yay!! Our very own clickers are here! #clickandtreat #trainpositive #pavlov #handsfulldogtraining

Our session with Starkie๐Ÿถ the Westie yesterday. Working on obedience and troubleshooting existing behavioral problems! It was fun! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ #BehaviorModification #TrainPositive #Train4Joy #westhighlandwhiteterrier

Yes. Who's with me? ๐ŸŒˆ #trainpositive

Congrats to Linda and Jax for all their hard work in basic manners. This pup has been making TONS of progress learning to be a super up and we're so pleased to be part of that process. Up up and away jax! #metropetsnatick #trainpositive #shibainu


Here at Happy Hounds And Beyond we are very family oriented. We are saddened and at a loss for what has happened today. We lost a loving family member and also a close friend early this morning. We will be traveling out of the state early next week to attend funeral services. Please keep us in your thoughts as we go through the next couple of weeks. Thank you all for your support and kindness. #happyhoundandbeyond

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you? In all of our programs we teach clients how to read and recognize important signs and body language that their dog is portraying. Follow the link below to learn more and reach out to us if you have any questions! #happyhoundsandbeyond

The view from the ponies' holiday paddock ain't too shabby... ๐Ÿ˜ the next two months are devoted to rest and recuperation for both the ponies and myself. Looking forward to spring but in the meantime enjoying these blue sky winter days.

Angus showing off his "wheel" skills at Day Play. If you aren't enrolled in one of our Day Play programs, your missing out! Call today! โ˜Ž๏ธ #happyhoundsandbeyond

Training is getting serious and emotions are becoming real. Positive thinking for the next six weeks until the Superior 100.
#trainpositive #believeinyourself #bealittlereckless

Winston and I are in Gainesville for a Rally Free seminar with Julie Flanery. He is pooped after a fantastic day of fun and learning. Only damper on the day was the world ending thunderstorm we had in the afternoon, which Winston felt was better spent in his crate than working. But he was a good boy all day!!! #hotdogs&;cheese #rallyfreestyle #trainpositive #trainyourdog #lovemydog #loveyourdog #lovethisdog #clicktreat

Part 3.
Speed changes! Plus bonus person distraction! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป the troubleshooting I did for this lasted almost exactly one minute. One minute of conscience training to remind her what I wanted and get these kinds of results for the rest of our outing at #BooksAMillion. #ProudMom

Part 2.
After troubleshooting the heel, this is what I have now! First stop is in an open area- she does well! Next stop is along a barrier, still successful. And finally I stopped in a wide aisle where she could have turned to face me- but still didn't! Good pup. Part 3 I try some speed changes! #Thepowerofpositivetraining

Part 1.

Troubleshooting some heeling in #BooksAMillion. First error (walking up in front when I stop), I tried to cue her back into position. I repeated my cue too much here. Once she got it we tried again- another error. This time she only needed cued once. NOTE: after two errors in a row, I always try to set up the third trial to be easier/more successful! So I stopped beside an end cap- this helps keep her body aligned rather than swinging her rear around to face me. She was successful and got rewarded! Next few stops, she was successful each time! Look to part 2 to see how this transfers over to no treats, and without the barriers to stop her at my side.

When Gege started training a few weeks ago she had a REALLY hard time letting go of something which was in her mouth. Even when her brain was saying "drop" her jaws just couldn't quite bring themselves to open up.
Now she has learned to love to drop even her most favorite items when asked! As a backup plan, we also trained her to reliably come when called so that even if she is distracted with something in her mouth, her family can still call her to them! (swipe left for video)
#clickertraining #lovemyjob #nocorrectionsneeded #trainpositive

Last night we went to see Chase and his family for the 8th session of their Mastering Manners Program. We are very proud of his family for all of their hard work and dedication to his success. Even their children are eager to take the lead at our sessions and it's great to see them recognize accomplishments when they train Chase. Job well done! #happyhoundsandbeyond

Meet Rofus, the dummy dog. We use him to mimic a dog standing or walking with a person for dogs who are reactive to other dogs and people. Rofus listens very well and has great manners! He holds the record for worlds longest sit-stay. ๐Ÿคฃ #happyhoundsandbeyond

#Lowes training with @ginkgo_the_tree went well the other day! These guys sharpened some loose leash walking and relaxing in weird environments while I had some PVC cut for a 2x2 weave pole set! Excited to get back into agility training soon!

Tiberius can multitask! This is his spin, down, roll over and speak all in one! Although this is super cute and fun to watch, we will be working hard on getting him to calm down, perform one trick at a time and wait for the next cue. He will be with us doing a trick dog demonstration in August at Arbor Terrace of Johns Creek assisted living center. The event is called "Dog Days of Summer". More details coming soon!! ๐ŸŒž #happyhoundsandbeyond

Olive is here and ready to learn! We will be working with him until his mom and dad come back in town. We will teach new cues, tricks and brush up on already known cues. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on Olive's stay with us! ๐Ÿถ #happyhoundsandbeyond

Happy Monday!! These two gorgeous puppies just graduated In Home Manners School and want to wish you a wonderful week ๐Ÿ˜Š #saintbernard #handsfulldogtraining #wichitadogs #ict #trainpositive #trainlocal #dogtrainerlife

We would like to give a big shout out to Heather, Dad and Stella! Stella is one of the of the 50 dogs rescued recently by Collier County DAS. Mom and Dad adopted her 2 weeks ago and started classes with us today. They had a blast and did a great job!! #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogsrock #trainpositive #trainyourdog #luckydog #stellaisacutiepie

Check out our latest blog https://musingsfromluckydogcompany.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/giving-love-what-is-important-for-our-therapy-animals-to-be-the-best-they-can-be/ #dogblogs #trainyourdog #trainpositive #luckydog #luckydogpettherapy

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