Trail Tuesday! That’s a thing right? If not it should be! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the news, our daily life, and everything that’s wrong with the world...but one step onto a gorgeous trail and it reminds us of all that’s still RIGHT in the world! #monicagoes #trailtuesday #puremichigan #nofilter

When you hit the trail because you thought the rain was done for the day 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😬
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I’ve got them, I’ve got them. The “Nor Cal Blues.” There’s too much dirt in my blown out shoes
It’s striking we’re hiking 20+ miles a day
So many more miles since starting the 10th of May
Walking is at times a bore
My feet are swollen, my knees are sore
Mountain House gives me so much gas
I dearly long for the sunset at Muir Pass
There’s tears of joy, there’s tears of pain
afternoon coffee shots fuel my brain
I ran two miles with 30 pounds on my back
And now walking 1/4 gives me a heart attack
Clif bars can go suck a dick
It’s those sweet blackberries I’d rather pick
Sawyer squeeze you’ve nearly slowed to a dribble
Keep your food in your pack lest the critters nibble (I miss you Marmots)
But I blew up my mattress and went for a swim
To slow down and be present of the place I’m in
We cowboy camp and snuggle under the stars
Drank fancy wine from my trusty/crusty Talenti jar
Barter nightly chores for snickers and sour patch
“I’ll put up the tent if you scratch my back”
Miles and miles to the Oregon border
California’s my home, and I think we’ve grown closer
To continue or not? Where’s this ol heart at
But if I quit now, I’ll want it all back...

On our second day on the #peaksofthebalkans we wanted to cross the border from Vusanje in Montenegro to Thethi in Albania. A shepherd convinced us to stay with him in a meadow in the middle of nothing. I am glad we stayed so we were able to watch him melk 400 sheep in the evening. Also thankful for the delicious cheese we bought from him. This trail keeps surprising me!

Our first day on the #peaksofthebalkans was exhausting but also way more beautiful than I expected. People are way too nice to us, the landscape is breathtaking and the food oh so yummy. Plav-vusanje check!!!

One foot in front of the other! #trailvibes #trailrunners #hike

Heading out this morning to take a Navigation Course with @REI . I’m exited to learn how to really use a topo map and build my route finding skills! 🗺 🔍

@emmaburnet and I run together a lot but we don’t usually stay together. Today we made that commitment. I was to pace her for 34km and to try for a 6ft qualifying time. Whilst that time didn’t eventuate we changed the goals and refocused for a strong finish. Conditions were set for an already tough run (big elevation, technical trail etc) but the weather conditions made it even worse. She didn’t give up no matter how much she wanted to and especially when she knew she wasn’t going to make the time but she kept strong and kept going. Pacing someone and being a part of helping them achieve their goals is an awesome feeling. Thanks to @naasif for sharing this with us. #proudmum #traillove #trailrunners #instarunners #instapic #instamum #instafriends #runningmotivation #fitness #upcoaching #glenbrooknationalpark #34kms #trailvibes #mumdaughterlove #motherdaughterrunners #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunningaustralia #runningwild #pacingduties #achievinggoals #nonegativeshere #allpositivevibes

San Diego, you continue to impress me. //
Hiked among the giant cedars, firs, and pines today at @palomarmountainsp. Saw a deer, lizards, and woodpeckers. Experienced my first stinging nettle (ouch). Climbed up to a fire lookout. //
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75 min hike with no fussing. We are f*cking rockstars. #BreadBribes #TrailVibes

Easy run amb l’Óscar. Ahir si miraves el cel semblava mordor, però al final les condicions van ser perfectes per rodar una mica per muntanya.
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A year later and I’m stoked to reverse the roles in the picture and be the person welcoming this mountain man’s stinky butt off the trail.
Pc: the beautiful, moment capturing babe @annaclairebeasley

I don’t always smile for the camera, but when I do it’s probably because I’m on a mountain 😁 #milliegoes #flyingmillie #millieandmonicagoes #monicagoes

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. - Ernest Hemingway

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