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📸 Die besten Bilder des ersten Trainingstages 💪 #bvb #borussiadortmund #Training #Trainingslager


It's ya girl!!🙋🏻 Maybe you've missed me or maybe you didn't notice my insta absence at all🙈 ouch😅 Anyway, ehmmmm.... what can I say? If you've been following for a while you probably know about my health issues. Big chance though that you didn't know the severity. That's kind of my fault
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I've been "sick" for about 12 years and since it was often not taken seriously I've learnt to hide it very well. Partially cause I didn't want to show any "weaknesses" but mostly cause people just didn't understand and their reactions were quite painfull
The past months I've been trying to share what's actually going on in my life & with my health but I guess I let some people get to me. The more comments & messages I got from people telling me to shut up & "stop complaining" the more scared I got to mention my illness
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I've been at home for months, do not workout and pretty much only leave my house for doctor/hospital visits. My energy is very low so all I managed to do was post that 1 picture + caption a day. I put all energy I had left into this account
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Writing captions got harder & harder. me talking about my health made people think I was complaining so I tried to come up with other stories💭 My captions have always been based on things happening in my life and being home alone all day isn't very interesting. By now we all know I spill my tea almost every day😂
2 weeks ago I looked at my screen, my mind was blanc, my body was tired & I just couldn't do it anymore. My doctors told me to stop my instagram months ago but I refused to do so. It felt like not only I would fail myself but also all of my wonderfull followers. I didn't want to let anyone down so I kept on fighting, not realising I was actually drowning myself instead of keeping my head up 🤷🏻‍♀️
I want to thank you all for your lovely messages and I'm very sorry if my unexplained absence worried you. Sending some love to all of you! Keep on fighting my beautiful warriors!❤
Ps. I might give you a more detailed health update soon but for now I just thought I'd let you know I haven't drowned in my spilled tea so I'm sorta okay💁🏻

If you got it flaunt it 🤷🏻‍♀️💦
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We look optimistic into the next saison. 👀 #vflwolfsburg #training #stepbystep #preseason

Essa semana pude me recordar do início da minha caminhada no mundo fitness.
Me lembrei também que sempre desejei, desde criança, um corpo atlético. Sempre achei bonita a definição muscular.
Como sempre digo, gosto cada um tem o seu, e deve ser respeitado. Não existe o corpo perfeito, mas sim o perfeito corpo, que é aquele que funciona como deveria funcionar, ou seja, um corpo saudável!
Já ouvi de algumas pessoas, que eu tenho uma genética privilegiada, e posso dizer, que para o corpo que sempre almejei ter, nunca tive essa "tal genética privilegiada". Tive sim, foi que trabalhar duro para mudar o que queria mudar, para transformar o meu corpo, no meu sonhado corpo. Ainda não está como desejo, sempre acho que pode melhorar, mas fico satisfeita de ver que estou bem perto do que sempre desejei.
Foi fácil, não? É fácil manter? Não! Preciso abrir mão de muitas coisas? Preciso! Às vezes me cansa! Cansa! Mas sempre vale a pena lutar e conquistar aquilo que desejamos! Seja em que área for.
Se eu não tivesse insistido, superado todas as vezes que fiquei desmotivada, todas as vezes em que via a transformação do meu corpo ocorrer lentamente, todas as vezes em que quis "chutar o balde", hoje, aos 43 anos, mãe de 3, não teria conseguido manter meu corpo saudável, em forma.
O que faz uma pessoa ser bem sucedida em algo, é que mesmo quando ela se sente desmotivada, ou cansada, ela continua persistindo. Porque todos, em alguns momentos da vida, desanimam. Mas só aqueles que vencem o desânimo, conquistam o que desejam!
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A smile can hide so many feelings,fear,sadness,heartbreak..... But it can also show one other thing STRENGTH 💪💪💪💪💪 #elitequeen #training #session #beautyqueen #shorthair

Being grounded will allow you to be more self aware.
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1RM DL PR at 195lbs!
That's 199% of my bodyweight! So close to hitting the 200 club!!!! 💪🏋💪 #crossfit #crossfitsalcedo #weightlifting #strength #training #womenwholift #girlswithguns #barbellsandbabes #roadto200

Se le llama "agustez" después de la paliza.

Body combat 50' + funcional de 50' + carrera suave de 15 ' y estiramientos durante otros 25'. Necesitaba esto hoy.

Y ahora ya preparada para el finde. 🙌🙌😎 #summer #train #training #bodycombat #funcional #cardio #stepbystep #tri #trirookie #trirookiegirl #healthywoman #smile #estoyreventáperofeliz

Завершающее занятие в этом сезоне в женской группе. Прошло очень весело, как всегда. #aikido #aikidospb #aikidopiter #singitai #training #aikidowomen #айкидо #айкидоспб #сингитай #тренировка

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