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At the @newtondogpark celebrating Bark in the Park!! Woof woof 🐶 #handsfulldogtraining #miniaussie #trainpositive

Fun to get your name on the doors! (training room doors especially!) #dogs #trainpositive #trainthemall #doggenie

Happy Group of Dogs at Urban Canine this morning! #trainpositive #trainyourdog #luckydog

Our session with Starkie🐶 the Westie yesterday. Working on obedience and troubleshooting existing behavioral problems! It was fun! 😎🤙🏼 #BehaviorModification #TrainPositive #Train4Joy #westhighlandwhiteterrier

A question we get fairly often is how we get Tanks energy out everyday to make him a happy and healthy dog.
Tank could run all day long and not be tired. That is what he was bred to do so we cannot expect him to lounge around the house and be content.
Everyday he gets a mix of mental stimulation and physical activity. Mental stimulation can be trick training, nose work, treat puzzles, and letting them sniff on walls! Loose leash walking sessions are fantastic for working their minds to slow down their pace to your speed!
Physical activities include: hikes, fetch, roller blading, four wheel chasing, flirt pole, and tug! (All of these will work your dogs mind as well 😊)
#tug #atireddogisagooddog #positivetraining #trainpositive #fetch #mentalstimulation #physicalactivity #flirtpole #llws #outletsfortank #gsd #gsdofinstagram #forcefree #forcefreegsd #dogsofbcm #dogsofbcmot #tankmonster

Ahh, what a relaxed girl after her swim training. #trainpositive #leonbergerlove


Chase is giving the side eye 👀 to all of this yucky weather we've been having. He's ready for the sun to come out so he can play with his humans outside. He enjoys playing in his front yard and exploring all of the smells. He knows his invisible boundaries and has learned the cue "get back" for when he goes too far. Bring in the sunshine! 🌞#happyhoundsandbeyond

Tiber is learning to play soccer! We started free shaping with a tennis ball during our Day Play sessions. Now he's graduated to a small soccer ball and net. His mom sent us this video last night. We were so excited and happy to see him showing off his skills to his mom and dad. He's such a smart boy and so much fun to work with! We will be working on increasing distance next. ⚽️ #happyhoundsandbeyond

A good bath and a nap for the win! Train your dog to like taking baths by using treat rewards for encouragement. Practice with them jumping in and out of the tub even when your not going to bathe them. This will show them that every time they go into the bathroom or bath tub that it's a positive thing and not always bath time. Get them comfortable, this will make bath times less stressful and less messy! #happyhoundsandbeyond

Working our Urban Canine Skills this morning. Swipe left for more... #akcurbancanine #trainpositive #trainyourdog #luckydog

WE HIT OUR GOAL OF 200 FACEBOOK PAGE LIKES!!! Starting right now, our online video training for Leash Walking Skills will be available to everyone for HALF OFF! Follow the link on our bio, watch the free preview and use code LEASHMEUP. Once purchased you will have infinite access to the video, along with a worksheet to follow along with. Share this post with friends who may be in need of some leash walking skills or purchase for yourself! This offer will last for one week only, so be sure to check it out. THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal! Here's to 100 more! 🥇🐾 #happyhoundsandbeyond

Rizzo and Olive enjoy playing and learning during their Day Play session. They both were excited to see each other and had a blast playing chase and practicing recalls. In a social setting it is important that your pup has great recall skills. It teaches them that they should check in with you when you call them and can be handy for preventing escaping the fence at a public dog park. Too many times we have seen a new person with their dog entering the public fenced in dog park and all of the dogs inside rush the gate to greet them. Practice the come cue and recall with you dog in all environments for best results! #happyhoundsandbeyond

Teaching patience to our dogs is vital! It prevents door darting, jumping on people AND keeps them SAFE! As simple as teaching them to wait until released at the door, sit for greetings and leave it when they see mushrooms. Ask us how to help your dog learn these useful skills! #happyhoundsandbeyond

Winston shared his love with the residents of Moorings Park Orchid Terrace on Friday morning and then we did a short visit at Barrington Terrace this afternoon. He is such a good boy and spreads happiness where ever he goes😉! #bcsgivelove #bcsmakegreattherapydogs #petpartnerstherapydog #petpartners #luckydogpettherapy #luckydog #trainpositive #trainyourdog

Rizzo and Atticus are on an afternoon field trip today! They've been working on generalizing behaviors in different environments with LOTS of distractions and proper greetings with strangers. #happyhoundsandbeyond

Reactive training requires much patience and consistency. Here you see Lauren and Angus practicing calm and confident behaviors while seeing a child in the distance. In the other, one of our favorite volunteers up close. He's come such a long way since we started training with him and his mom. They are always willing to put in the hard work to reach their goals. Keep up the good work Angus! #happyhoundsandbeyond

Tuuka, Crosby and Jasmine all had a great session with us today. We worked on down, leave it and leash skills. We enjoy are looking forward to our next session with them where we will address digging in their moms garden! #happyhoundsandbeyond

JAWS! Brilliant guy with a bright future! #dogsofig #dogsofinsta #trainpositive #ilovemyjob #passionisgood

Summer time brings the heat!! It's important to remember to bring the essential items for your dog to keep them from overheating while your outside walking and training. Water bowls, water, cooling matts and a good shady spot! Make sure to keep them hydrated and give them breaks as needed to keep your pup satisfied and healthy. ☀️ #happyhoundsandbeyond

Your workouts can make you or break you. Sadly I observed a very unhappy trainer this morning with her client. The trainer stood with her arms crossed the entire time and put her client on a row of machines while calling out negative statements. I was appalled and could not help but stare the trainer down in disbelief and disgust. Her client, a male was doing his best but she continued to belittle him and not engage with him or encourage him. She stood over him while looking out the window and every other direction but at him! She saw me watching and said hello to me. I said good morning and asked her how it was going and she proceeded to tell me her client took his slow pill today! Not cool! I spoke up and said he was doing a great job on the machines and that the machines scare me and I wouldn't want to be on them. I personally do not like training on machines because I like to think of our bodies as machines. I think it is important for people to engage with their mind and learn their own body mechanics. The trainer and I went through some small talk as I was leaving. I said goodbye and told her client he was doing a great job and to keep up the good work! I got a smile out of him and hope that had some #positive impact. Thank you for reading my long post. I know I am not the right trainer/instructor for everyone, just be sure to always find a trainer/instructor that truly cares about you and your workout! It should be their goal to make you not break you. #bekind #encouragement #motivate #inspire #trainpositive #tayloryourfitness

Welcome Penny and family! Penny had her first session with us last week. She's enrolled in our Home Manners Program where she will learn the foundation skills to becoming a well rounded puppy. Looking forward to our next session with her! 🐿 #happyhoundsandbeyond

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