Rule number 1: never skip a Monday workout!!

Some workouts I’ll do a butt load pull ups every grip some slow↔️some fast with a big stretch and squeeze at the top and bottom👉🏽I’ll even do push ups between sets until I wanna throw up. It’s probably important to employ some sort of rep range to things but I don’t like having a ceiling when I may have 25 more reps in the tank. Once you listen to your body and learn what its truly capable of 👉🏽 start goin off of FEEL instead of overthinking some silly little number.🔢🔥#traininsaneorremainthesame #bricktopfitness

Monday is what you make it. Wake up kill it and conquer the week! #traininsaneorremainthesame #bigchangescoming #createyourownhappiness #goalchasing

"As with many things in Climbing a huge part of competing is the mental aspect. For me how I climb on the day is a lot down to how I feel mentally, which is very hard to control. I’ve been competing for the best part of 4 years now, and still don’t fully understand it. However every comp I learn something new to add for the next one! It’s important to learn from the negatives but also take praise when something’s gone right!"
Words from @climb_ben1 . Massive congratulations on his result at the European cup in Italy.
#nobetaneeded #holdbreaker .
#competitionclimbing #climbingworldwide #inspiration_photography #climbingcompetition #traininsaneorremainthesame

#motivationalmonday We can’t stress the importance of off-season training and conditioning enough!
Here’s some more of our past athletes and Sun Devils attending some great camps over the weekend. Top pics: #smith and #Velasquez with Oregon State’s DC Jim Leavitt and WR Coach Michael Johnson at the University of Redlands. Bottom pics: #wright and #soria at Washington State’s camp at the University of La Verne. #traininsaneorremainthesame #offseasongains #rebelstodevils

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