Time is relative ⏰⏱️⏲️⏳🕐⌛🕑

Az élet lényeges eleme és titka a vér. Egy dolog bizonyos: a vér az élet. Minőségében rejlik élet és halál, halandóság és halhatatlanság titka. Nem vért áldoztak-e isteneknek az ókoriak? Talán tudatában voltak annak, hogy az emberi vér valamilyen módon fokozza az isteni erőket?

I'm going to have a spinal fusion to correct a deformity called scheuermann's disease. It's a type of kyphosis that is caused by deformed vertebrae. They will also correct the scoliosis that I have in my lower back. That means they are going to fuse T1 all the way down to L3. The surgery is going to be on the 25th. ·
I first noticed that my posture was bad when I was around 12 and I was diagnosed with scheuermann's disease. Since then, I have had worsening back pain and tried all kinds of things for it. This surgery will correct the curve and prevent it from getting any worse. It was a hard decision to make for us and we know the recovery will be even harder. Since deciding to do this we have been blown by everyone's support and want to say thank you. We saw God's faithfulness in everything to do with Paul's recent surgery and know that he will do it again.

Having such a blast going through old photos and putting a fresh spin on the edits (or getting to photos completely for the first time 😭). Had to show San Francisco some new love! What an amazing city. 🌉

Néha meg kell békélnünk a gondolattal, hogy titkokkal élünk együtt. 📸🧛‍♂️

New sounds, new adventures, new ideas, new future 📷 @collin_carter

Love you to the moon and back baby 😘
Next month we will be married for one year already! DANG!

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