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For Good Luck | Photograph by Rodney Ee (@eastcoastrod)
“In Thai traditions, it is considered good luck to release a sky lantern, which symbolizes one’s problems and worries floating away,” writes Your Shot photographer Rodney Ee. “During the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand, thousands of such lanterns are released at the same time.”
“This frame is magical Rodney — a perfect use of reflection to heighten the visual experience. I love it. Thank you for explaining in your caption the tradition I am looking at. I now better understand the significance of the thousands of lanterns being released. I love the idea of thousands of peoples’ problems and worries simultaneously floating away. Well done!” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee).
This photo was published in our “Traditions Around the World” story, curated by David Y. Lee. To submit to our current assignments, including “Off the Beaten Path” curated by @natgeoexpeditions Digital Media Special Lindsay Kuczera (@linkuczera), “Ocean Encounters” curated by @natgeo Explorer and Creative Conservationist Asher Jay (@earthheiress) and “Epic” curated by @natgeo Photographer Robbie Shone (@shonephotography), go to the link in our profile. #YourShotPhotographer

We filmed some amazing luxury properties for the @HottingerTeam of @TheCorcoranGroup. Can't wait to show you more amazing views of Central Park & incredible design over on Park Avenue.
Manhattan, New York City
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Had such a wonderful time with our whole crew in #Minsk . Always awesome visiting our Grandparents, I haven't been back for the past 2 years and missed everyone very much , so many memories and good vibes ❤️ #ThankYou #Fam #Roots #Traditions #Culture #FamilyForever #Belarus #familyovereverything #love

Photos from a few days ago. Breakfast with Katol (Jack fruit) and homemade parathas. Traditional Uddin breakfast with katol.
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Encantada de poder disfrutar de este icono cultural de Michoacán: los "viejitos danzantes"


Day 1 of Packer Training Camp was today and it brings back tons of special memories for me. This was always the best time of the summer. Waking up early, standing in line with about 10 other boys (I was the only girl) and walking/talking/biking down to practice with all of the players. The players would join us for a grill out in between their two practices and we would do it all again after. The relationships that were made were something I will never forget. I knew this tradition before it was so commercialized. Before it was a money maker. As much as I hate what it's become I'm still glad kids and players get to have this experience. It's something no other team has and something that makes Green Bay so darn special. From the time I was in diapers till I'm old and grey- I plan to always attend Packer Training Camp.

Who ´s gonna be martied? Good luck & enjoy your way 🍀🥂😜🌹 #weddings #wedding #traditions #friends #family #thatsthewayilikeit #everythingisaboutexperience

We are so excited for the coming lantern festival. If you're in the area August 22, check it out! #kinosaki #sozoro #festivals #lantern #makeawish #summer #traditions

Now Available!
On my most recent adventures in Vietnam I spent most of my time discovering as much as I could about traditional Hmong Hemp Fabric and the life of the fascinating women who create it.
This particular cut of fabric was once a piece of a Vietnamese women's skirt and repurposed into a table runner and then into this bag. I purchased it from a daughter of a Hmong woman living in Hanoi. This fabric is very special as it has been owned and cherished by 3 different women and now it is time for you to give it a story and new life. .

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