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Let’s talk about the Lamborghini Urus! I think that there are 3 interesting aspects to discuss. First one is driving experience. Obviously, unless someone goes crazy, and allows me to drive it, I will have no idea how it drives. However, 650HP from a 4l bi-turbo V8, promises quite a crazy experience for a SUV. I am almost certain it will be exciting to drive. Common, it is Lambo that we are talking about. Second aspect is looks, and here is where my main problem with Urus lays. From the outside, it looks just like a slightly more expensive version of an Asian SUV. I mean, especially from a back, it looks like a prototype of a Toyota with a splash of a Porsche Panamera. When you buy a Lambo, you really don’t want it to resemble a Toyota or Honda. From a front, it is not that bad. It looks a bit like a toxic frog, you know, these ones that have bright colours to warn you. Seriously, just look at Urus in yellow… But personally, I think it is actually cool, and Lambos are all about that, so it just might be the best thing about the outside. What about the inside? Oh man, I do think that the interior is superb. Holy fck, I love it. It just looks so luxurious, but sporty at the same time. It really hasn’t lost any of the Lambo spirit. That is why, I am so torn on how Urus looks like. It is mediocre from most outside angles, but I love it from the inside. The final aspect is fun. Personally, I think Urus is quite exciting, but I don’t go crazy abut it. Maybe it is because I am not a fan of most SUVs, and it is very rare that I call them exciting. I mean, they are designed to serve a different purpose, but Urus was for sure, created to make people go nuts about it. For me, it definitely shines in many aspects, but falls short in others. The outside just doesn’t make me excited, doesn’t make me want to change my pants when I see it, and most of the Lambos do just that to me. Btw. yes, I know that I would lose my mind after driving even 1km in Urus, but this will not happen, so I just talk about what I see on pictures. #Urus #Lamborghini #SUV #new #toxicfrog #Lambo #Pseudocarexpert #stillwouldlovetodriveone *pictures are from Lambo fb page*
Yours truly,
Pseudo Car Expert

I think they are called toxic dart frogs or something dont remember #toxicfrog

#frogfriday post. Wet Season in the top end is finally starting. Should be thousands of these Dahl's Aquatic Frogs at Fogg Dam again soon! #bringontherain #woo #wetseason #foggdamconservationreserve #frogsofinstagram #wetseason #croak #toxicfrog #happyfrog #greenandgold #northernterritory #topend

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