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Runny eggys for breakfast this morning😇 Giveaway: CLOSED - announcing the winner tonight🙌🏼🎉
Just finished acupuncture and cupping with my mama💕 Feeling ~amazing~ and definitely am going to start consistently going twice a week! On my shoulders/lower back for pain and on my front side for hormones because I want to stop birth control for good and regain my period naturally🙅🏼 Definitely planning on talking about my hormonal journey in the near future😌 Happy Saturday loves!!!

"Sometimes, I just feel like giving up, then I realize I have a lot of motherf**krs to prove wrong"
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This class KICKED my a**!! There is no way I ever thought I could keep up with Marines (that obstacle course was brutal!) but it is the greatest feeling realizing that two weeks ago my body couldn't do what it just did! I'm a warrior!! @warriorfitnessbootcamp #trainlikeawarrior #bootcamp #williamsburg #fitpandanyc #sirsasana

For those willing to endure the temporary pain of discipline, anything is possible. #buiyataoo #trainlikeawarrior

I'm tired of this motivational bull shit. Do work, get results. Value your time in the gym. #trainlikeawarrior #kettlebell #flow

Easy to see, difficult to do.
Imitating the moves we see off Instagram and settling with just what we see, does not provide cues to challenge us more away from what we think we are good at.
Here is an example of this group trying to use brain and body to not panic during smooth transitions with the Steel Mace at the @paleofx
Too much thinking or concentration can backfire as well.
This group proves that these movement patterns are difficult to position and maintain structure in place, regardless if the Steel Mace weight is light... cause the impact is heavy! - @erikmelland
Onnit Academy Steel Mace Master Coach
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Last time I visited Onnit, I got to hang with one of my favorite people and coaches, Erik Esik. @erikmelland is the main man for Onnit's Steel Mace certification.
In good "knowledge exchange" spirit, we linked up a steel Mace exercise with a complimentary Animal Flow movement, the Jumping Underswitch.
While this can be a killer circuit, there are also some very cool things going on within the system. For example, the steel Mace is an external load that's being moved around the body (open chain). As the Mace moves through space, it creates a lot of rotary force that the shoulder girdle must stabilize dynamically. While the rest of the body, (from the shoulders down), is challenged with isometric anti-rotation, in order to be a stable base for the maces movement.

The Jumping Underswitch however has the entire body moving through space as a result of the hands and feet pushing against an immovable object, which is the floor (closed Chain). This challenges the entire body to stabilize dynamically as it accelerates and decelerates rotary force, both from within the system as well as from the floor.

In short

Open Chain/Loaded movement
Closed Chain/Bodyweight movement
= Load Variability *which is awesome


Bom diaaa 💕 nossa cesta de café da manha ! Suco verde, torradinha de tapioca, salada de frutas, pudim de chia, mini bolo de tapioca !

What do you get when a chicken lays an egg on top of the coop?

An egg roll...

Granola sem glúten ! 🌻 Feita com aveia, goji berry, noz pecan, mel, semente de abóbora, semente de girassol. Perfeito para colocar em cima de salada de frutas ou iogurte !

Slap a snag on the barbie tonight + if you buy a few extras, you can whack together a hearty sausage hot pot in the slow cooker tomorrow morning! The best part about sausage hot pot is it's full of good bits and dead easy to make. Perfect to make with our Pork, Pepper and Parsley Chipolatas (which are on special at the moment!) or our award winning, classic Beef Sausages.
Some suggested additions:
- Potato
- Sweet potato
- Peas
- Corn
- Zucchini - Carrot
- Onion
Chop everything into big chunks, brown the sausages and tip everything into a slow cooker with a tin of tomatoes, finely chopped garlic, a few spoonfuls of your favourite gravy mix (pre-mixed with a little boiling water to prevent any lumps) and a good seasoning of salt and pepper. Leave it to cook on low and you'll have yourself a hearty, tasty meal that makes for great lunch leftovers. Too easy!

Cesta snacks de hoje! 🌼🌷 #semglúten #semlactose Granola, mini bolo de cenoura, muffin de chcolate, chunky cookies, pasta chocolate com avelã, pasta de amendoim e pasta speculoos e florzinhas ! Bom diaaaa 💕💕💕

This has been my background on my phone for a few weeks now. It's also been the fuel to my motivation to take care of me. I have a lot to regret already this year. But I'm choosing to turn my regrets into lessons and motivation. Going to keep pushing and growing as a person physically and mentally. Because I AM worth it.
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Throwing it back this Thursday to the @tamusanantonio #alumnigolftournament last week! While my swing did improve along the coarse, I still need to work on distant. What that means to me, is more #steelmace #steelclub #onnit training. YaY!! #practiceisprogess #mixitup #trainlikeawarrior #mixfitwarrior #getonnit #mixfitsa.

BKM is gonna make you sweat!! See ya on the mats! #trainlikeawarrior

We gonna make you SWEAT! See ya on the mats! #trainlikeawarrior

Coffee + collagen = lifeSAVERS ☕️ And YES. That's frothy ICED coffee 👌🏽 I ain't gonna lie. Sucking it up, forgetting about labels and eating what makes me FEEL GOOD has been the best decision I've made in my short 26 years on earth. I eat eggs. I eat salmon. I eat yogurt. And I now take collagen (from a variety of sources: 🐮🐠🌱). And I feel better than I ever have in my life ✌🏽 And I don't have to waste time "explaining myself" when people ask if I'm vegan or why I eat some things gluten-free or avoid other things. I freaking eat for what makes me feel good. WHOLE. REAL FOOD. Still no meat tho 😜 bc it never made me feel good in the first place. Stop trying to "defend" yourself bc you shouldn't have to. Tell peeps to keep their eyes on their own plates and celebrate the variety of possibilities out there when it comes to fueling your body 🙏🏽 Would you guys be interested in how I include collagen into my AM coffee? You can tap to see what's in this particular cup #collagencrew #thirstythursday #livefreely #intuitiveeating

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