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Toxic Relationship? Attracted to the wrong people? My book is available on Amazon. Includes prayers to break soul ties, heal from past hurts, and overcome the cycle of choosing the wrong people to love. 💔
I used to be a toxic man magnet ..I just had enough of heartbreak and disappointment and decided to fix my own picker. I used the same God guided detox methods after my divorse that's in this book. Today I'm married to the most amazing man who treats me like a queen. I want that for you too!! 💘 What are you waiting for? Let your next relationship be a happily ever after one 💖
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You have the ability to navigate your life by the choices and decisions that you make. Speak life and love over yourself as you keep moving forward. There us life after divorce.
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It is still a long way down the road... but getting there. 💚💪
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Stop telling yourself you can fix him. He’s been this way for a long, long time and he doesn’t intend to change. If he loved you, you wouldn’t be up at one in the morning, losing sleep due to overthinking, stress and unhappiness. If he really loved you, this message wouldn’t resonate with your soul so much. What’s the point in being/talking to someone who destroys your peace. What’s the point in being taken yet still alone.
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You strife so hard to make toxic things work for you.

At first he was attractive like a box of chocolate and after his sweetness melted away, the after taste hit you hard.
Your lungs are crying, your heart is bleeding,your eyes are breathing fire but you have to be with him. So you try to make up for all you're not because you feel like less of the beautiful woman you actually are.
He abuses you emotionally turns a trailer load of sand upon the space you just cleaned up.
But you still strife to make it work. So you view his movement and all that it is then you find that there is another woman, what does she have that I don't? What can she do that I can't? Now you're clouded with cross rhetorical questions. Your eyes are red and bloated with insecurities. Your person is consumed as you suppress who you really are on a quest to be better or so you think.
You go through series of sessions at the salon, you do now the things you'd never have done before because you feel you're not enough. You'd go all the way over just to be better than the other woman. All you want is for him to see you again and love you. You fight the real you that constantly reminds you of how much you've suffocated you. But no I'm almost there I can't let go of him. The other day he hit me, I did something wrong, I acted so childish. I'd do anything to make up for it because I love him.
You break yourself daily, pieces of you fall to the floor and evaporate and when he is done with you he never calls again. He never picks his phone. You go chasing him at different points but he's done with you. And there he went with every pieces of you. All you have left are the tears that keep coming because you lost all you fought so hard to keep.

Woman why don't you be yourself and let him love you for you. There is another woman?
He is being disrespectful, you cannot condone a cheat, stay faithful or I leave. I can't invest and let you drag me down each time. The other woman is not ideal but he really wants her? Let him go. Better would definitely come but staying with him it'd kill you.

This is so important, the "honeymoon phase" after the abuse blowout is just that, a phase and a tactic to keep you on the line. Early warning signs of an abuser are their trying to slowly gain more control over your life. Initially they can look like all you've ever wanted but slowly their true colors come out, but by that time you're invested in the relationship so it's hard to make the break. They'll discourage your relationships with friends/ family, control how the money is spent, control who you see, destroy your property, pressure you to have sex when you don't want to, insult, shame or demean you, and shows extreme jealously or possessiveness . If you feel stuck somewhere because the abusive partner provides the housing, or owns everything, call the DV hotline at 1-800-799-7233 to get advice and resource information (they even have a "chat now" option on their website). Get professional support, inform yourself and take the leap when you're ready and you're working with a professional to help you with a safety plan. After DV, a boring and peaceful home feels like heaven on earth. This website👉 www.thehotline.org has all the information 👈 ✔ it out. No one (ok, maybe if you're a serial killer) deserves this kind of treatment!!! SWYPE 👈👈👈 for more info
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PS the pronouns should read he/she/they, this is not simply a man on woman thing, this is an "all people" thing.

Domestic abuse is done by men who are weak. Their only display of strength comes from their hands. They put the vile into violent.
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☄️✨💫My new screen saver. Must repeat over and over again until I believe it in my core. Change your thoughts, change your life. #aware #woke #lifeaftercancer #ptsd #emotionalabuse #metoo #timesupnow #toxicrelationships #change #courage #recovery #healing #mantras #beliefs #corevalues #iammagic #iampower #divine #source 💫✨☄️

You can’t fix yourself while holding on to the person who broke you. There’s a huge difference in know when to give up and knowing when you had enough.
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