Happy Fathers Day to all the dads. It's a blessing to not only have a dad but so many father figures in my life. Thanks to all the great men that set an example in my life. My dad, uncles, coaches, teachers and everyone else that made an impact in me.

Looking to ride on Saturday mornings with a group? LifeTime Fitness in Ajax has an outdoor cycling group that meets in either Ajax or Whitby. There are 3 groups, Group A, B & C that are lead by enthusiastic people!
Non-members are welcome.
For more info email Blair at:

My son first time on the swing.

Freaking warriors!!! Love our Saturday Fitkick class and members!!! #mefirstfitness #fitnessbootcamps #fitkick #fitnesskickboxing #kickboxing #kickboxingworkout #townofajax #durhamregion

Sometimes we have to make time to enjoy the moment.

Mix your program up with some drop sets.
In this picture we did 4 drop sets.
Drop sets are essentially a technique where you perform an exercise and then drop (reduce) the weight and continue for more reps until you reach failure.

Stay the course! Stick with it!! Too many people give up too soon because they don't see results right away. Thankfully @anddvoice stuck with it after last month's pep talk and he is happy to say the least! 😁
He is down 6lbs and and a whopping 5% body fat! That translates to a 17lb decrease in fat weight! This is after just losing 1lb last month. Don't lose hope... Keep working and the results will come!!

Give salt a break. Use herbs and spices to add flavor to your food.

Wicked Wednesday - today I want to share with you just how much I LOVE my job... .
This past Saturday we did a yoga obstacle course BUT we don't just focus on the physical aspects of yoga, we talk about our breath, why we love ourselves, what makes us nervous, what makes us happy & meditation too!
Tonight's family yoga class is partially inspired by this one BUT tonight is yoga-lympics!!!
The kids in my yoga class want their own version of @campyoga
They said they can't wait for it to exist one day!! So Chesley, if you need help making that happen, you know where to find me!! 😘
#townofAjaxKidsYoga #selflove #kidsyoga #TownOfAjax #kidsfitness #mindfulness #meditation #BREATHE #yoga #yogaolympics #yogifitkids #yogiparty #campyoga @townofajax @town_of_ajax

Such a pleasure dancing with these ladies #TownofAjax #zumba #wildout

Thanks everyone for coming to our first class! You all killed it! See you all on Thursday!

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What a fantastic STRONG class!!! @paige1506 you rocked! Next class is Thursday @7:30pm Drop in’s welcome! #perfectform1 #townofajax #strong #zumbastrong #loveworkingout

What a fantastic STRONG class!!! @paige1506 you rocked! Next class is Thursday @7:30pm Drop in’s welcome! #perfectform1 #townofajax #strong #zumbastrong #loveworkingout

Keep looking forward

Now enrolling new clients for my 6 week boot camp class. Classes are held on Monday & Thursday at 7:30pm.

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