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Trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the beauty of becoming... because when nothing is certain, anything is possible.
Learned a lot behind the bar today @eastweststrength —not only about technique but about mindset—you can’t learn that kind of stuff anywhere. 💪🏽🦁
I’m ready for another week of badassery in my @ironrebel gear & @granitesupplements fuel 💥
State/City Winner Announcement:
I know I said I would pick one but these two states came very close and they were Chicago Illinois & Dallas Texas! Excited to teach my seminars in those regions in 2018, will release dates soon. #EvolveNation #HebaAli #BeMore

Ledge spins for a killer grip challenge👽
www.minneninjaapp.com or link in bio for my program
DM me for my online training rates😘
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I'm ready SOUH AFRICA ...Are you?
See you in 10 days
#Repost @kellytjie (@get_repost)
This IFBB Bodybuilding PRO is gracing us with his presence in just 10 days!!
@flexatronrhoden powered by @prosupps 🔥
For real can't believe I'm on the same team as this dude, like is this even real life??? 😥😝😲😈
#blessingsonblessings 🙏
Thank you to the team 🔴⚫ for creating opportunities for us to meet these incredible athletes, also for uniting us all, Worldwide!! 🌍
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Hei boo😻

Weekend has come to an end. Let's put our best foot forward and smash this week fam! A superset from my upper body workout! 🤙

Had some fun today at the Ft. Benning Multi-Gun Championship. Shooting clays like the old days with @joelturner3 GLOCK 43. @gruntstyle @gruntstyle_outdoors @glockinc #believe


I used to always hate planks and that was because the only way I knew how to do them was for minutes on end with no weight added. Ever since adding weighted planks into my training, my other lifts, especially my squat started blowing up. .
I like doing 3 sets for 30 seconds and adding weight each workout. It is a surprisingly fairly easy exercise to progress in weight with. Give them a try! .
What do you do for your core training?

We are officially Eugene’s one stop shop for @5percentnutrition products! Follow us for updates on the rest of their stuff coming in, but as for right now we have the essentials; All Day You May aminos and Kill It preworkout! #5percenters #completenutrition #inspire #fitness #eugene #bethebestyou #oregon #supplements #localbusiness #richpiana #alldayumay #killit #workout #trainharder

How are you starting your Monday? Do you wake up and moan about how terrible Monday's are? Or realise that we are blessed with a fresh start, first working-day of the week, a time to reset, focus on goals and what you'd like to achieve. ✨
Life is all about perspective. What is trash to one, may be treasure to another. Start counting your blessings, rather than focusing on the negative aspects that are out of your control. -
Set your goals for the day, week, and month. We have just over a month until 2018 - have you achieved all that you'd like to this year? #mondayvibes #5022

When touching your toes seems damn near impossible.
Definitely hadn't put in enough training pre-trail half marathon and my body is feeling it. Lesson learned.
#stretch #trainharder #trainbetter #running #trailrunning #runner

🔥Age?... age it’s just a number!🙌🏻
#16yearsold #cantbeoutworked

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