Welcome to Dr Samba Likagwa from #Malawi. We help with various problems such as..., ... sugar (I think meaning diabetes),... and many more. The translation has stymied me. I will be back with an edit after further consultations. It’s weird, but I have observed many signs/posters for #TraditionalHealers that specify the “Doctor” is from Malawi. It seems to be a selling point for authenticity or quality. Also seen at Munali Roundabout. #Zambia #SignsAndWonders #FunnySigns #TraditionalMedicine *ahem * #Witchdoctor

In 2006, American former athlete Mike Borre spent a month in the Kingdom of Bhutan to visit seven different healers, each of whom provided their own traditional treatment processes and techniques. Mike suffered from young-onset Parkinson’s disease and, although only 45 years old, he had already endured the condition for 13 years when he made these healing visits.When he left, his mind was clear and palsy had subsided.

Joseph Houseal details Mike’s healing encounters in a short series on Buddhistdoor Global. The article below is the fouth account in which Mike meets Pawo Dorji, an indigenous healer from Bhutan’s Bumthang Valley, a man known as an oracle, whom some might designate a Bon oracle. The villagers of Bumthang, however, were specific in that what he did was not Buddhist, but something older, and that he was marked from a very young age. Read more: buddhistdoor.net (link in profile)

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“Orientation to traditional healers on Maternal and Child Health' program has been organised at Lwanghalel on 7 July 2018 to 18 dhami's and jhankri's (traditional healers) of Madi Rural Municipality of #Kaski district. 
The orientation program has been technically and financially supported by #GNINepal in coordination with Naulo Ghumti Nepal with the objective to provide basic knowledge on maternal health and encourage the mothers to visit the health post regarding maternal and child health issues.

Although it is well known that role of traditional healers holding ‘immense influence’ with a major impact on their local communities, any change in health-seeking behavioral change can be immensely impactful, addressing the maternal and child health care issues through continuous orientation and session to Traditional Healers is bound to have a positive change at large in the communities.

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NAIDOC week2018. “Because of her we CAN”
Location:#universityofmelbourne , Victoria, Australia

‘The spirit is in a relationship with the body. They are friends, they are together.’ -

Wishing we were far more connected to this traditional wisdom than we are
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REPOST @tponepal: Dr. Tony V Pham, MD, @dukeghi gave a presentation on "Exploring the role of Nepali #traditionalhealers on #mentalwellbeing" at TPO Nepal today. What an interesting study! (Tony is one of our #DukeMScGH students & a #GlobalHealth psychiatry resident with the Hubert-Yeargan Center for Global Health, based at #DGHI. And TPO Nepal is one of our amazing partners!) #DukeIsEverywhere #BlueDevilsInTheField #MentalHealth

Two #Mpondo / #Xhosa #Sangomas / #Traditionalhealers. "Dada" on the right was my teacher and adopted father and a true Leopard of a man. Full of humour, mischief and compassion, with an aura of otherworldly power, (or was that a smoke cloud of Transkei ganja hehe). A great and still very real character. Circa 2004

"8888: Will to thrive " ( 2011 DTTM)
Born at 7 months, One knows well how far our WiLL will take us. Less time within the Waters of Nuun allows for the veil between worlds to be thinner.
Perfect gateway.
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J U N E | this was probably my most anticipated book for book club, i couldn't wait to get to it!! It has such a special feel about it- some of the ladies even got goosebumps when i handed them out 😍 My weekend starts today, so this is where i will be for the next couple of hours! ☕📖 #garrandarangbookclub #aboriginal #aboriginalbookclub #traditionalhealers #ngangkari #book #therapy #bookclub #literature #Indigenous #australia

Me & Kim with the Ngangkere (Traditional Aboriginal Healers). Akeyulerre is a place that allows and supports Arrernte people to enjoy, strengthen and celebrate their cultural and social life, whilst creating economic opportunities from cultural knowledge practices.
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No mud, no lotus. 🌸

This is a Buddhist saying that points out in a powerful way, that in order to grow and gain wisdom and become the most beautiful of beings, you must first have the 'mud' : the obstacles in life, the pain, and the suffering.
The lotus is the most beautiful flower but it only grows in mud. We need the mud in order to make the lotus.
Life is not meant to be perfect, there is always hardship and challenge. We can't control what happens to us in life but we CAN control what we do with the experience and how we react to it. If we consider this our training ground, we use our own sufferings to forge our spirit and our wisdom and we can transform our pain into something more valuable than gold. 📷 calligraphy by Tich Nhat Hanh
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Troy Greene, originally from Six Nations, Ontario, began his gift at the age of 16. Since then, he has worked extensively throughout Ontario with various organizations. Honoured #TraditionalHealers use traditional #Indigenous approaches to bring about wellness for individuals and/or groups with mental, physical, spiritual and emotional holistic healing needs.
Contact Brian George, Indigenous Cultural Program Coordinator
705.527.4154 x204 to book an appointment with him today.

Hey 👋 friends!

I'm Claire! I'm an acupuncturist, am into health in a BIG way, I love the Sunshine, being outside, adventures, cooking delicious nutritious food and the ocean. Above all I want to grow, to be the best person I can be & to experience medicine, freedom, love and wisdom running through my being.
I set up this Instagram page because it brings me joy to share. It's not the most slick page on the block, but I hope somewhere here you will find inspiration.

I believe that being human is precious. As a human, we have the opportunity to learn, grow, connect with a deeper side of ourselves & others, help others and have a whole load of shits and giggles along the way. With the right mindset even the darkest of times can be used to forge gold.

life is so precious that it should be safeguarded. Because Life is easier and wayyyy more fun if we have good physical, emotional and mental health, right? If you are searching for happiness and fulfilment: health (in its biggest sense) is the very best foundation from which to begin.
This is why the role of a physician or traditional doctor is not only to treat their patients, but to help educate, empower and pass down wise information to others so that they can be the caretaker of their own lives.

The role of traditional medicine is to help people to be healthy on all levels: because well balanced, wise, spiritually healthy people that can think clearly and act in accordance with their true nature will be a benefit to all.

I have had the fortune of having some amazing people in my life, that have supported and guided me towards harmony and the path of good medicine. Through my own process I have come to realise that good medicine is so much more then a good diet, or the right herb or vitamin.
Although it is hard to communicate well and effectively via words (let alone IG) the deep wisdom of traditional medicine - without being reductive and prescriptive (which I really don't want to do) I hope that this page will give you some insights into practices that will be helpful for YOU and I hope some of it will inspire you to learn more and discover your own path towards balance, health and happiness.

The Ngankari are the traditional healers of the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Lands, encompassing 350,000 square kilometres of the remote western desert in Australia. For thousands of years the Ngangkari have nurtured the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their people.
To increase understanding and encourage collaboration with mainstream health services and wider community, the ngangkari are sharing some of their ancient knowledge and wisdoms, as well as forging partnerships with health professionals and practitioners of western medicine here in Australia.
This picture is shared with permission from @npywc_ngangkari who are making movies in Docker river. This is Roy Yaltjanki making Alpiri (which is similar to morning news and community speeches). The series will appear on ICTV soon.
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