It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Mum leading to the stars.
Leading trad takes time, patience and practice and bit by bit Judith is learning the ropework, the gear placement and how to decide the best thing to do.
There is a lot to take in for anyone, but for a 69year old with two years climbing experience, there's no fear of the dark, there's just a need to go nice and steady.

Here she is at The Staircase at Windgather, with the stars watching over 😊

Great Sunday last week at Craig Y Tonnau leading some VDiffs on a that looked scary, but was a juicy jugfest with great gear!

This is mum seconding Central Crack - note the fingerless gloves!

Thanks again to Tim Fletcher, Rob & Isabelle for the wonderful weekend 😊😊

Just some strong badass women for your daily inspiration 💪💪

“È notte da un pezzo, ma lei non ci pensa, lo aspetta vicino a quel fuoco,
Le vecchie leggende ti parlano al cuore, anche questo fa parte del gioco
Per tutta la vita fedele potrai restare accanto a quell'uomo che un giorno vedrai
C'è ancora la neve ai bordi del prato, sui rami ai confini del bosco
Anche il falco è tornato e con lui la fine del suo viaggio,
Quell'uomo fedele di spada e d'amore più forte del coraggio
Lo accogli con fare da vera regina sui biondi capelli d'incanto si scioglie la brina!„. .
#vintage #30sfashion#30s #photooftheday #delicate #girly #hats #feminine #tradgirls

Mum leading her second or third ever Trad route at Windgather last week. She is 69 and has been climbing for 2 years.

Tip toeing my way toward fall break... I can almost taste the freedom.
PC @themelta

Last weekend was Justin’s last days in der Schweiz, so we spent it at the Salbit Hut surrounded by walls of alpine granite. The quality of climbing is amazing and Salbitschijen is way bigger than it looks! #salbithütte #salbitschijen #alpinesportclimbing #alpinebabes #swissalpine #swissalpinehuts #alpinegranite #tradisrad #ladiesonlead #tradgirls #swissalps🇨🇭

This is mum on her first ever Trad rock climb. It's also dark.

The Climbing Clan recently did a trip to Windgather to try to teach and level up leading skills. Rather than be put off by fading daylight, on went the head torches and Judith got in her first ever Trad lead in the dark.

She may be 69, she may have grandchildren, she may have learnt to climb two years ago, but Trad is well within her reach.

I go on a lot of adventures. Sometimes it feels like an adventure to walk down the street and get my coffee depending on the traffic and temperature. Other times I plan weeks in advance to intentionally put myself in a position where I'm on the edge, fighting my physical limits and testing my mental endurance for hours, and hours, and hours... and then more hours. I crave that semi-masochistic hurt so good sort of feeling. AKA two weekends ago swinging leads on the classic Direct Becky rout on the Elephant's Perch. Thank goodness I have people in my life to share the full spectrum of adventures with!

Climbing at Chudleigh experience involves:
⏺️Polished polished limestone
⏺️Woodland views towards Haytor
⏺️Great conversation with the most southerly Climbing Clan Rebecca

I seconded Barn Owl Crack (HVD) and lead the second pitch of Green Mantle (Diff) - pictured here.

School starts next week which means today is my last Monday at my job! That means instead of saying “...back in the office after an epic weekend” I’ll be saying “...back in class after an epic weekend” very different I know.
But for tradition’s sake I’ll just say, I wish I was back in Squamish instead of staring at my computer today!
Thanks to @jessicatttttttttt for snapping this pic of me on my onsight of Seasoned in the Sun 💕

This is Rebecca seconding an outdoor climb for about the third time last week.

What you can't see here is that Rebecca isn't a fan of overhangs, but has just pushed her way out of a chimney like it was an overhang, and is legitimately pleased with the result. 😊

I love Climbing Clan evenings on on rock - I think this is Chockstone Chimney (Diff) at Windgather.

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