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Καλημέρα😍μυρίζει Πάσχα 👌👍στο studio @fayskorda @toprwino_ant1 Σμυρναίικα κουλουράκια όνειρο. Συνταγη σε λιγο 👌👍😍 Traditional Greek Easter 🍪 best ever recipe #argirobarbarigou #argirogr #instafood #baking #traditional #recipe #cookies #home #greek #traditions #bestever #instakids #instafollow

Afternoon tea in full swing today from @labrahams19891 #foyerlife #teatime #traditions #claridges 🥂

A very happy Ugadi to all who celebrate. Today is the new year for some parts of India and among Telugus, we make this special dish called Ugadi Pachadi. It has neem flowers, raw mango, tamarind, jaggery, salt and chillies. There are several ways the significance is explained but the really short version is that these are tastes and experiences one encounters in life and the year-sweet, sour, bitter, salty, spicy, and tangy. And how one accepts them all equally 😊

1 Bachelorette & 3 in the making. 💪🏼 #girls #raven #muchlove #traditions #semesternumberfive #done


After the girls and I made spaghetti bread we decided to use my well worn #goodhousekeeping cookbook circa 1973 to make banana bread 😍 This is the cookbook my mother always used when we were growing up and now Sissa and I both have copies because it's the best!! #memoriesforlife #traditions

Last month Travis turned the big One-One and we reserved his 11 year old pictures for our trip to St. Lucia. It's a yearly tradition for our family and I'm excited to explore and capture more birthday pics around this beautiful island. #birthdayboy #birthdayportraits #traditions

Can't wait to see my little niece Mirabelle for Passover. We won't be eating delicious Mexican food but you can have as many bitter herbs dipped in salt water (tears) as your little ❤️desires. This is Mira and her best friend on what looks like the best tiny friend date ever! #Food #Family #Friendship #Traditions #DasIt #serenade #rosablanca #yosoyrosablanca @vanessa1342

Took this cutie to see the Easter Bunny today! 🐰
#theeasterbunny #hewassoexcited

Dreaming of May 1st at @shamrockbay #GreatBlueResorts

Did you know? Bridal veils were originally worn by brides in the Greek and Roman times to ward off evil spirits and demons. In those times brides were dressed in brightly colored fabrics and the veil hid her face from her future husband, especially important in arranged marriages. It also kept her from seeing well, and that is why her father walked her down the isle. Eventually the meaning changed and the veil became a symbol modesty and obedience. Today more often then not is worn out of tradition and as a pretty accessory.

Dreaming of May 1st @shamrockbay #GreatBlueResorts

Tuzluk & Karabiberlik 🍇

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