Was at Pike's Place for an amazing photo shoot, then on my way back to the car I came upon this event and the silence was deafening.  There are few issues I feel strongly about and share them on social media.  This issue is definitely is one of them.
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Today, we did a thing. -
Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against the whole of humanity. It is time to join forces & work together to free its victims & to eradicate this crime that affects all of us, from individual families to the worldwide community. -
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Spent the morning at #walkforfreedom hosted by @a21 supported by @dressember. Two straight lines of silent women, men and children bringing awareness to modern #humantrafficking. Slavery is #notoveryet.

#Egypt is not among the main routes of human #trafficking to ,#Europe, Commander of the Egyptian Navy Ahmed Khaled said on Saturday.
Khaled stressed that Egypt has witnessed an unprecedented leap in all fields, particularly in the military domain.

TODAY is a BIG day for FREEDOM!

We’re walking across the globe to tell others that slavery still exists, and we’re not okay with it.

Every step matters. We see YOU Freedom Fighters. TOGETHER we can END IT. ❌#enditmovement #WalkForFreedom

"SHE," was a pink spirit with a blue heart...why? I'm glad you asked because SHE was lured into #humantrafficking. The statistics are showing us that we are operating like a third world country ...when we have all of the resources at our fingertips. 💙❤ #Abolishslavery #slavery #slavegirls #slavetrade #slaves #stophumantrafficking #trafficking #stopviolence

NO ONE IS FREE UNTIL WE ARE ALL FREE. Human trafficking = Slavery, and it’s happening right now.
A few facts to put it in perspective:
❌ Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime, generating $150 billion dollars per year.
❌ Over 27 million individuals are enslaved right now.
❌ Less than 1% are ever rescued.
Together, we can change these statistics.
So use your voice! Talk about it! Take action! Shine a light on this intolerable violence!!! Today, the @a21 #walkforfreedom is happening globally. Learn more at A21. ORG and join the movement to ABOLISH SLAVERY EVERYWHERE, FOREVER.

Every parent should have a few frequently asked questions that allow them to determine whether your child feels safe around the people you've allowed into their lives. They should be opened ended questions that you casually interject into conversations so they don't feel like they're being interrogated. Your response should not be to automatically defend the person being discussed, but to allow your child to express how they experience that person and give context for why they feel that way the best they can. Look for cues in their body language, facial expression and tone when they hear the person's name or speak about them. Try asking "How does grandpa make you feel?" "Is there anything about Uncle Jim's visits that you don't like?" "Tell me what you like or don't like about spending time with Pastor Smith" "Does your teacher make you feel safe?" "What do think about Susie's dad?" Children who are being sexually abused may not be able to directly tell you what is happening to them, but through casual conversation, they may give you clues that something isn't right and you can then investigate further to get to the bottom of it. Remember, these are fact finding questions and your child is only going to feel comfortable freely expressing their feelings if you give them the freedom to do so without judgment or the immediate need to change their opinion about the person. #childsexabuseawareness #stopchildsexabuse #childsexabusesurvivor #parentsofchilldsexabusesurvivor #sexualassault #endchildsexabuse #endrapeculture #childabuse #sextrafficking #atlanta #ATL #Georgia #women #girls #teens #awareness #sexcrimes #rapevictims #rape #victims #children #prevention #trafficking #survivor #tips #blogger #speaker #metoo #advocate

Embroidery 49cm x 68cm #byKanella

Thousands of women become victims of trafficking every year- same story, different victims.

Asylbyrån stöttar A21 i kampen att utrota slaveriet överallt, för alltid!✊ Många tänker på slaveri som någonting som hör forna tider till. Tyvärr är slaveri utbrett världen över även i vår tid. FN uppskattar att mellan en och fyra miljoner människor, främst kvinnor och barn, är offer för människohandel varje år och att majoriteten av dem utnyttjas sexuellt och prostitueras. Förutom prostitution och andra former av sexuellt utnyttjande utsätts många av människohandelns offer för tvångsarbete, slaveri, organhandel eller andra former av utnyttjande.

I artikel 4 i FN:s allmänna förklaring om de mänskliga rättigheterna sägs att "Ingen får hållas i slaveri eller träldom; slaveri och slavhandel i alla dess former ska vara förbjudna". Förbud mot slaveri finns också i FN:s konvention om de medborgerliga och politiska rättigheterna (art.8) samt i Europakonventionen (art.4). Utlänningslagen ger idag inte offer för människohandel någon generell rätt till uppehållstillstånd i Sverige, utan man måste argumentera för att det finns risk för förföljelse vid ett återvändande till hemlandet pga kön, att det finns risk för att utsättas för tortyr eller annan omänsklig eller förnedrande behandling eller pga synnerligen ömmande omständigheter och att det skulle strida mot internationella konventioner att utvisa personen i fråga. Vår förhoppning på kort sikt är att det i utlänningslagen ska införas tydliga möjligheter för offer för människohandel att få stanna i Sverige och på lång sikt att vårt arbete inte ska behövas pga att slaveriet upphört.
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