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Kalye Serye Divas!

Three is a crowd 😊😊😊

Tidora is the youngest and the most charming among the three sisters. She is an Opera singer who loves anything but music. She knows how to play the piano, guitar and her favorite the Harp. Tidora's suitors are all over the place but her secret love is Bernardo, her body guard.

Tinidora was born next to Nidora. She is the exact opposite of her . She is bold, liberal and adventurous. She love's her dresses short and skimpy, she easily falls in love with men but gets her heart broken most of the time. She loves to challenge the norm and stand out. She gets her strength from her sisters and loves them so much

Meet Tidora, Tinidora and Nidora in their younger days :)

Kate's Recap 😇😇😇

Kate Bosworth custom doll 😇😇😇

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